Roland Cube-30X
Roland Cube-30X
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Coco65 06/25/2014

Roland Cube-30X : Coco65's user review

«  Good amp. »

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It has a power transistor. It delivers a power of 30 Watts.
I love the facade of settings, with the top left buttons equalizer in the top right contains the amp effects (Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Tremolo and Reverb / Delay), bottom left button and its Clean; and finally at the bottom left of the volume + gain for the selected interface offering with several sounds at the bottom center of the facade of settings.


The configuration is simple.
This amp is not an amp of high quality, but I think it sounds great and it has some pretty nice sounds.


It suits my style of music.
I play this amp with all my guitars.
My favorite sound is: his chosen Stack Classic; Gain 6; Bass 4; Middle 6; Treble 6.5; Reverb and finally settled on the 4th line.


I use this amp for about 7 years, and I'm pretty happy with the sound it produces. I'll still buy me soon a Vox AC-30 amp, because it seems that it sounds fire god on these amps ..!
With the experience I change my amp, because it begins to be old and I want a lot of change amp!