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All user reviews for the Akai MPX8

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Average Score:2.0( 2/5 based on 7 reviews )
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
 3 reviews43 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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illogik's review" Great fun / Unusable live"

Akai MPX8
This is a sample player.
You load the samples on an SD card, the machine reads them. It's simple, but that is exactly what I needed for me not lugging a computer on stage.
It could have been awesome BUT: the samples are played louder or softer depending on the strength of your hits on the pads, which is cool to have fun, simulate a drum ... but UNUSABLE to read samples in live situations.

I was hoping Akai adds a feature to disable the pad sensitivity, but their "technical representative" told me that it was not in the agenda.


Very simple. No need for the manual.
It is easy to have fun with.


Transparent. No problem.
Warning: unbalanced jack output so = ​​You need 2 DIs for use on stage!


I used it for 4 months.

No option to disable the pad sensitivity.
Specifically, in live situations, when I trigger a sample (2 or 3 times per song, at the very most): I never know if the volume is going to be too loud or not loud enough because it depends on the way I hit the pads (which varies! because no, I'm not a machine!).

Result: the sample is either too loud or not loud enough. Working with the sound engineer for 1 hour will not change anything because the volume varies despite all my efforts to be as regular as possible.
= The sound engineer goes crazy.
= The MPX8 stays sleeping in the closet, I no longer use it. And I don't recommend it to anyone as long as Akai does not provide a firmware update in order to have the possibility to play samples at fixed volume. (Which is not going to happen according to J. Sandeen, their "Technical representative")

seb_bj's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" not recommended for live"

Akai MPX8
audio output, headphone

midi in, out mini-din jack (included) channel 10

supply usb

8 samples of a total of 30MB per kit
99 kits per SD card


extremely simple and intuitive.
remember to update the firmware .... result, stereo sample playback and up to 48kHz, 16 bit.Chargement slightly faster kits from the SD.
Exactly, for me, is the biggest worries .... The time of loading a kit for 30MB, properly abused !!!
what a shame, frankly, for the price, mpx8 is really not bad at all!


its quite decent, reverb, for against, is in my opinion to avoid.

for the rest, impeccable.

for the sake of speed, well EVERY samples set to the desired maximum velocity. it simplifies the game a bit in live and limit large height differences.


the mpx8 to join my studio there some months, not more expensive.
Frankly, I like it but it is clear that it is unmanageable for the live, again because of those pesky loading times!

Mr Akai, a new firmware optimizing loading, it would be possible ???

osmed's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for reading samples"

Akai MPX8
Midi In / Out
USB MIDI and data on PC


Application for the establishment of samples on the SD card on your computer.


Key Pads flexible and reactive
Effective effects


I sold it after 1 month to select another model with seqenceur,
But the most expensive MPX8 remains a good player nomadic quality loops with a small price.

ilan1000's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" no, no and ... no."

Akai MPX8
nice one point the editor for mac sucks too ...


not disconnected the Velocitee pads ...
Unable to load anything other than wav ...
Unable to load a wav over 30 mo ...


breath than on the seaside ..


how akai can leave a rigid machine why this stupid limitation of 30 mo?
zero, sucks, no, go your way!
Nunshak-records Germain Guyot06/18/2014

Nunshak-records Germain Guyot's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mouai flat"

Akai MPX8
See above


See above


Great sound quality is lost when comparing the same sample played in the computer and it played once in the 8 mpx we are well aware that there is not.


I use it for 6 months, I bought it to trigger some samples on stage.
Once the sauce in terms of sound it makes the job for small interventions, the big downside is that once during the balance by turning it did not find the sounds by putting a format error " invalid "while in rehearsals AC worked great, I tried everything, I resigned off telling me that I will go to the concert.
I relight amount on stage and the miracle sounds are loaded ... Unreliable and scary if one makes them indispensable.

When you play or triggers a live sound on one or more pads things are going pretty well, but huge downside, when the LP function is used which makes the sample looping, there is a rhythmic shift when it triggers several at time.
I've done my curls using locators to split or even tested with ready-made loops, although the trigger has ensured all along but when you let it run a bit from 1mn ca ca turns bizarre and shifts of worse ...

Regardless of the price of a machine, it is not reliable.
It is little expensive but also dangerous on stage knowing that at least 20 or 30 seconds to wait for loading a sample of a minute (a ambiance for example).
We must therefore anticipate loading samples.

In short I'm looking for another machine to trigger my little things and noise intro.

Pcel1's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Now in stro"

Akai MPX8
See above


Edition of software could be simpler.
Config OK


Good sonority especially up until post-date the waves stro are supported.


Test but promises.

thirdstone84's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great machine for my needs!"

Akai MPX8
The mpx8 is a hardware controller samples to pads. I use it as an electronic battery directly connected to my looper 6,35 mm jack. It works with 16bit mono WAV files capped at 48kHz.

Power is only USB (cable supplied AC adapter). It comes with adapters midi (which I have no use since I'm 100% hardware), and a library of native sounds pretty poor, but already used to have a little fun. Akai offers on its website a larger library and a very simple software for computer load samples onto an SD card. We assign each sample to a pad, the SD card is inserted into the mpx8 and roll youth! The possibilities are endless.


The grip is very intuitive: in two minutes, I was already having fun as a little crazy. The interface is basic, but effective: simply select a kit with the wheel and the samples are directly assigned to the pads that are velocity sensitive. You can also easily edit the sounds on the machine.


I'm not at all an expert in sound: I was just looking for a small electronic battery fingers to decorate the pieces I do at home. I have a rather amateur use, but the sound quality satisfies me, and dynamics seems very good: no latency, no response problem.


I use it for two weeks and I am extremely satisfied. The mpx8 offers the advantages of a midi controller without having to go through IT. In this price range, the offer was almost non-existent: it is therefore meet a real need.

To me, who am not a drummer, but looking at my pieces to decorate with rhythm tracks with a set 100% hardware, this is the perfect bike.

The overall finish is very good. The pads are very fun to use and seem quite reliable and robust.

I would do the purchase again!