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Roland Samplers user reviews

  • Roland DJ-70 MkII

    Roland DJ-70 MkII - " I adore purchased new with discount -65%"


    Top samplers j also used in midi with Cubase. UTILIZATION Simple is just be patient and creative. SOUNDS sound effects pure filre effective bomb. OVERALL OPINION I've had 2 or 3 months after cessation of production Elsewhere Roland m have…

  • Roland SP-808EX

    Roland SP-808EX - " DJ (dot)"


    * What  polyphony? 4 stereo (but be careful if excessively frequent memory / zip) it crashes! * What converters? * Which effects? A good Roland bank effects Roland is present anyway! whose RSSurround not bad to give scale to a mix. * How m…

  • Roland SP-555

    Roland SP-555 - Léo Safari's review


    Features beautiful on paper but actually much more disappointing. 15 sec. max of the loop station are a disgrace and have no technical justification. In addition, the other big problem is the inability to resample with an entry input active. In short…

  • Roland VariOS

    Roland VariOS - linn134's review


    What polyphony? 14 votes variables. What converter? 44.1kH 24-bit maximum. RESOLUTION The internal 16-bit gives non-linear PCM format. What effects? Much. See below. How much memory as standard? maximum? 128mb internal, what you want…

  • Roland SP-555

    Roland SP-555 - samuelmann's review


    See the reviews below. UTILIZATION Configuration gnrale Is it easy? Yes, it's simple. The edition of sound effects or is it easy? -For the record I really regret that the loop offers only 15 seconds of recording and even more limiting me…

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - ellaguru's review


    Audio connectors, midi, usb great effects section including 1 external oscillator synth + 1 (D-beam) handy to hand gestures (this also functions as a filter) sequencer as 4 songs, 8 (16 with the compact flash card) banks, 140 patterns (length of …

  • Roland SP-606

    Roland SP-606 - César.'s review


    See also;) UTILIZATION The sequencer is really not that great, personally I am using the loop function: I press HOLD and a pad so that the sample is played repeatedly. It's terrible when one has sampled a sample Midi: the loop is complete without…

  • Roland SP-555

    Roland SP-555 - outhline's review


    - What is polyphony? 12 tracks - How much effect? 37 types - How much memory as standard? maximum? Pattern pads 16 and 16 and up to 2GB in standart in compact flash - What connection? MIDI IN / OUT, RCA IN / OUT, headphone, microphone (…

  • Roland SP-404

    Roland SP-404 - odonaxavierodona's review


    All is said below UTILIZATION ... SOUNDS ... OVERALL OPINION I possde for 3 days, I wanted to buy new (349 Euros) in possder a story in an impeccable state, with original power (because the heat quickly branded) and manual (in French & En…

  • Roland W-30

    Roland W-30 - Erba's review


    For the time a killer for the price of the Akai samplers, with a keyboard and more! This is my first sampler ... And I always! Bought new in France has its output (more than 10,000 bullets, a chasm in his time). Separate outputs, making SCSI, M…