E-MU E6400 Ultra
E-MU E6400 Ultra

E6400 Ultra, Sampler from E-MU.

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All user reviews for the E-MU E6400 Ultra

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 9 reviews )
 8 reviews89 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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Alan Replica03/19/2012

Alan Replica's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent sound module"

E-MU E6400 Ultra
I give my opinion here user, technical specifications are available on the Web.
However, be advised that most of the specifications, the sounds, the connector (separate outputs, Midi, ..) memory, the polyphony are expandable by options.
My Ultra is initially a demo unit of the socity E-MU reused by a studio film music. I bought used via eBay in the United States in 2005. It was already full of sound banks E-MU Ultra, E-Synth etc. .. And came with 11 CDs E-MU. In addition it included the maximum configuration in terms of disk effects (RFX card) and memory.
Overall quality: housing, connectors and front panel commands very robust construction
Quality connectors: individual outputs, four assignable busses and flexible effects, full MIDI
Quality effects: two separate simultaneous effects of quality, we regret the loss of the individual effects of each sound when on multiplayer mode, because the omni mode only allows two simultaneous effects of all sounds. however this is mitigated by the different effect settings applied to the 4 output buses (%), the ability to assign effects in multi compared to a no preset on a MIDI channel reference (that of No. preset can be changed during the game via a sequencer for example) but also be circumvented by resampling internal sounds with their initial effects.


Very clear and comprehensive manual
Configuration and easy editing, or even natural
Personally I use the keyboard samplers EIII or EIV for sampling and sound editing, I transfered cepnedant sounds of EIII in the E6400 Ultra order not to carry the EIII.
It is always possible to efectuer these operations via the E6400, but when you're used to synthesis modules and editing 'by ear' inherent in the EIII ..
least small:
-The arpeggiator is insufficient compared to the EIII arpeggiator fabulous!
-Internal sequencer is a notepad capricious (quantification difficult to understand, not step by step!)
But for these two points, IVUS is identical ..
It fails-assignable sliders for adjusting IVUS parameters of sounds in real time 'by ear' (filters, modulations), however EVERYTHING is assignable via internal commands and changed in real time, via a sequencer.


Sound quality: E-MU has the best sound for me (wide, dynamic filters, effects ..)


Quality sounds and effects, ease of editing, connectivity, portability between E-MU, robustness, ease of transport .. Perfect
Note that the sound quality is essential and filters that allow deep atmospheres as well as unmatched - E6400 Analog sounds!
Essential sounds for me:
impeccable drum kits and complete; ropes superb, magnificent piano, bass complete; of synth sounds exceptional
etc. ..
Small problem: electric guitars and saturation effects inconclusive for me, unlike the effect section 'Fuzz' on the E-MU Proteus MPS remains a must ..

speedrabbit's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super Sampler"

E-MU E6400 Ultra
Polyphony: 64 / 128.
Effects: a shovel.

Connections: everything, but no SERIES.

Ram: 64 / 128

HD: 500MB.

Edition on Mac or PC.


Ldition is not very simple, it is often prfrable to use a computer in order for the TRANSFR Defines and then the monster.

The manual is thick and not easy Dhaka for a novice.


Sounds with the grain amricain so special is a treat.

They are expressive a wish and if ever you are missing something, it can.


After 5 years of use in the amateur sampler continues to surprise me by its quality.

The grain is excellent and I prfre far has competitors (roland, yamaha).

Despite Lavni of any software I still prfrer has the flexibility provided by the hardware.

He made me discovering a brand that I did not know what can and for me is an anthology.

J'spre keep many more years.

alkero's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent machine"

E-MU E6400 Ultra
What polyphony?
64 standard upgradeable to 128
What effects?
without the basic RFX, with a killing, over almost everything is synchronized in sequence.
it is simply known compressor through the vocoder parametric EQ etc ...
What converter?
24-bit / 48 kHz
How much memory as standard? maximum
It seems to me in std 32 MB up to 128 MB
Is there an editing utility for Mac / PC?
There are two apps:
Os link that mimics the front of the sampler on the PC, simple and free to edit, it can sometimes dispense with his old buttons and capricious (if you know what I mean).
Then there ZOEOS,
that further boost the interest, but you need a SCSI card with MIDI input.
The software has not been completely successful but it is the best current solution to control the sampler and win just as much time in editing.


The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, when you read the manual.
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
so overall, the site http://www.emusonacid.co.uk/forum/
it's even easier to interact with users and to learn new things over the Forum also AF
Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
Not without editing utility, with it makes life easier.


The A / D and D / A are transparent?
No, and that's why we like it or you do not like it, it has a grain to it, more transparent than the old, but he has something or to him in the bass frequencies
Effects and filters are effective?
yes it does its job.
The dynamics are respected? ...
yes, and one impression is that everything that comes out of this gear always gives the impression of having more fishing (bass resampler, a break or something and see what I mean).


