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Sabian B8 user reviews

  • Sabian B8 Performance Set

    Sabian B8 Performance Set - "Solid budget cymbal pack!"


    I purchased my Sabian B8 Performance pack when I needed to replace my XS20's. When I bought them they came with a free 18" Thin Crash and a 10" splash. The hi hats were really chunky when I got them and I really wasn't a fan, so I took the 14" crash …

  • Sabian B8 Performance Set

    Sabian B8 Performance Set - "Sabian B8 Performance Set"


    i brought this in Australia for $600 you get a 16" thin crash 14" hats 20" ride meduim i think and a free dog man shirt and hard case they are nice little guys the hats have a nice sounds the crash also has a nice sounds the ride yeah its ok the ca…

  • Sabian B8 Crash 14"

    Sabian B8 Crash 14" - " Dry and acute"


    I use it for 2 weeks. I wanted a dry sound, that's why I replaced an old crash 16 "a beautiful Sabian B8 14". And I'm not disappointed at all! The sound is as I wanted: dry and sharp, just what I like :-) Before this, I had a crash 16 "in Medina, …

  • Sabian B8 Performance Set

    Sabian B8 Performance Set - dad78's review


    How long have you use it? Ten years. B8 Performance Set with 14 "HH, 16" crash and 22 Rock "Ride with hard case. I will not talk about the splash 8" available ... I completed after six months with a thin crash 18 ", still in the B8 series. Have …

  • Sabian B8 Splash 10"

    Sabian B8 Splash 10" - Benou1977's review


    I splash availing oneself of this for over a year It's a cymbal at his Completely banal, lifeless, rough, not specific on I am a bit hard but when I play this cymbal I even wonder sometimes if it's a splash because its sound is far from what we e…

  • Sabian B8 Ride 20"

    Sabian B8 Ride 20" - Antoine-S's review


    I use it for a very long time, I replaced a recement AAX but I do care for remarteler. It is a ride "versatile" in the sense that it did not at all personal. It's good for beginners trs, it's why I had bought in a pack. but it does not really prese…

  • Sabian B8 Ride 20"

    Sabian B8 Ride 20" - jaipasdepseudo's review


    This cymbal is versatile but it sounds too much and it gets worse over time, over her lack of harmonic and tennis resort too much for my taste. This is a good quality / price ratio but I think it's a cymbal to start when you do not really know the …

  • Sabian B8 Performance Set

    Sabian B8 Performance Set - lkmi's review


    I went to the bag and after testing the complete set (ie, HH 14 "Crash 16" Splash 10 ", Ride 20" Mini China and even 14 "and the board of one of the sellers my choice in this price range is focuses on the Sabian B8 who already have a good sound and m…

  • Sabian B8 Mini Chinese 14"

    Sabian B8 Mini Chinese 14" - llados's review


    I have used for 10 months. It is a Chinese pchu and dirty that allows good accents. It is IMMEDIATE and powerful, but not intrusive. I tried Zildjian ZBT and ZXT and paiste 502. It did not sound the same, and they lacked power and EHJV n'taient t…

  • Sabian B8 Ride 20"

    Sabian B8 Ride 20" - EKweel's review


    I use it for a year at the time of writing this post. Obviously this is not a professional cymbal. The sound is not personified. It's a classic Ride commonplace. She is on the low-end home Sabian. But for me the bottom line at Sabian, is higher than …