Danelectro DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker
Danelectro DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker

DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker, Rotary speaker simulator from Danelectro in the DJ series.

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All user reviews for the Danelectro DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker

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mtwallet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" tip top this pedal!"

Danelectro DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker
cf. previous opinion


very simple to use


I too never saw the usefulness of a rotary speaker to amplify a guitar ...
but on my organ gem sprinter 61, AC made a wonderful job


under a zero in the price compared to rotosphere (which I sold), so no regrets!
smaller and therefore more practical (more fragile too); nags, do not you! (Switch foot rikiki, cheap plastic knobs)
I made the change, you can find on the net (the one with the wire to be added) and it works even better (AC removes the difference in volume when you activate / deactivate the effect-with the drive to zero)

Chombinch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker
It is a small pedal which simulates a Leslie. I do not really mind about the technology, but I suspect that we are dealing with analog.
The appearance is a little cheap, and switches are downright bad. Otherwise, but it is a constant in Danelectro, access to the battery is not insane ease. (In any case it is preferable to go through a power supply external.)


This pedal is supplied without a manual, but it is superfluous anyway as it is easy to solve the beast: you have a drive, speed control and two switches which can enable or mute the effect of activating and or not the rotary engine.
Clearly, adjustments are childish.


Well, frankly, this pedal is not a complete success. It is quite difficult to control the impact on the overall volume without losing the interest of the effect by itself.
Similarly, we get the sounds are very interesting, but in my opinion just as difficult to use because it is not very clean. It's a shame because in any case, the saturation drive is far from horrible, but it adds background fast enough unpleasant (even when used like me with a Fender and a spitting Tele with simple winding ...), so the rotary effect offers many opportunities but did not reveal it so cute ... In fact, it is still quite far from the effect of a real Leslie, but the idea is there and can sometimes give his guitar sounds a bit saturated, which resemble a tone wheel organ. But we are still in the idea, without ever reaching the heady warmth we like yet so trying to get this Rocky Road.

I guess for the ultra low price of this pedal, it is difficult to ask for more, but I was willing to spend a little more for the same hull with a more robust and shielding quality.


I've had more than two years now and I must admit that I'm using it very infrequently. In fact, she adds me on stage so much noise interference and its volume is so hard to solve as I prefer to go into the studio and its sound is really too cheap to be nice and I also prefer to do without (at Frankly, if I wanted to sound like this, I would find a real cab or a software emulation of quality). In fact this is my Rocky Road to find his ideas, but I almost always ended by saying that an organ would be warmer anyway ...

I recommend this pedal has a very good background but technical design prevents full use of its possibilities.

fullbazar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Danelectro DJ-20 Rocky Road Spinning Speaker
Danelectro - Rocky Road
This small rotary speaker simulator will give you seasick!
Apparently it's analog, in a mini pedal format unique to the Danelectro brand, but does not retain memory settings: will have to return to the paper and pencil! . but it's pretty easy to use:
It has two knobs and Speed ​​Drive and a two-position switch, Slow and Fast assigned to the rate of change of speed called Ramp. Level to push at the foot there are two: an on / off and ramp.
Behind the usual taken in and out and a 9v power input


Setting Speed ​​and Drive, inter Ramp: it is spartan, but the surface is reduced but they can have two sounds underfoot
You can adjust the speed of rotation of the HP and the saturation level applied to the sound of your guitar, and the transit time between the two speeds controlled by the cross at the foot Ramp
I do not have the manual, but with a little savvy and a lot of curiosity you master quickly


In fact, the push Ramp "put in motion the engine", which will come quickly depending on the position (position "Fast") or slowly (position "Slow") to the speed set by the button "Speed" and if tamping it, and conversely the same time, we return to the position adopted in the "Engine". Lack an indication of the fact that Leslie and engaged or not

The drive can modulate the sound as the saturation of the lamps of Leslie, but the pedal with the drive to 0, the sound is already light-colored, it might be like on the real cabin, but it surprised a little, initially, then as the sound is not unpleasant, so hot enough even usable. If we force the drive was a nice crunch to overdrive early in the background and setting provides very nice singing sustain.

Basically with a little planning you have a overdrive pedal and a modulation of the same box

A Leslie at this price and what weight? I have no hesitation as to the guitar for keyboards.


I had tried in the store a few months ago: bluff, I thought to take to change the chorus and flanger that I 'used it until then without really find this especially if Leslie and the price was very tempting.

So, I followed an auction on the internet and I have a few days ago, which led me to revise this Notice: I am delighted, despite its limitations, but once they are identified is used

A Leslie at this price and what weight? I have no hesitation as to the guitar for keyboards.
I do not regret my choice