Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Roland Cube 60 Vintage

Cube 60 Vintage, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

Micmic__ 11/07/2010

Roland Cube 60 Vintage : Micmic__'s user review

«  Superb clear sound »

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Transistors, Made in Japan (70/80)
HP 12 ", the same as that of the JC-120.
I am ready to bet that they have the same 60W power section (presents double in BC) and the same Pramp.
it's just that his little brother actually;)

For rglages and connectors, we find above:
two inputs "NORMAL" and "OVER DRIVE"
the "VOLUME" with the "PULL BRI.ON"
the equalizer "TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS"
the level of "REVERB"
and a "MASTER VOL."

the rear:
both taken "FOOT SWITCH" for od and reverb
"PRE OUT", "MAIN IN" (surely a loop for effects, never tested)
then the switch "POWER OFF-ON" followed by the fuse.

Level making it's tough and heavy (not far from 14kgs), not a single default or in assembly or in the choice of materials; Level connections, there is everything you need.

8/10? Go 7/10 because I have good aim a volume knob ddi headphone jack and headset jack and the same as the power switch are placs it.


The equalizer is a bit galre rgler as very broad and reactivates (I know how lexpliquer), but in fact, it's a blessing in disguise.

The stroke of the reverb is a bit short I got, so no rglage extreme electro harmonix.


The clean sound is excellent, more transparent.
It meets at the just the sound of what is branchpour me, guitar, bass or rhythm box, I even test to see my stereo sounds and nickel in all cases (in mono, goes without saying).
The switch "Bright" is a bit like my "sonic stomp", a kind of maximizer, very well for putting.

! Overdrive, ouch, it really is not his strong point, to be honest, I "tried buying and even more quickly oublier.Je know how it sounds, if not c'tait that ugly.

So by against, given the quality of clean channel with good effects pedals, prampli and other multi-effects (a Korg AX1500G era), is happiness.

I am to 7/10 because of the OD that serves nothing, but as the clear sound is 11, I'll round up 9/10

yes, the reverb is spring and is very good my taste, even if it lacks a little race.


Perfect for multi-use instruments,
ideal compact configuration with pedal upstream preamp (I'll be curious to try a amt ss11 above)
60 "big" watt transistors that send very strong with good momentum,

I read that on the jc-120 configuration with bypass of Pramp was frquemment employee, am going to test my ht-dual,
I feel that I will not be the ...