Roland Cube-30X
Roland Cube-30X
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noan2006 12/03/2007

Roland Cube-30X : noan2006's user review


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30W transistor amp.
2 channels: clean and modeling effects with 8


Configuration, unwanted and extremely simple.
Branch and it's good!
Some examples of presets in the manual, but it would be nice to have other ...


Canal clean: RAS - The clear, pleasant listening.
Modeling: Simulation of different amp:
Acoustic: Electric with a lot, not tested with an electronic
Imitation VOX FENDER imitation, imitation and MARSHALL METAL: Hallu the c!
It really looks the same, the sound of fender banging, the sound character of Marshall, and all with an overdrive successful for everyone.
Personally, I play guitar with a "medium" (Fender Squier Stratocaster standart), and that makes it serious.
The effects are also excellent: delay, chorus, tremolo, reverb, everything is there.


I play the guitar for about a leisure and a half years, and before I had a marshall mg 15 dfx. This is the day and night. I most feel like a marshall to me with the simulation of roland, rather than the marshall 15w. As for saturation, the ESR INCOMPARABLE between the two.
If I had my choice again, I reprendraix this amp in a heartbeat. The amp is ideal for an apartment or too powerful: it deposit something serious!
Do not hesitate, it's the bomb.