Akai Professional S5000

S5000, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
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Lestien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good reliable machine data"

Akai Professional S5000
I used to live
32 polyphony 64 option? not on I use to trigger loops ...
converters are super
yes utility mac and pc
card usb option
aes ebu original and 8 analog outputs of origin
up to 16 analog outputs adat option card etc.


it is not very readable dial and not very reactive


yes to all questions


emax 2

gerri56's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the charm of sampling"

Akai Professional S5000
polyphony of 16 channels (expansion card)
2 inputs, left and right, 16 simultaneous output jack input and optical output 2 times 16 midi channels
a hard drive loaded sounds, CD recorder all in SCSI
editing screen in NB


Just plug one or two midi keyboards to sound sampler, the name sounds appears on screen with a single tree.
The manual is complete and in French


I do not know the answer technical questions, in any case, the sounds are top
(Pianos, drums, woodwinds, strings ...)


For nearly a year, I have not tried other harwares systems, but it was an old dream of having a AKAI sampler.
the only difficulty I encountered was a loose connection at the hard drive, for safety, I made a full copy of the DD.
I have the original invoices and it's professional equipment that I bought a studio in the area.
I think if I was in a position to buy today, I would take a mid-range model with fewer exits, because I do not really use in their capabilities.

fransyl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good sampler"

Akai Professional S5000
without original hard but with a floppy obselete, and SCSI interface indicates. The only 2 weaknesses of the sampler.


Easy editing, even on the screen ... everything is possible with the S5000.
Loading very slow hard disk to use "Live"


The sound is excellent


I use it for several years. I replaced the floppy drive with a flash card reader. It's even better than a hard drive.
Very good sampler, shame it is SCSI.

verymuch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good machine"

Akai Professional S5000
Vintage hardware sampler soon.


It is still quite complex to handle. Especially after period (hard to get back in "sample-edition-mapping" mode after 2-3 months stage where one does turning on the machine and a program loader) easy to use. Functions are so numerous that malgrés ease of access, it takes quite some time to achieve his ends.


The sound is the strong point of the device. Even with piano samples that date, it will mix perfectly. The long curls better ring once loaded into the machine before. Blame the excellent converters (16 bits yet, like what!).


I bought this S5000 OCCAZ it 5 years. Since then, total reliability. I do not use it as a sampler. In fact I configured as three machines in one: a piano sound expander (noon A), a trigger loop, or even complete songs (Midi B samples 4 to 6 minutes) and a generator effect SansAmp, delays and reverb (happiness, I paske FX card!) using in all, 6 Outputs: 2 piano, 2 samples, 2 out FX.
Only downside in case of a power outage, it takes more than a minute to restart everything ...
This is so useful that I would never sell unit.
Musically. Verymuch.

ipm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional S5000
express opinions

mine (I 2) 128 chacuns voice ...
EB-20 effects: 4 bus, 2 MOD-series EQ and 2 bus dedicated to reverb

at the top, TOP noon, converters (I am not saying because I do not like this kind of question), max 256MB memory (as a north electro 3 for example!) and internal HDD ...

Utility: AKASYS


simple clear and effective

It is not better sampler! simply (and I have seen past my hands.

only regret, the screen is a little under reactive to position the Trim gloalement but it is the best machine I had ...


I do not like this type of question

icts adored the old 12 such as S950 and other EMU SP, were 12bits and converters with defects >> some say grain ...

good on the S5000 when in 12Bit sample, the result will not be that of a S950 because the converters are newer, more advanced with less defect.

But honestly, I got very good results with MPC 1000 and I must say that the outputs of the S5000 are the bomb!!

I'm a fan of stuff, but the usability of the S5000 bury all his predecessors ...

after if you want a different sound, and EMU are filters or roland and S770 / S760


samplers few months but I had a few and I still ...

most: well designed human-machine interface, import other libraries, connectivity has never been equaled and sample playback from the hard disk

least: why not have integrated sequencer GPA????????????????????? there is a SMF player but with even basic hardware sequencer, it was a machine in total. (EMU intgrait to the point yet at the time)

but I chippote.

small back (lived on prices), an S5000 today sells for around 120-150 euros without option.
250-300 euros with one or two options

but the real issue is the USB card if you have one: it's collector "ultra sought" to the point that some are willing to put 250 euros for this famous map ... (the price of sampler)

So if you buy an S5000, check the back of the machine before!

