Roland Cube-30X
Roland Cube-30X
antho.p 11/24/2013

Roland Cube-30X : antho.p's user review

«  Ideal for a good start »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp transistor, a power of 34W to 2W switchable via the power squeezer
Connectors: Input Jack, to. in, footswitch in, recording out.

8 different modeling amps and clean Roland JC120.
Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Reverb.


Simple setup, no need for a manual for a sound, one branch, one climbs the gain and volume, selected amp model you want and go!

Moreover, the presence of the Power Squeezer allows you to limit the volume 2w, especially convenient for playing in the apartment 'or late at night!


Played with a Cort G254, typed HSS Strat and an Epiphone LP Standard 1996.

This amp very well suited for a beginner to find his sound, home, rehearsal or just flat!

The simulations are performed, qualities Boss pedals, you can find anything, really, the big sound of Fender Mesa Boogie, through Vox and Marshall or Peavey. Some are obviously better than others do, such as the Vox AC30 simulation called "brit combo" is rather dirty, but the Fender "Black Panel" or Mesa "R-Fier" are downright friendly.

Similarly to the effects was of good quality, sound Boss, not surprising since Roland owns the brand! The only regret is not being able to use the reverb and delay together.


I use it for 2 years. I hesitated between this one and the Vox VT20, but the latter is more expensive, I chose Roland, and I'm not disappointed. I remake this choice without hesitation, especially for a beginner, with good value for money, for a comprehensive amp.
We regret the lack of footswitch supplied with the amp only option.