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  • Roland W-30

    Roland W-30 - kekeguet's review


    The converters are 16bit, 32kHz if I remember correctly. Effects, y 'is not. The memory is 1 MB and the OS is on diskette. There is a complete connection with 8 outputs (sampler), a mono audio input with adjustable gain and an optional SCSI int…

  • Roland Aflalou

    Roland Aflalou - musicienraté's review


    Basically not too bad, but beware, many users have had problems with memory and printed circuit boards that had trends crack up. UTILIZATION Particulire. In fact, say 2 years, he refuses to work properly. But from a strictly musical point of vi…

  • Roland SP-404

    Roland SP-404 - Lougarou's review


    Polyphony: 6 / 12 Stereo / Mono - sampling in 4 / 2 (Stereo / Mono) Converters: convertos good, which is what comes out ... Effects: 29 effects including 5 directly selectable by the buttons faade. Memory: few prs 5 min 44.1 (11 LoFi) with 1G…

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - conyB's review


    Attention first notice after 10 days of fly! CHARACTERISTICS: see website "roland" well, here's an extra sampler that will master the samples taken without the cabbage ... well almost! MIDI is a bit lightweight after what you want to do with (a…

  • Roland VP-9000

    Roland VP-9000 - BleuAzur's review


    • Processor revolutionary audio format rack, benefiting from technology VariPhrase ® Roland. • Audio "elastic" synchronizing samples of different tones and tempos - in real time! With its treatment of formants, the VP-9000 relegates the "multi-samp…

  • Roland S-330

    Roland S-330 - Anonyme's review


    - 8 voice polyphony. - 8 multitimbral. - 8 output cinch. - Composite video output to connect to a tl or a TV card or a computer screen spcial (I had with). - Msx-type mice. - Trio noon. - 512 kb of memory lphantesque ... UTILIZATION C…

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - traf's review


    Well I will not repeat the trick, everything has already been said does a technical point of view ... except maybe that the effect section is a bit brutal and coarse but allows nanmoin to do a lot of thing (especially with battery kit), bpm sync / ti…

  • Roland S-750

    Roland S-750 - Ala'Mala's review


    24 voice polyphony, 16-bit AD converters NA 20bit 24-bit internal calculation It currently does not need because it has 8 analog audio output not unlike the Digital 770 ii 2Mega a standard>>>> 18meg hard drives and supports SCSI 1Gica Maxi an e…

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - xavier 57's review


    I improviser saxophiste soprano I'm raliser an album and I need to drum n bass jungle groove essentially this machine can help me I have to build my rytmes she has programms battery kits and grooves dj programs or must do everything I'm sorry I'm new…

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - yan64's review


    4 x 4 dynamic pads for programming beats and phrases audio ldition A string deffets, including Isolator, Filter + Drive, Slicer, Reverb, Tape Echo and function mastrisation. CONTRL intuitive thanks to the reproduction Controller D Beam and V-LI…