Akai MPC500
Akai MPC500

MPC500, Sampling Sequencer from Akai in the MPC series.

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All user reviews for the Akai MPC500

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 19 reviews )
 6 reviews32 %
 6 reviews32 %
 5 reviews26 %
Value For Money : Excellent

AlanForPresident's review"compact but lacking great features"

Akai MPC500
The MPC 500 to me just wasn’t worth the purchase. Not saying its not a good machine, because it is. But to be honest it is no where near the experience you will get when using one of the other models (1000,2000, 2000xl, 4000 or 5000) . With the MPC 500 it just seems as if they took the very basic features and put them into the little machine and left out so many of the other capabilities that the other models provide that make them great. If you are going to ge the MPC 500 you mine as well save up your money for a 1000 or just say for the MPC all together and get a SP 400 or something because it has a lot more effects.


The MPC 500 is very easy to understand, you will have no problems understanding it. No manual is needed though it does come with one that’s not very big so if you did need to open it up you could probably find exactly what you are looking for very fast.


The MPC 500 just lacks so many qualities that the other models have. One of the main problems with it is you cant really chop your samples right on the machine itself. When I think of the MPC 500 I think of more of a controller pad like the mdp. Which you mine as well get also, because without a computer the MPC 500 is pretty much useless , well it was for me.


Overall, I don’t see anyone wanting to downgrade from another model to this one. So if you are a new MPC user don’t get this, just save up the few extra dollars and get a used 1000 if you have too. The only thing that I really do like about the MPC 500 is that its very compact and you can take it anywhere and I think it runs off of batteries too, but im not 100 percent sure because I didn’t keep it long enough to fin out.

ericthegreat's review"Just ok"

Akai MPC500
The MPC 500 is ok in my opinion. The issue is the screen, because I am used to the 4000 and 1000. The 500 comes up really short. Good thing about it is that its so portable you can take it anywhere and do some sampling. But unfortunately you cannot chop samples on the 500. You must use your computer and then load them from there to the 500.


Great price right for this machine. You just have to time it's a small sampler / sequencer super tough for the pros who want to really put a bottom in the delirium mpc I would recommend instead a model above.
Personally I would look to repeat that offer other models, but for now I have and I will not part with it I love it!


The sound has a good potato, just typed but not bad. (Ca always sounds a little differently after sampling, especially when you normalize)
the pads are responding really well and are top comfort (my fingers are enjoying), I admit that not I do not play drums with the velocities.
The effects are not extra-extra I must admit, and that it have only one output limits the use of external effects ... So here is the smaller less.


It's been a while and overall I think this a sampler / sequencer exceptional, especially with the composition by ear I think it's really huge! It is a blow to take if you do not know but after the madness MPC is a real breath of fresh air.
Do not think that only the hip hop with this kind of gear, I may as well electro and jungle, break core or even, with disconcerting ease, the foot.
Only regret: the effects good but not great (well who cares it's not what you asked) but mostly there is only one exit. At least two would have been nice, the top four, but I understood that I would have a more compact and less fat (like the 1000 or something like that)

vsavagellc's review"smaller mpc 1000"

Akai MPC500
Akai Mpc 500

Specs and Features

Battery powered/AC powered
16 midi channels/48 track sequencer
32 voice sampler
128 ram max
velocity sensitive pads (12)
USB port (storage/transfer usage
Compact flash storage
Wav/Midi file support
Headphone/Analog/Midi I/O
Low-pass filter
On-board effects


Like other mpcs it's best used for 4/4 timing pattern based music. I've used it for other types of music again as most music production applications or hardware units, it all comes down to the units and the needs of that producer. I like to use the little box to get ideas out while I'm traveling on the road, it comes in handy when doing production projects for clients:

TV companies
Video game companies

That's just a small list but I think you get the what throwing out there.


The akai mpc 500 comes with some pretty good stock sounds, nothing I would throw away but nothing I would use for all of my production. The sounds are good but please do consider getting your sound by purchasing them or creating them yourself. The A/D converters are not bad I would suggest getting a third party sampler such as a Sp303,akas950 or something with a little bit of character in it. This will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to production as well as your own sound.


The akai mpc 500 comes with some pretty good stock sounds, nothing I would throw away but nothing I would use for all of my production. The sounds are good but please do consider getting your sound by purchasing them or creating them yourself. The A/D converters are not bad I would suggest getting a third party sampler such as a Sp303,akas950 or something with a little bit of character in it. This will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to production as well as your own sound.

