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Roland Samplers user reviews

  • Roland S-760

    Roland S-760 - "No Toy for Noobs" has images


    Pro: Video Output um das winzige Display auf einem grossen Bildscirm abzubilden. Macht Sinn! Aber auch die Bedienerführung an der Gerätefront ist sehr einfach zu erlernen. Exzellente Filter. grossartiger Klang, Aussergewöhnich sinnvolle Features wie …

  • Roland SP-404SX

    Roland SP-404SX - "DJ's need this"


    The SP-404SX replaced the original SP-404, I have used both models and both are worth the 500 dollars that they cost. The SP-404SX is a battery powered sampler and drum machine. It does have a sequencer built into it, but it is not as good as many o…

  • Roland SP-404

    Roland SP-404 - FP User's review


    Jam-packed for it's size and price, without making you jump through 500 button-combos. Everything is nearly self-explanatory, with a small bit of re-reading bits of the manual to "get it". Light-up buttons make it great for a darker area, y…

  • Roland VariOS

    Roland VariOS - FP User's review


    What I think is really missing is what allways seems to be missing with Roland. Continuous support and development of thier products. Roland launched the VariOs claiming it was open system but I am rather disapointed that no new emulations have been …

  • Roland SP-404

    Roland SP-404 - FP User's review


    Amazing efx section! 'DJ Efx Looper', 'Sub-sonic' are some of the new stuff. Really kool stuff! BAttery operation!! sampling is very easy. resample, trim, loop, reverse. editing is simple too. sequence section: very simple to make patterns: many feat…

  • Roland SP-404

    Roland SP-404 - "Roland SP-404 Sampler"


    Have been playing acoustic and electric guitar for over 35 years, both professionally and as a hobby. Have a home recording studio and a home performance stage where we hold monthly house concerts. Play mostly jazz, light rock, and vintage country. P…

Translated user reviews
  • Roland W-30

    Roland W-30 - tomy58000's review


    Very good synth sounds very nice .... USE Very easy to use and very clear manual SOUNDS effects are very effective NOTICE GLOBAL I use it for 4 months, as ++++ …

  • Roland JS-30

    Roland JS-30 - "A sympathetic curiosity!"


    Sampler desktop with 12 pads not sensitive to the dynamics: it is donf or nothing. Sequencer real time without quantization, just a reminder ... No scheduled backup internally ... but a SCSI port: a funny machine dating from 1994. Eight-voice …

  • Roland W-30

    Roland W-30 - " My first workstation ..."


    Sampler sequencer released in late 80s. I bought it used in 1994. Keyboard with 61 velocity and tocuhes aftertouche if I remember correctly. 16 voice polyphony. No internal sounds: everything is stored on disk 1 .44 MB So we better sample and w…

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - " A good sampler!"


    I separated it from the SP-606 a few months, so I write this memory test ... Polyphony: 4 stereo or 8 mono score. EFFECTS: 24 in total (not sure) with conventional filters, distortion, flanger, phaser, EQ, compressor, limiter, ring mod, delay, r…