Ensoniq ASR-10R
Ensoniq ASR-10R
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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
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hallucinoze's review

Ensoniq ASR-10R
Dear mlipeck, you can read the opinions of the versionclavier
here: https://fr.audiofanzine.com/sampleur/ensoniq/asr-10/
and add the poiur SCSI hard drives and CD Rom, Zip, Syquest 45 MB and 105 (tested)
more separate outputs (6) which have the same sin that the output mix.
That's really all that changes. memory, polyphonic ... kif kif it.
diodes of the screen are the point to be monitored,


The general configuration is it simple?
Editing sounds and effects is it easy?

Pb no particular connected Zip, SCSI hard drive, CD Rom ... Ordi (Falcon Atari and PC hard disk)
Classic, nothing very original, we read the doc, we learn, it is used.
as the display is not graphic, you must know the patterns and functions and after it is rather simple.
There are double clicks and keystrokes!
The effects are very good to me, no equivalent of synthesizers that I know, we drew the DP2 and DP4.
There are two levels of envelope (low and high or vice versa) and may influence the effect of these envelopes through a gaggle of sources.
Can modulate the modulators: LFO, envelopes, Lag ...
Full technical manual


- The A / D and D / A are transparent?

I seem to be less high than medium Yamaha (TX16W)
better defined as the EPS, there is no hole in the frequencies,
Yet the bass is powerful and enssemble rather "warm".

- Effects and filters are effective?

filter is good but not resonnant.il a resonant filter on disk in the Waveboy Granulator, vocoder and all three peudo interresting.

- The dynamics are respected? ...

the dynamics and effects of the atomic bomb next to a lot of synths and samplers,
I compared a lot a few years ago ...


- How long have you use it? since its release and after an EPS16 + Eps
- What is so special that you like most and least? its grain and fish.
- Have you tried many other models before buying it? EPS, TX16W Yamaha
Roland S330, 760, Akai S1000, S950,
- How would you rate the quality / price? given proper sound quality / low extension.
- With experience, you do again this choice? ... Uh, 18000Frs at the time.
the price of the occasion today: YES

eponim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Utilté in 2012"

Ensoniq ASR-10R
For specifications, thank you for watching the posts below.


Firstly, I would like to specify that I come from mpc (2000XL, 500 and 2500).
The ASR is initially a little confusing because the display is on a line ... without waveform, so everything is done by ear (like on the MPC500)

Otherwise, once understood ensonq philosophy is limit a child's play.
Sampling is fairly simple, and loop points are easy to perform compared to mpc's.

The manual is clear and great to explore all the capabilities of the beast, or more. I refer primarily as a reference guide when I start to want to do complicated stuff with my samples .... after a dozen uses, the more need of it.

I use mainly for ASR sampler and resample. It is sequenced by my mpc 2500 and everything runs like clockwork.


Converters are transparent, on the other hand, they add hell to fishing samples.
The samples come with superb dynamics and the cutting is super fine and soft! Basically, you have no saturation or other strange noise if you decide to cut the snare drum in the middle, for example.

ThE effects are a real killer and allow a more pointed on the sample. Indeed, one can sample the EQ as desired. THE resample with effects and EQ remake of the resampled sample. Wholesale opportunities are endless and the effects really good .. and even better if it is waveboys.

THE dynamic is not really respected, rather it is transcended. Even the smallest sample seems to be gone in 2/3 compressor before leaving the ASR, so the sound is out potato


I bought it 7 months ago and I use it for about 4 months as sampler # 1.
All my samples are processed on ASR, I have not found better sound perspective. The MPC's are good but limited level effects and mucking out the sample! Nevertheless, a sequencer mpc is much more accurate than the ASR. So the ideal is to have two bikes.
What I like the most is the graph that work can be done with a sample, it allows creativity impressive.
What I like least is the difficulty to find reliable backup media type CF reader scsi.

Value / prix..pour me more than adequate given the age of the machine and its capabilities.

If I had the opportunity and the means earlier, I would have bought the ASR before my first mpc (2000XL). This machine coupled with mpc are the ultimate weapon for beatmakers wishing to Boombap good sound without having to rework its X times in a DAW to achieve the same result.

In 2 words: easy and effective!

LeBohémien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ensoniq ASR-10R
This review is the result of a short experience on ASR10R, I got it for 3 months ...
Converters and effects, this is the major advantage of this sampler, I compar directly dynamics by doing exactly the same beat on ASR10R and MPC 2000XL, with the same Drums and must not lie , there's a difference ...
The Ensoniq sound more "hot" and a bit "feutr" (on a snare drum for example), a down well in the bass j'dirais that was not bad approaches the EMU I heard running, in my case, I mostly felt was on Kicks and Basses ...
For someone who likes to work his sonorits samples is ideal because the effects are striking ...


Ah use! This is where he and I had not heard ...
I had bought to sync to my MPC, something that seemed simple and convenient me in advance, but which in my case was a real brain avre head ...
For those who grew up in the Ergonomics hallucinnante of MPC is a calvert!
I explain ... With this sampler while longer, until the samlpling decoupage, it's really a big return back (it's not obviously the case for those who know him for ann or are familiar with the vintage samplers), if you are not working your samples before wrapping a piece, and if you like to work instinct, very quickly forget! (No waveforms for those who love the visual good)
The squenceur, I put him a nice zero point must love what ...
The edition of the sounds is quite simple, clear manual ...


Bah is its major asset, it sounds good, everything goes in comes out better, more dynamic, big potato what!
My big surprise, aa t see a low kick and took much heat when sampls and a piano could become as crystalline and brilliant treble ...
From top to bottom has sounds good ...


Used for 3 months, I sold for its ergonomics "bogus" and some features that were missing and that I had when I was using my MPC ...
Notice those who would like to pair the squenceur Akai, the only thing you can do is control your sounds with the pads, and use squenceur noon, for the rest it's over!
I wanted to ssayer me even before I realized what it was worth, there's such a legend around this sampler ...
I t's great, really not fit to everyone, those who use it for so long had it was the epoch of its release, so I want to believe that it ' Top was ...
The price of secondhand is justified, it is far from a revolution, but the converters and the effects are unique, its texture is quite recognizable, I post this notice to sway a little-cons with those who say it is "THE" machine have ...
Before buying it, do it again!