Roland SP-404SX
Roland SP-404SX

SP-404SX, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

quietstorm 11/03/2010

Roland SP-404SX : quietstorm's user review

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For technical, I encourage you to consult the data sheet available on Audiofanzine or the manufacturer's website.


Machine very easy to use. It is made for live so most options are easily accessible. The effects are directly accessible via buttons assigned to them. The sample editing is fairly intuitive. Just put the sample loop and press once to the point of entry and again to the exit point. If we are wrong, we repress the button that removes the mark points of entry and exit defined. Nothing could be simpler and all in real time. You may also be more accurate using the two knobs (CTRL2 - entry point and CTRL3 - exit point). But little attention limitation, you can CLURE than 10 ms.


The converter is transparent. The effects are very good.


I use it for 2 weeks now and I'm quite surprised by the potential of this machine. I advise those who want a touch more intuitive in the production of their music. For me it is quite possible to make beats on this machine. It is precisely its "limits" that make it a very powerful tool. For example, one can sample a drum break, cut the pads and rework each chop with the effects (resampling attention required). The sequencer looks a little stiff. However I suggest you arm yourself with a little mini-disc recorder or a lil on computer. Indeed, one can not resample a pattern. Last point, you can save the entry with a sampling effect you can handle in real time. In sum, I would say that this machine is a true pocket rocket, easily comparable to a MPC500, for example. Indeed, even if its sequencer fishing by its rigidity, it compensates with ergonomics and ease of use. The sumptuous blend of a musical instrument and a workstation.