Roland Cube Street
Roland Cube Street

Cube Street, Portable Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

brassneck54 09/14/2014

Roland Cube Street : brassneck54's user review


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Technology at Roland usual with the settings that are found throughout the Cube Street series. But little power at home than adequate with a fairly good spread with 2 HP and tilt.
You can connect headphones, instrument, and especially singing simultaneously (Yamaha THR different series for example). The entrance song can also be used to enter a drum.


Not really need a manual, all the settings are simple and see what is research.


Sounds nice for this type of amp for home and training both in bass, guitar, vocals, drum machine.


I've had five years and is a loyal companion with nylon storage and travel. You can play at home with a friend (s) on vocals, ringing your drum machine. Take it with you to play with other people.
No real concern for volume if we make him what it was built.

Choice over again, including the ability to connect both voice and instrument.