Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Roland Cube 60 Vintage

Cube 60 Vintage, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.


Roland Cube 60 Vintage : Anonymous 's user review

«  A small amp for jazz! »

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Amp transistors (thus "dépannable" if ..., but there is never fault with these little wonders!).
A clean circuit and a distortion circuit (not great!). A spring reverb.
60 out of 12 watts. "
Its neutral, therefore, ideal as a small amp travel and jazz!


Easy to use amp. No unnecessary effects. Easy to carry because barely wider than the 12 "board and about 10 kg. Quickly put in the trunk of the car without killing your back. And on stage (small room or repeats) is connected and play!


As said above, is not suitable for large rooms (though ... it is connected to the table ...) and not for all styles: he pulls out of the game for the rock. For the blues, it will surprise you. For jazz, a nice little tool for a budget between 120 and 150 euros cheaper than a Mini Brute, AER or Schertler!
The start is neutral, so with an archtop, you will quickly find your sound. With your old Tele, you will ideally a good distortion, because the original distortion circuit is not terrible!
He collects great and the net remains to High volume.
The use of distortion circuit enables "warm" sound. But do not count on the integrated distortion, it is not terrible!


I bought 120 euros, and for quite some time during use for my jazz and blues. Easy to carry and a beautiful sound, regardless of the used guitar (regardless of effects we can add. Again, it's your taste decide.
I tested the new versions of "Cube", with all the built-in effects, but I had very quickly made the rounds and got rid. on the other hand, this vintage model, its simplicity of design, use and low weight, is likely to serve me for a long time.
Especially for the scene and the somewhat larger sets (but also at home), I have a Roland Bolt 60 1983 (hybrid, pre-amplification and amplification transistors lamps).
Can still be quite easily secondhand. For this price, do not hesitate!