Vox VT20+

Vox VT20+

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VT20+, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Valvetronix VT+ series.

11 user reviews
Prices starting at $180 Average price: $180

Vox VT20+ tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Vox
  • Model: VT20+
  • Series: Valvetronix VT+
  • Category: Modelling Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 09/21/2010

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Buy new Vox VT20+

Amazon Vox VT20PLUS 20-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier $179.99
Amazon Vox VT20PLUS 20-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier $179.99
Amazon Vox VT20PLUS 20-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier $179.99

Vox VT20+ user reviews

Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 11 reviews )
 3 reviews27 %
 6 reviews55 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money :

iamqman's review

Vox VT20+
For what it does and the price point that it has it isn't bad at all. This isn't an amp that you would do a high end recording with or probably even put in your band. You would get laughed right off the stage. I doubt any stage hand would even allow this amp on stage or even mic it up. However, the intention of this unit is never to be that anyway. The idea of this amp is to give a young kid an opportunity to play guitar in his bedroom and be able to have enough features to get him or her started in electric guitar.


Main Features
- Tube-driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12 AX7 vacuum tube for true-tube tone

- 99 Expertly voiced presets

- 33 Song Presets: spot-on recreations of the sounds used on classic tracks

- 33 Basic Amp Model Presets: Valvetronix amp modeling at its robust finest

- 33 Effected Amp Model Presets created with variety of effects including chorus, flanger and tremolo.

- 25 In-demand, top-quality effects

- 11 Pedal-type effects

- 11 Modulation (chorus, flanger, etc.)/Delay effects with Tap Tempo control

- 3 Reverb styles

- 8 User Programs for saving your favorite custom settings

- Accurate amp models encompass the entire VOX lineage from the traditional AC30 to the modern Night Train, plus an impressive list of other hard-to-come-by classics and rare hi-gain boutique models.

- Amp offers Gain, Volume, and Master Volume; EQ features Treble, Middle, and Bass

- Unique Power Level control can limit the power amp output wattage, creating distinctive power amp distortion at any listening level.

- Built-in automatic guitar tuner

- Newly re-voiced VOX original speaker ensures ample power.

- Headphone output simulates the acoustic and spatial character of a full speaker cabinet
Timeless VOX styling

- Use the optional VOX VFS5 footswitch to change programs to turn effects on and off, or to set the Tap Tempo function.


There is an assortment of different tones you can get from this little amp. The good thing about it is that you have a tube preamp and it gives you somewhat of that feel and tone of a real amp. The unfortunately the thing is..its not a real amp. Though it has a tube in it, it will never have an authentic tube amp sound or feel. Essentially it is a step up from the all digital amp modeling which sounds as terrible as it can get.

No matter what guitar you throw in front of it it will give you the sound you are going for. So for instance if you want a Metallica sound you get a humbucker guitar and you set it to the metal setting. If you want a country tone then you would use the Cali clean or Us blues setting with a Strat or a Tele. It is pretty easy and will get you the idea of what you are looking for but won't give an authentic tone.


Amp modeling has become a very lucrative outlet for many manufactures today. It has gotten very popular these days with so much music out there and not one amp can do all of it. So for those exploring their abilities and skills, something like this would suit a beginner. Not going to be an amp for someone who has been playing for a long time. So if you are 16 or young this might be the amp for you.

At new they come in at around $170 which isn't bad price for some soccer mom to plunge on their guitar playing adolescent. If you are used to playing real amps you will be disappointed with this. If you are new to the guitar then this would be right up your alley.

PurposeToMelody's review"Simple good sounding practice amp"

Vox VT20+
1 x 10" combo
VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 to produce real tube power amp sound
Twenty-two realistic amp models built-in
Twelve high-quality effects, including independent reverb
Three banks (basic, effected, and song) are provided for each amp model for a total of sixty-six preset programs
Twenty-two programs of "song presets" simulate the sounds of famous guitarists
Eight user-edited programs
Power level control allows adjustment of the power amp's output wattage
Headphone output


Pretty simple to get a good sound. it's a plug and play amp if you want it to be, but it hast he capability to store presets and be a pretty good small gigging amp, its super versatile and is still easy to use! The manual is clear and easy to read and includes everything you'd need to learn how to work the amp.

As I said, its very simple, you plug it and select your amp (22 choices!) set your EQ and you're off!


