Roland SP-404
Roland SP-404

SP-404, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

Djzapman 08/31/2013

Roland SP-404 : Djzapman's user review

«  Nice but ..... Surely exceeded in 2013! »

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Sampler very nice, but it all depends on the use. Personally, I enjoyed myself with but I soon felt his limitations. I used it (I do have more) live DJ or I would send sounds, loops and accapellas. But the problem was to synchronize loops, the only way was to play with his pitch too sensitive to fine-tune the speed of the samples.


The manual is clear but forgot to tell us things about management rather tedious or samples must be very careful with the names assigned to the samples, otherwise the SP will not recognize them! I opened a topic on it a few years ago.
For editing, I did everything in my DAW.
I have not tested either midi functions.


The effects are okay for the live, but more like the sound.


I used 2/3 years but due to the difficulty of synchronizing loops, I did used to play more than acapellas & jingles, and there it was very practical. I have not tried other models but now I'm on Serato Scratch that has a small sampler, but not sync more convenient to use with just a LPD8.
I think the SX version of some improvements. And in 2013, we must find better for less ....