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Roland Cube user reviews

  • Roland Mobile Cube

    Roland Mobile Cube - "One Of Best Amps For Money/Purpose"


    There's a lot of battery powered portable amps out there, or at least enough to do some serious comparisons. I own a Lunchbox Jr. and have played several others. The Roland is loud for its size but I wasn't able to use it when traffic noise got too l…

  • Roland Cube-20XL

    Roland Cube-20XL - "Wish we could do 0.5 star increments..."


    Pros: Awesome clean sound even with humbuckers, effects also fantastic, very pleased. Can't put volume at 10 or the neighbors will shoot me Cons: Some of the dirty sounds (OD, Heavy Metal, distortion, etc.) sometimes sounds a little sanitary/comp…

  • Roland Cube 60 Chorus Vintage

    Roland Cube 60 Chorus Vintage - "An excellent clean sound solid-state amp"


    I use this amp with my pop rock cover band Easy to transport in spite of its weight which is important compared with its size. The sound volume is sufficient to rehearse with a drummer, likely to be unsifficient for live performances but it has an…

  • Roland Cube 40 Vintage

    Roland Cube 40 Vintage - "Superb clean sound"


    Bought this amp at a secondhand store here in Sweden. Just the look of it made me wanna have it. I had never seen one of these before. As soon as I plugged in my Jackson guitar, I was blown away by it´s clean sound. It is very easy to handle and …

  • Roland Cube Lite

    Roland Cube Lite - "Best Practice Amp Ever"


    The Roland Cube Lite is a small 10 watt stereo practice amp designed to fit almost anywhere. It is made to look like a home stereo speaker to compliment your living room. The connections and knobs are all hidden near the back of the amp so that y…

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - "Cube 30 Great Practice Amp"


    Solid state 30 watt with input, footswitch, headphone and output jack. UTILIZATION Suits my personal needs just fine. The manual is English and good to go. SOUNDS I use this amp with Flying Vs--Ibanez VBT 700, Schenker, and a couple of Gibsons. …

  • Roland Cube-60

    Roland Cube-60 - "Great beginners amp"


    As always, Roland delivers a great product, which does its job according to the description of the product. In this case, you get a great amp with a 12" (inch) speaker thrown into a combo amp, capable of modeling different styles of amplifiers. The …

  • Roland Micro Cube

    Roland Micro Cube - "Roland Micro Cube Combo Amp"


    Roland struck a gold mine back in the 80s with their JC120 Jazz Chorus amp. To this day it arguably is one of the nicest clean tones available, so why would I expect anything less from the Micro Cube? I wanted a small amp to keep around the house f…

  • Roland Cube Street

    Roland Cube Street - "big sound"


    Well, I read a lot of reviews for this thing before I got it, but I'm a skeptic until I get a hand’s-on. I expected it to be a bit thin with 6.5" drivers, but was very pleased with the sound coming out of it. I normally use the onboard effects of a S…

  • Roland Micro Cube

    Roland Micro Cube - "Great amp for a low price!"


    This little lunch box amp has packed quite a punch. These lunch box amps have been making a huge impact on the amp market as of the last ten years. Every manufacturer seems to be pushing their own version of a lightweight compact combo amp that is us…