Basically a perfect machine, except without the built-in sequencer

EDIT: The rating I give seems strange for some reason so I categorically

June 2012: buying a S5000 for 160 euros without internal disk, without effect, without analog outputs, ZIP + + scsi CD-ROM drive SCSI cables + CD + many samples (original)

October 2012: buying a S5000 with USB and analog outputs for 200 euros

I know it's hard, but prices may go up in my opinion considering the quality of the machine.

jubjub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Vintage beauty and ease of use"

Akai Professional S5000
64 original or 128 voice polyphony with an expansion card,
No effects without the card EB20,
Very good converters:
- A / D 18-bit 64x oversampling Delta Sigma.
- N / A 20-bit 128x oversampling Sigma Delta on all outputs.
I use the utility AKsys PC (only if the s5000 has the USB expansion card)
s5000 to access via the pc (rename the samples, multis, programs, import samples, export to the pc etc ...).
This map is truly indispensable time-saving work.


The general configuration is well thought out, big screen with 320 x 240 pixel, the interface is super simple, no submenu submenu is clear and effective.
Editing sounds and effects is easy?
Enough, you still have to play with a few hours to understand how to work with a sampler.
Editing sounds and effects is easy?
Yes it is quite easy and fast. My s5000 is equipped with 250MB of RAM (Max), and the treatment goes very quickly.
No slicing function (which could be useful if used with a keyboard and / or pads noon), for against the trim function is very convenient. We define the starting point and end point of a sample, without the file of this sample is cut. In short if you want to play samples of different notes, must be done by hand using a program.


converters of high quality.
I very often use the filters, the sampler without them would have less interest!
Good momentum, especially if you work to increase it sounds. For example, a single snare drum will be less dynamic than if you combine 2 or 3!
And then we must also record the sound that comes out correctly in a sequencer to keep up the grain.
I registered in adat in cubase and I lost about 2db, but the dynamic is there, it's better than vsti, prior to the rhythm I was working with native instrument battery and it farted a lot less.


I use it for only four months.
Did you tried many other models before buying it? not
What is so special that you love the most, least?
+ Aesthetics
+ Its simplicity
+ The screen

- You still have to have extensions to use it properly
(RAM, usb, adat)
How would you rate the quality / price? Used now it's worth it.
With experience, you do again this choice? yes
Zéro db03/10/2012

Zéro db's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Screen friendly"

Akai Professional S5000
Polyphony expandable to 64 128 - Adverse optional - 8MB Memory expandable to 256MB - Edition on Mac / PC.


For configuration, there are many optional things as always with Akai.
The manual is clear. Editing is facilitated by the screen which is a real treat. There are editing on a computer even easier work.


The converters are less transparent than the Z4 I have now and is less dynamic but of course quite correct.


I used it for 5 years, working the many samples.C was my first sampler and I sold it to buy the Z4.
I especially appreciate the large screen allowing to have a maximum of parameters under the eyes. What I regret the Z4. What I like least is that the IDE interface is not active on the motherboard, preventing to put an IDE hard drive internally.
The price / quality ratio is very good if there were any options already included in the standard version (eg USB).
At the time, I would redo this choice.

blackle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Creative and comprehensive"

Akai Professional S5000
Mine I bought it with all options imaginable, he has 128 voice polyphony, 256 MB RAM, 16 separate outputs, 26 filter types with resonance, LFO, each consisting of two forms of 9 waves, a multi-effects offer a range of effects all the more cool than others, and an interface Adat. 4 years and it is equipped with an internal hard drive. It also has a USB interface, and through this jack is connected directly to my computer. It operates and all the sounds that are stored together with all the sounds and programs that are stored on their hard drive.
I agree, it's a little "gas plant" but it works perfectly, also thank you to the maintenance technicians at Music-vitamins have on the way my S 5000.


Using this sample is very user friendly and simple, in fact, I'm a big fan of their product and their samplers in particular. I worked on other brands: Yamaha, the Roland, and E-mu and many models from Akai are (by far) the most convenient to use. All important functions fall immediately to hand. They are designed as instruments of music unlike some virtual sampler designed by computer probably very talented in their field, but that probably answers that await clarification by a luminous flux and purifying their minds oh so distressed by obscure questions must haunt their nights: what is a musician? And what can it serve?

To be more serious (but I mean it), that S 5000 is a device tremendously creative and full hyper-easy to use and takes yet another dimension when you know read and write music.


It's a sampler, then the qualities or defects will be more by you or sound samples used. If they are not successful this sample, it will unfortunately no miracle.


I still remember the head that the seller did when I walked into his shop one morning in July 1999, and I told him "Hello .. .. I come to buy a sampler Akai S 5000 with all the options that come with it .. "It was probably not used one hand to a young girl like me come into his store, and also to come across a client as determined as I am. Well yes, you may have noticed, even if I told you not said, (and to shorten the speech materially useless and finally back to the fact) it is really always the super sampler! Simple practice, no laborious step only comes between you and your ideas. Since he was joined by his little brother, the XL 3000 S it a useful supplement.

