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  • Friday's Purpleware: 55 LinnDrum Samples for free

    Friday's Purpleware: 55 LinnDrum Samples for free

    04/22/16 in Samplephonics 55 LinnDrum Samples

    As the world mourns Prince, Samplephonics temporarily offers 55 samples from The Artist's go-to drum machine model LinnDrum for free.

  • Easter Sale: 40% off at Samplephonics
    Special price

    Easter Sale: 40% off at Samplephonics

    03/25/16 in Samplephonics

    This Easter, all of Samplephonics' sample packs, virtual instruments and plugin presets are available for 40% off.

  • Samplephonics releases Earthly Resonance
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    Samplephonics releases Earthly Resonance

    03/16/16 in Samplephonics Earthly resonance

    Samplephonics presents Earthly resonance, a collection of loops & samples blending Electronica, Dubstep and Garage.

  • Samplephonics Future House
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    Samplephonics Future House

    02/29/16 in Samplephonics Future House

    Samplephonics introduces Future House, announced as a set of "straight up club-ready" Future House loops and samples.

  • Samplephonic introduces Immortal DnB
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    Samplephonic introduces Immortal DnB

    02/24/16 in Samplephonics Immortal DnB

    Samplephonics present Immortal DnB, a new Drum'n Bass oriented sample pack.

  • Samplephonics presents Kaleidoscopic
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    Samplephonics presents Kaleidoscopic

    02/22/16 in Samplephonics Kaleidoscopic

    Samplephonics has released Kaleidoscopic, a new collection of loops, samples and instruments designed with Deep House and Electronica in mind.

  • Samplephonics releases Symbiosis
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    Samplephonics releases Symbiosis

    02/19/16 in Samplephonics Symbiosis

    Samplephonics presents Symbiosis, a new library of House, Garage and Electronic loops and samples.

  • Samplephonics presents Mischieficated Melodicles
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    Samplephonics presents Mischieficated Melodicles

    02/04/16 in Samplephonics Mischieficated Melodicles

    Samplephonics has released Mischieficated Melodicles, a rather twisted-sounding collection of loops and one-shot samples.

  • 50% off at Samplephonics for Christmas
    Special price

    50% off at Samplephonics for Christmas

    12/19/15 in Samplephonics

    Samplephonics celebrates Christmas with all products at half price.

  • [BKFR] 50% off everything at Samplephonics
    Special price

    [BKFR] 50% off everything at Samplephonics

    11/27/15 in Samplephonics

    For Black Friday, everything at Samplephonics is available at half price.