How long have you use it?
I have extensively used a 6-year order by QY700 before selling to a digital solution (LIVE, UAD).
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
not know AKAI, laid back and under at the time, I had a rhythm for the AKAI and EMU for the rest.
What is so special that you like most and least?
Almost everything
The least
The ergonomic solution VS Current info
The BUGS with the RFX
MIDI sync is not always on top when it manages slices or other breaks and we are many
Today the price OCCAZ and anyone has time to devote to luis well I say go for the master, account must be patience.
I see it as an excellent editor that allows the processor to learn how to master the philosophy of a sampler

philoubord's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" a super machine"

E-MU E6400 Ultra
built-in effects, very correct
yes there is a utility that Zeos only works with XP. shame that the designer has stopped its development as'm under mac today
Super converters
max memory
Internal HDD IDE 80G


config very simple intuitive manual clear, clear sound editing


super dynamic converters typed, big sound. I have to compare the same sound banks on the computer (sound card Motu) than in the sampler. Listening to my favorite 10 times through the sampler (except effects)


I have two samplers EMU: an ESI 2000 and 6400 1. Great machines used in studio and on stage, what peace!
damage that such machines are outdated, it's really great practice on stage.
The only downsides are:
- Noise of the fan (a bit noisy)
- Fragility of the backlight
- No internal hard drive for backup with ESI2000 galley with zip (outdated)
missing is the USB or Ethernet jack on these machines!

jon_isapp's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400 Ultra
Documentation quality and completeness.


The general configuration could not be easier thanks to an unparalleled ease of use. The screen is large and displays all the information needed to use the buttons (no key combinations twisted). I took the beast in hand without having to read the manual! Obviously after, given the complexity of the beast it is better to read the manual;)


E-MU as always, the killing! Finally ... as almost always ... For example, all virtual products (including EmulatorX 3 which is the next generation of Ultra e6400) leave a seriously low in comparison with the real Samplers (Hardware) from the same brand. This is not always the age of the beast that is its power and quality! I give 10/10 for the sound. This machine is huge!


No comment!

bubblebe's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400 Ultra
All t adj said on this subject. very basic connections complete. pity that the optional cards are so expensive


Configuration is very simple. I worked three years ago on an Akai S2000. horror. infernal loop when it came to sound properly. Here, no problem. everything makes sense, sweet, perfect loop I in my first 5 minutes without opening the manual! The widescreen allows aisment to know where you are in the menus and know directly is that we do. the internal processor trs work quickly and all the buttons are easily accessible. Farewell to the wrist cramp.


Good for sound, I will take time before they notice more or less objective (but do notice the sound is it REALLY purpose ...). But I can dj say is that the sound a little color compares akai I had before. It does me no since in any drang fawn, all the sounds that we brought in bte is intended ultimately be gambling ;-) So no repeat of it!


I had the hands at earlier a roland akai S2000 and S330. So a two gnration below. It is therefore difficult to compare his level, but in any case, the three, it is the E-MU I prfre. As long as the level comfort.

For me, you can purchase the bte eyes closed. It is impressive both in style and in its ease and its sound. The ratio quality price is excellent. I do not understand also why everyone throw themselves on the akai samplers, while the E-mu are really excellent. Regret may be: The price of option cards. Bha in any way, the basic connectivity is ample for the dj majority of users.
mr pierre11/27/2006

mr pierre's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400 Ultra
Ample polyphony (64 real voices) for use not too greedy complex agreements ..
D / A converters and two high-quality banks .. good effects, but in my opinion, will be ably complemented by the card RFX32.!
RAM: 128 MB: TB for sound quality.
40 GB internal HDD, excellent for storing banks (CDs and characters)
8 outputs (2 and 6 MAIN separate router that can seamlessly with an effects processor, ext.)
Audio and MIDI connection without any problem.


General configuration really great and friendly .. and yet I am not an expert on this material!
Editing of sounds, samples and effects is incredibly easy! I still can not!
Samples of the CDs, samples recorded by microphone, everything can be "tortured" at leisure to recreate new ... to infinity!
Notice sometimes "difficult", but a great help, often, especially when you have the chance to have it .... in FRENCH!


No PBs concernat converters: transparency ensured.
And dynamic filters are RDZ, with power output and sound reproduction envied many owners of "equivalent soft"!
As for the effects of invoice honorable, but to complement with those of the card RFX32, optional, and somewhat rare and expensive ...! But the quality is paid, and rightly so!


I use it for 14 months and my choice was to acquire direct, without trying something else, as I was convinced of the correctness of the purchase with a very convincing demo of my work .. and seller.
I love everything in this machine, the only "restriction" goes to the internal effects, which need to be enriched by the card RFX32.
It is obvious until you try the "soft", this product is much higher, so the choice I would do without hesitation!
Besides, I think .... get me a second ..! This will tell you!

rxtxman's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400 Ultra
A big monster sampler!
impressive compared to polyphonic software versions latest issue 64 or 128 with extension.
a hyper prcis timing for the surgical work!
effects sufficient carrment monster with RFX!
Z-plane filters that grow profondment your kicks and low ground ... a big win!


The machine is easy and the general apprhender screen is intuitive compared to other "samplers more LGERS"


Trs a good sound hot as we love ...
Producers of all English dance floor use and is not for nothing!


Since 3-4 years I have been able to pay! GENIAL!
a harmonic richness of great beauty ...
these machines are ringing!
a rgal!

7c's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400 Ultra
Effects gnraux (2 gnrateurs effect) not assignable track by track, because RFX card 32 as an option.

16 MB of memory standard, up to 128 (can be just has to read some large banks)

Base: 8 sorties/2entres jack, midi in / out / thru, scsi

no utility pc


No major problem, as long as it delves a little in the record.
Only problem with non compabilit aiff or waiver of certain media.


Fidler what is said, is that really good (the best sound I've heard until the


2, 3 years

CHRE aka more than and less compatible with the rest of the Earth, is the choice of his plutt that the simplicity of use (which is not always justified ...) .
This is exactly what I needed when I had to, but I think I would opt for one day a virtual sampler for pratica and save time in the studio (if I see that the following).