Of course virtual samplers are more complete and more powerful, but adequate to work in a simple and above all a way as serene? Are you more sensitive to the essential gadgets, which is the music? Or if like me, you blithely mix a bunch of old keyboards and acoustic pianos, computers are there you can return their work without the latency delay of one worthy of the SNCF train entering a station? It's up to you.

Today it is no longer the center of my installation as it could be old and when he sat proudly in my tiny Paris studio. But it always brings me much pleasure and satisfaction. And all the sounds that I have worked and shaped it, only he is able to reproduce exactly.

Sarah. A musician who does not like the delays of the SNCF

skors16's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" think through the config ..........."

Akai Professional S5000






good machine but weighed the pros and cons compared to soft.
Me I have the USB card, a real plus for the file transfer.

I just moved and my configuration is not yet installed and for the moment I'm working on virtual sampler. easy to use initially but over time is a little better take your time and remain on the hardwear.

sorry for my response latency skOrs16 ...............

Seith's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional S5000
bah I went to glue myself .... I give notice now, but I already have an S6000 for some time.
polyphnoie standart expandable to 64 channels with the card has vox64 128 (highly recommended)
effects are also an option with the card EB20, very frankly, but criticized for the way I use it myself very adequate, 4 bus assignable.
connectivity of dream, Dual Port noon (with MIDI menu Supp.), 8 analog out (out to 16) SPDIF / ADAT, ADAT / SPDIF / word clock, it's heavy, very complete, with analog input front of knob gain.
the convertos seems very good, I have a lot of hard samplers including e-mu, yamaha, roland and clarity at the top is all that is sampled spring nickel pechu little or no staining.
memory expandable to 256 MB (more than enough)
Aksys utility that allows management of a super sampler added to extreme sample converter and you can transfer the sound of your kind vst kontakt / SampleTank above ....
similar to the format soundfont can also put directly into the ram wav with Aksys.


the config is very simple and it works very quickly in the sampler has a point that I never used except for Aksys to transfer samples I prefer working on the front of the sampler.
the manual? ch'jsais not I ever ouarfff!
edition of the sounds is either nickel in sample / program or multi.je got matrices per family so I have more than to put the samples in the bike still with the same name then I renamed by akasys the fact that I'm more of its keygroup to put himself in place, I sampled all of my bank into a newt weekend and the combined total and programs.
it's really a nice machine just below my ultra E4XT it is even more flexible with the Eos, but cons are little delirious and make presets barge with the multiplayer mode, stack programs with different layers, pan , fx, out, and that up to 128, I got an egg with 5 piano sounds multiroutés in all directions and crushed many vst without problem, however I used these for various soft sampled.
we could talk for hours on the debate hard / soft I came back the very hard and have a blast, bye bland soft sounds hard to their success is the fact that they are hackable on the net, nevertheless they are a source of sound consistent basis so .....


small addition on the option EB20 (FX). I just equip my S5000 I had with the S6000, never really used the internal FX processor running with the release and effects on adat cubase as insert, following a afien a question I decided to really pushed a multitimbral song on using the akai eb20, I must confess that after a somewhat difficult start to the ear I finally set a muti with all the sends it sure is less typical cave (ouarf) that the effects of regular rack program but once it's not bad at all, has had 4 buses whose first two are composed of several fx1/fx2 combined effects, reverb / modulation / EQ / delay in series on the two buses .. and only rev3/rev4 reverbs.le all easily assignable in the multis there are lots of adjustments between the send level of dry or not and presets are there to do little things made all but once it does it well settled that parsimonious and rings must be vigilant bien.il most often distorted by his progs loudness to settle mode prog / output, especially cd akai Oldest Elsewhere I remake my favorite sounds .. The problem with these bikes is that it's all pros must therefore settle / set but after its sounds really ...


I have these bikes for a long time, I have a z8 (recently acquired), an S6000 and a 5000 I bought them because everybody's selling off and if I loose its worth it, give it to her taf to make a sound bank and transferred all or do not give her terrible I much prefer me to program it myself and slap her but now there are more users want to sound designer from the loop construction kit has the motive, assemblers loop that allows them to make zik a mouse.
Well not I stay with my bikes, my ex WAVESTATION my jd800, my triton rack E4XT ultra emu, Z8, S6000, S5000, alesis s4 addition, korg o1w r, no sounds of the piano for just 1gb Note the crack behind the brooms from the concierge of the conservatory ouarfff! piano sounds I have 8 megabytes of hell and are much better.
Finally I just want to add that very recently I sound files decompiler vst which shall remain nameless to perceive the deception of white 24-bit file that is just the file to swell and the inaudible and layer after transplanting the samples actually weighed about its use 41mo of 526 instead of the soft version, mouarararararfff.