In my personal opinion If you are after portability then this is a great unit if you are after more features then the mpc 1000 would be a better option. The 500 unit is a really slim cut version of the 1000 and you can't install JJOS on it which means you will have to get use to the OS that Akai supplies which isn't so great but again that's my person opinion. Also, you can't directly record into the 500 (this is a big draw back) but again still a great machine if you are needing to creat music while you travel

yoTrakkz's review

Akai MPC500
The MPC 500 is the lower end model of the MPC brands. This 500 is ok but its nothing that I would go crazy for. For the price you are better off just saving up a little more money and getting the 1000. Because the 1000 blows the 500 out of the water. You are extremely limited with what you can and cant do on the MPC 500.


everything was extremely easy to use.


Everything with the MPC 500 was extremely easy never once had any issues with it except for the fact that it felt cheap. I don’t recommend this to anyone that uses any of the other MPC models on the market. I purchased this thinking that it was going to be for my portable mobile set up which it is very portable and mobile and you can take it anywhere its even smaller than the 1000. But its just not worth it, the screen is horrible and you can edit on board. You have to hook it to your pc or mac to do the chopping and then import that sliced parts into the 500. That’s ridiculous I don’t know why they would even come out with a model like that.


Maybe I am just bias because I have been using the MPC’s for a long time and too see them created one that is sub par like this machine is it just upsets me. But to someone that hasn’t every use the other mpc’s before this might feel special to them. It could be just what they need to take on the road with them and do some drum patterns or sampling. But if you are a MPC fan and have used other modules don’t purchase this one, it feels like a toy and will limit your creativity, leave the mpc 500 to the newbies.

EthanVanGuard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Top notch!"

Akai MPC500
- Map 128 MB compact flash: flash memory is accessed through the USB port of the MPC.
- 12 pads x 4 banks: 48 samples at your fingertips
- Sequencer with real-time quantization and overdub
- 32 CHANNELS AND deactivated reactivated -> polyphony top
- Gain input and output
- Correct timing for lees rolls
- Editable samples (pan, volume, filters and many effects for these 2 live environment can be considered but rather long because of sub-menus .... but it is possible anyway)
- Slider (a little fragile, not buggers, but used correctly no problem) with possible automation (usable on a single sample, and not all sound output, but if you have a mixer with effects (BEHRINGER XENYX - --- fx for example) can be remedied)
- OUTPUT: 2xJack Mono, Stereo Jack (phones), USB, MIDI
- INPUT: 2xJack mono, MIDI
- 128MB of RAM as an option (I have not)

A (little) damage for effects, but can be remedied: I put 8.


Welcome to MPC is a very different configuration of others!
Understand that this is a sampler with its sequencer that sequencing samples. This is the MPC philosophy. I advise you to watch (before or right after purchase) Elenelmusic tutorials on Youtube (I thank) that explain all this in a rather complete. Mine could come .......
In fact, the samples are not directly accessible. Once transferred via USB or registered, you must find them in the CFcard memory (once you've explored a bit on his computer importing, no worries) or load a program you created, ie a file that indicates which sound is where and with what modifications and the use of the slider if you have indicated.
after you sequence (one or more instruments per track) quantified in real time (génial!) and you save the sequence on the device. It will also recharge.
Then, to use the slider live, you have to put on the track sequencer sound corresponding to the slider! Hallelujah and it will work ;)

Elenel not say a lot of these things, therefore, having watched his first tutorials, I put less than two days to take control of the machine looking ONE times the manual for the EFFECTS section (and on this point there I was pretty blond because it works like the rest ^ ^)
This manual is well explained, and each operation is specified.

For those familiar with FL Studio 10 and 11 corresponds to the MPC sequencer FL without vst.

I have not tried to sequence from a keyboard in the MPC, so I do not know yet if it is possible. I will return to tell you.

Pitch perfect. 9.


The origin of the compact flash card sounds are very typical hip-hop but also cater to the techno, especially vintage. Past that, this is a sampler in which you put your own sounds and sequenced in the machine. The sampler is pretty transparent, I see still a nice little grain (haha!). The expression is pretty good: you can add nuances piano bourrinant more or less the pads, if you put "everyone at the same level and adjusted the levels in the" program ", and Panoramic Highway 10. .


Bought it a few days ago. Used for a day and a half, I returned home. Conclusion: this is exactly what I needed.
I do not lose sight that this is only a sampler, which would ideal companion groovebox (rm1x, electribe, depending on your choice .....).
This is my first sampler. OR was one, OR a roland + sp404sx a drum.
I got to 249 € including shipping so 234 without. Some are cheaper on audiofanzine, but already this price / quality ratio is excellent. I do not think I have to redo this choice, the machine is solid except for the slider and perhaps the wheel, but if necessary, I rechoisirai the same.

Here is a piece done on live. Only bass and pads (on which there is a filter) do not come from the beast. https://soundcloud.com/wangaerdt/magie-par-le-chapeau-mpc-track-free-dl

Hoping to help you in your choice
Ethan Van Guard.

eponim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The Real MPC Fly"

Akai MPC500
Side characteristics, everything has already been said.
Refer to previous opinions

Edit: Compact Flash up to 2TB with the latest OS 1.31 as on MPC1000

On mine I have a compact flash 16gb + 128Mb ram + rechargeable batteries.


