Roland Cube-20XL
Roland Cube-20XL

Cube-20XL , Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

joonbug 10/03/2016

Roland Cube-20XL : joonbug's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Pros: Awesome clean sound even with humbuckers, effects also fantastic, very pleased. Can't put volume at 10 or the neighbors will shoot me

Cons: Some of the dirty sounds (OD, Heavy Metal, distortion, etc.) sometimes sounds a little sanitary/computery (don't know the right word to use here), Clean sounds get distorted past 5 or 6 on the volume knob.

This is the amp I originally wanted to buy, living in South Korea, this amp wasn't available so the salesman directed me to a Marshall MG15CFR (I later discovered talking to him further, he was just a Roland hater), I was happy with the crunch sound but the clean channel with my guitar (Ibanez GRG170DX)got distorted at high volume and the Reverb left a lot to be desired, I apologize it's not a Marshall review, it's the Cube 20XL review.

The clean sound (based on the Roland JC series amp), I immediately loved it (although I can only put volume at 3 or 4), when the neighbors went out I put the amp at 7, 8 & 10 to see if the clean channel would distort with my guitar. It distorts, I believe it's because of 8 inch speakers instead of 12" speakers on cabinets. For me an amp's clean channel sound should be just as good as the crunch channel. I also loved the Acoustic guitar (COSM) switch, the distortion sounds (Metal, Metal Stack) sounded a little sanitary, cleanly distorted??? Since I'm using this for Rock/Pop Rock or clean sounds, I don't really need these channels. I also have to give the acoustic COSM on this amp props, don't have an acoustic yet so it's cool. Also regardless of channel, going past 4 will make the neighbors complain, thanks to the power squeezer that will give you the sound at less amperage.

What I really love is the built in effects, on the Marshall MG15CFR if I turn the Reverb knob past "4" it seems nothing happens to the sound whereas with this amp any change in the dial you will hear the difference. I use the Chorus & the Reverb both at the lowest settings on the knob (when using clean sounds or it kind of defeats the purpose of the clean channel. Still fooling around with it for the Crunch channels.

It's lightweight, packs a lot of volume punch, definitely one of the best dollar for dollar value for amps under the $200 class!!!