I've used this amp many times with everything from Les Pauls and Strats to an Ibanez and a acoustic guitar even.
Clean sounds:

Very simple. you plug it in pick your amp and set your EQ (very responsive) it sounds good. I really liked their AC30 model and their Fender Models were pretty good also. Very clear bright twangy cleans. Warm Marshall style cleans are achievable but it doesn't accel at it in my opinion and for cleans I'd stick with the Fender and other Vox type modles.

Mid Gain: This is what the amp was really made for in my opinion. Once again I think the AC30 model shines here. it sounds really great very creamy vox sounds out of it. I also enjoyed some of their marshall models, but probably no the strongest point. Passable though and if you want some marshally sounds it'll definitely do it! Biggest problem is that it does get muddy as you get the gain up there a ways. Which leads me to my next point....
High-Gain: Passable at best, I didn't like any of it really. the 10in speaker doesn't handel the low end well and really just doesn't do high gain well in my opinion, its muddy and undefined and really is well. boring, i wouldn't suggest this amp for anything high gain.


overall i like this amp a lot, if you want a pretty good priced amp for clean through mid gain sounds i'd say go for it. It's better than 90% of moddlers out there (IMO) and really just looks and sounds great, I'd definitely recommend it as long as you're not playing any huge gigs.

overall i'd say do it!

jafi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very nice but flat for the metal."

Vox VT20+
Modeling amp with a 12AX7 tube that comes after the transistor part of 20 watts to 30 watts with the lamp. with lots of effects including vintage effects to the Jimi Hendrix (octave ...) is the specialty of vox.

Amp Model List (33)
* Three Version of Each amp model are Provided: Standard, Special, and Custom.
Clean, Cali Clean, US Blues, US 2x12, VOX AC15, VOX AC30, UK Rock, UK Metal, US High Gain, US Metal, Metal Shop

Effect Model List (25)
Pedal: Comp, Acoustic, Auto Wah, U-Vibe, Brn Octave, Treble Boost, Tube OD (overdrive), Gold Drive, Org Dist, Metal Dist, Fuzz
Modulation / Delay: CE Chorus, Multi Chorus, Flanger, Org Phase, Twin Trem, G4 Rotary, Pitch Shift, Filtron, Tape Echo, Delay, Chorus + Delay
Reverb: Room, Spring, Hall
Noise Reduction

Preset Song (33)

tuner button, master, power. optional pedalboard, it is robust


Configuration is simple, I downloaded the manual is clear. it is easy to get a good sound except for the metal at the beginning, I play in an apartment, the headphone is worse. in the 99 presets y'en at least 20 that do not work.


I started on electric guitar there are 10 months, so I wanted something versatile, and with my GSA60 Ibanez, it turns out that in the end they are both inadequate for metal (and the guitar goes out of tune easily), so this amp does everything well, but for the metal I'm so far to the metal border hard rock with an amp saturates easily with gain and master, and therefore the best solution that I 've found is to use the metal pedal clean mode, or high gain us with not too much gain but it still looks too hard rock, maybe it will improve with another guitar. the sound is warmer than the transistors.


I use it for 10 months, my first amp. Compared to other amps in the same range, it owns eight stores (more than Yamaha THR10), good value, a lamp, effects like wah and octave, but if you want the metal take a peavey vypyr or yamaha thr 10 (which does not have sufficient volume to outside), I refairait this choice at this price since the peavey not mastered the metal even peavey vypyr vip it seems but it's getting better, I think more and more to take the yamaha if I save, or I'll put a metal pedal, according to some it can work.

laurencha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great amp! I love it."

Vox VT20+


It has a good sound on.


It is suitable for all styles of music.
It finds its place quickly. (I do not play metal ...)


Purchased from Star Music, best price on a store at this time ...
but also tried other hand, because they are super star in music désabréables more busy reading or surf their website that advise ...
In short:
Super value for money. Very good purchase, easy adjustments and / or finer and complicated if desired. Ideal for an apartment. His warm and round. Adjusting the bass, midrange and trebble is very effective and valuable.
Lots of possible combinations of effects.

Small flat, the metal strip below the logo is peeled under heat (?) Seems you or vibration. It's hard to recover and yet necessary because it want black fabric face.

Vox VT20+ news

VOX Valvetronix VT+ Series

VOX Valvetronix VT+ Series

Published on 09/22/10
VOX Amplification has enhanced its Valvetronix amplifier line with the new Valvetronix VT+ Series.

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