Roland SP-606
Roland SP-606

SP-606, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

paradies 10/23/2013

Roland SP-606 : paradies's user review

«  clamped by the holder stoskage ... »

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The SP 606 has 16 pads, part 4 sequencer tracks (step or real time) a sampler "on the fly" at noon,
usb to become a sound card for pc and mac
dual multi effect
The output (mono) R
a headphone output jack (6.35)
Input jack 6.35 L / R
Input SPDIF digital output on RCA
a compact flash card reader (this is the main flaw of the machine, see below)
16 mb internal memory, expandable compact flash card of 512 MB MAX
P606 PC software only supports
A laser sensor "DBEAM" that can be assigned to the filter effect eg


The box is a lot ... too ... The sequencer does not boil TR that may disturb ... The sampler does not import banks AKAI / EMU so farewell unlimited expander side of S5000
The manual can meet courentes questions.

We can do a lot of things since abestiole without resorting to any editor, and indeed it is faster to record its samples as the simporter in usb (owner format)

Sampler can be mono or stereo, which allows a large range on a 512 MB card

Some have managed to configure the controller as noon ago


It is 16 bit 44.1khz: adpanne but not transcendent in his home studio map is far from RME, but to supply a sound system with a computer and synths, it works, we then profiteras the effects section will be assigned to the pads, to the Input or USB stream ... (making a sound card with a super dj controller Vestax VCI 100)

The sounds are that we will place. Personally I use it as follows:
Internal-Bank TR = samples, kits batteries old synths etc.
Compact Card = loops, sequences, playbacks shows or performers

The effects are not all the maize ...


I have for quite some time, but I have never really been able to use as I wanted ... I thought so to part many times, but never my address because my sp saved shots many times also, by diverting its initial use.

J have used and / or owned the S1000/2000/3000/5000 Akai and Emu E5000. In use drum machine however, I ene mastery not electribe korg and other groove box to compare.

Finally I used mainly for the sp

- Bands sounds of shows (instead of having it on CD or minidisc) because there is a function to launch pad by pressing it, and it continued until the end and stops himself.

- Sound card mixer for mac: the sp to the front, internal card mac for headphones, no latency, and the ability to use a pad bank with percs and sound effects during the mix, several laser sle for the filter, visually it works every time!

Today I used the box a little pace, but there is no output "trigger" to send a bike analog

I'm sure we can still do stuff with, including a sampler is Rhodes to be everywhere BUT with enmener

The big downside is the use of the support COMPACT FLASH. In fact we do not find more for a long time that meets roland, that does not exceed 512 mb ... the SP is unable to format the other cards, even ignoring the upper capacity of 512 ...

When I bought this machine I was told that it was the model above the SP404, the latter, it has an SD (easier to find) cards up to 1 GB, I sui sun little angry after Roland on this one, because a few months after I bought it, 689 euros new still in its release, it had already begun to row to get cards ...

This is unfortunate because it means there doing a lot of things with this box.
It is to consider THAT suffisement equipped with CF card ...

TR 808 followers certainly find their happiness in a korg electribe or volcanic.
those seeking a sampler capable of playing many banks prefer a rack.
Finally look for "groovebox" it really depends of what you can put him in the stomach, the advantage being that the sounds remain compact flash memory unlike a type sampler s3000 ...