Akai S1000
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All user reviews for the Akai S1000

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai S1000

Connectors: midi out in (thru? More I dunno), exit Stereo outputs + 8 spares.

Moreover, p'tite inquitude: I paramtr all my drum sounds nickel, but j'tais in my little home studio I went on the master ...

Yesterday Rsidence of beginners in a big room, I balance out in spares ... And cracking. My sounds were like anything but the TR I happily enters the bte. So here we go back now, see.

Nice converters, there are some color akai even if it is not as a color or a mpc S950.

Memory as standard, 1.44 MB, the size of a disk (floppy disks I bought fluorescent too class live)!

Utility, I do not know if I really need something prcis, I use Kontakt or I'm all about bte.


I find the edition sounds really clear once one has familiariss with the gear (and pass an hour on the manual, which is also clear and trs bn enjoys an enjoyable humorous touch my faith).


Transparent converters ... Heuuuu, well, it's a sampler akai eh: p

'End good, it is not neutral, but this thing I like the sound coming MOUAHA.

I'll hop is 8.


I use it for a month, I love the fact to say "ok, I take it his lquot;, hop recording p'tite an edition of two minutes just to cross the nickel sample, and hop jouage! Intuitive

What I do not like ... Crap out of spares that foirent. To see ...

Quality price ratio .... I pay 100 euros OCCAZ, I just have to change the screen and my first silent green because he wanted to buy it as it stood at the Students and skin of the ass.

I have not tried other models is that the I wanted and it satisfies me.

With exprience ..... I do it again this election, exactly vivi Allez hop, 8!
nova akropola07/28/2006

nova akropola's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai S1000
16 channels polyphony
converter 1988 emu far behind but a quality sufficient for the use that I made
a note on a beautiful high-precision mdium but a loss of bass or a cot METALLIC
remark of a tester and utilisatuer s1000 on convertos
the S1000 does not sound in the sound output spares s'croule due to subdiviss converters and not just as a EIII
Standard memory 2 meg max 32
Standard output connector separated (8 total) + return stereo + mono environmental stro Sorites and the trio noon and scsi


Brainer to use the first few days with instructions on knees ajkai philosophy is particularly true .........

manual clear and Dipo on akaipro


The S1000 does not sound in the sound output spares s'croule subdiviss converters due to unique and not like a EIII
18 db filter resonnat not very good and dynamic veiled nothing extraordinary, but the simple and effective


I had my last 15 days (but already used long after a loan) I like making less head to sample (the s2000 with a small screen is easier) to edit any and a. .........
the sound is OK without really less than the s2000 but the two are surpassed by Ensoniq and emu is well known
I got 90 euros for a read and fill in polyphony that I left my s2000

for less than a soft I do not see why it would be a choice mausvais
to live I have no fear of crashing windows .....

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai S1000
No effect.
8 separate outputs with ¼.
mountable memory to 8 or 10 mega (very expensive at the time), but comes home to 2.
floppy diskette facade.
(Note: there was the PB1000, no diskette in cascade with an s1000).
you can put different maps to control hard disks or SyQuest!
are even two XLR mic preamps with two front sampler for yourself.


Not simple at all if not used ...
Manual clear that attempts to explain clearly ... something complicated!
the screen is small and becomes stale with time (or illegible).


This is a reference.
still no sampler dare risk a conflict with audio files s1000.
and there are billions of files everywhere.

there's an "S1000".
the convertos are good, the bike looks transparent but tj is a color "air" in all sounds.
it's nice, I like, but is it completely "transparent"? I do not think so.
the bass is present and very clean (but not "couillues and round"), very "80s".
but who cares, it sounds!


The quality / price ratio at the time was ... well ... no real competition!
we had a car for that price! ...

Currently, it is interresting if cheap!
this account, so good, it sounds, it fills the racks (3 units and very very very deep), it's a nice machine (legend) and it's been a stud in class (you say that you have bought new a fortune ... and you spend for a guy who has experience in the business!).

paradyse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai S1000




In the era of pros redeeming feature Emu III, Fairlight or Synclavier. The s1000 does s' is impossible that because of the price. But this comes at the sound. Compared to other BCAN, the dynamic is ridiculous, the serious absent, acute dgueulasse.
In the studio I waited for the ram of the emu are full brim before turning the s1000. But what the punishment.
Aka 's would have a sale price equivalent competitors, nobody don' n 'would have bought.


I have used a year for a little polyphony supplmentaire. Fortunately Roland S770 and S750 came out with its banks and converters of much better quality.

The S1000 has the death knell for samplers sonn dvelopps by the passions that n 'hsitaient not put all the technology needed to get the best sound quality.

Antox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai S1000
4mb, noon, separate outputs


Manual in french, some complicated


Good converters


Uses 2 years, very good choice for a hardware sampler