Roland Cube-30X
Roland Cube-30X
mursau 06/19/2007

Roland Cube-30X : mursau's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amplifier Roland Cube 30 X
Power 30 watts rms
guitar input (on users press one button to clean or lead channel
connect a pedal, a headset, CD/MP3 player


Relatively simple setup
yes the sound is correct in this price range
I had the manual in English, but I download roland french site


I itches a little bit of everything, rock 60 years, a bit of jazz, acdc, santana
we get almost any sound you want is a story set at the beginning when I received it, I thought it was worthless, but in reality it is a matter of adjustment is going of 3 buttons, volume and gain of the amplifier and the volume of the guitar, I have a Line 6 Variax 600, and the sounds are correct (there are probably others who are better amp, I deepened by later), also in acoustics, I tried a 100 euro bought a guitar on ebay, brand "infinity" and she sounds great typed out in Gybson clear sound with a bit of reverb, the other not bad either, of course the purists will only talk about gybson or fender amp with a vox ac 30, but for beginners like me and above who want to have fun, it's more than enough
all sounds are correct nothing to say, here is the roland site demos and they sound, go to cube 30 and 60, (I forgot there is a button that Shifts to play softer, ca put the amp has 2 watts of power, even when playing in an apartment or you want to rest your ears!) #


I use it for 2 weeks
I like its small size and light weight, ample power
I have not tried other amp, for now this one fits my ear
excellent value for money
I would do this choice, a good little amp