Roland SP-404SX
Roland SP-404SX

SP-404SX, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

carimbabar 09/16/2013

Roland SP-404SX : carimbabar's user review

«  very good machine »

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The SP404Sx is a portable sampler, which operates either on AC or battery.
The effects are 24 in number resuming some effects and controls of BOSS pedals for guitar and other dedicated to the DJ.
It has RCA inputs and outputs, but also Jack front. There is also a Midi "in" designed to synchronize the device with other bikes in the afternoon. Shame not to have out "d" "or" thru ".
The memory is expandable through a Sd or SDHC card to 32GB which not all bad!
However I do not think there is a memory internally, however, a map is provided with sounds by BOSS. There is a utility provided for loading samples on the memory card and assign them to the pads.
The software is simple and effective, but I find a drag / drop would have been nice, as well as pre-listening samples.


The config is clearer (it passes easily from one menu to another) with well-specified functions, and the manual is quite readable. Only applications linked to the south have seemed obscure, besides the AF forum is full of questions about it. Editing samples is very simple, but personally, I edit my samples in Live before transferring into the sampler. Editing effects is very intuitive and very nice!


The converters are of good quality (16bits/44hz) with a good potato and a good dynamic that sometimes lack the software. The effects are very fun to use, too bad we can not use one at a time!


I use it for more than a year used with a Kaoss pad, in addition to the laptop on stage to send and manipulate pieces until my LIVE sessions were responsible, or else by sending only the tracks of drums, in addition my samples on Ableton.
I had other models BOSS ROLAND range, and I love their sound and their configurations. I just wish that MIDI is not more complete, and the screen is reduced to its simplest expression. You can always discuss the idea of ​​having a hardware sampler at the time of LIVE and its multiple controllers, I do not dwell on it, but in any case this little machine is very nice! Light, robust and practical, it has a built-in microphone that allows you to ship it everywhere, and battery operated (and then the hardware it crashes still less a computer)!!
The value for money is correct, (I saw that the price has increased recently), with experience, I would do the same choice that the MIDI is limited, depending on the use that is in addition turntables, it can be terrible!