The configuration is very simple if you already know the MPC universe. It can become a bit more complicated if, but the manual is more than clear on the subject.
Most functions are accessible via the "Mode" button and pads. From that side, it's Akai, so either we know or are taught, but not rocket science.
A novice out a beat in 10 minutes, after reading the manual.
For an insider, 5mn enough with or without manual!


Sampler "recent" so = neutral.
The effects are not bad compared to the same Mpc see previous generation.
Must master the concept of resampling in order to maximize.
They are not great as those of ASR10 for example, but do their job properly.
Side expression, you must adjust the sensitivity of the pads from the outset as the most apès mpc and it becomes a real pleasure to deal with.


It's been 6 years since I use.
I was the happy owner of an MPC 2000XL. I kept the last 4 years and it allowed me to understand and progress in sampling, building beats, etc ....
But whenever I was pro or personal travel, I lack the machine. So I tried many software solutions, but between the power of the pc, plugins, ddr, the master controller keyboard or noon and backups, I confess that I quickly dropped the case. With this solution, I managed to make beats almost everywhere, but it was quite bulky and not very discreet. (Imagine a guy in a park in the summer, with a computer, a headset, a master keyboard and a mouse ...)
In addition, I found myself almost disabled when I was on the plane (lack of space) or at the beach. (Pc are very fond of sun and sand)
So I looked for a more interesting alternative, which was closer to my setup "home studio" and that's where I saw it.
Once in hand, I quickly realized that I had found the machine I was looking for. More options than the MPC2000XL, effects, compressor, portability, reliability, compatibility, and all in one machine. No need for additional cables or keyboard. I just headphones and a spare battery pack and I do sound for more than 8h ANYWHERE! I took him on the beach, skiing in the aircraft, train, bus, boat and despite all that, the machine responds as the first day. Most dole is that the machine has made me grow to such an extent, that I sold my MPC2500 MPC2000XL to take, because I was too limited. Yes, you can leave the Boombap mpc2000/xl style with MPC500 is precisely the great advantage of this mpc unlike the MPC1000, where he will have to work a little more with an external Daw, to have that kind of sounds . No need with the mpc 500 is original :)

Nevertheless, the MPC500 is not perfect and the fact Akai has not worked more on the OS may frustrate some. But I think everything is a matter of need. In my case, being a user already initiated world MPC, the MPC500 is nothing but a "portable" extension of my home studio. It allows me to compose and put my ideas, tweaking the drums, or make a beat from A to Z. Once I'm back home, I just take out the tracks or rework all on MPC2500.
For cons, I do not really advice to a novice for the simple reason that it is not really intuitive compared to its big sisters. The screen size may discourage some and the fact of not seeing the waveforms too. We must learn to use the ressampling to apply multiple effects, and this notion can disrupt novices.
In my case, I find these limitations rather advantageous as they allow to focus primarily on the sound. (As in the old type SP1200 samplers or ASR10 with a cut ear)
Moreover, the machine is made satisfactory and can move very quickly. Besides this is THE single machine so prods A to Z without being electrically connected. For me, it is an indispensable machine for any hiphop producer who wants to have a home studio laptop, provided you like working hardware.
Edit: I wanted switched to a studio mpc / fly...mais quality Akai software as well as the fact of not being able to spend on pc this type of machine, quickly made me turn back. Indeed, although the idea is good. The fact of having to lug around in a park, the beach or train with mpc and ipad / pc does not reassure me.
With my MPC500, the advantage is that most outsiders do not know what it is. So I can get where I want and compose without disturbing not a kid or curious. Worse, it even got me to forget the train without anyone pays attention. I do not think that this will come with an iPad and an MPC "blingbling" or Fly Studio.

Elenel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The must have to start"

Akai MPC500
I have since the beginning of November 2012
The connection is really sufficient to begin, the effects are very useful but a bit limited, I use it for hip hop / boom bap but you can do anything with this beast p'tite, the USB cable is really cool for live rock samples on the card (which the original is too small, it has quickly narrow)
Worse it's tough, j'lai put in my bag to go to school, traveling several times, it has been very cold ... Impeccable, it runs like new yet it is a second hand.
€ 30 to keep thinking to buy the extension of RAM, it happens on some beats that follow my MPC more, it cuts the sample coarse tros and let others think also has a high-capacity card, I'm already has the narrow, yet I remove the beats once posted ...

2nd hand and I just wheel that has the game but works impeccable ...


The menus are really fucking despite the two lines of the screen, only after we spent a sleepless night on the manual that it is better to have. Now that I know well, I beat my shapes tit for tat, all functions can be quickly accessed and live is simple with the use Track mute you can do anything. The manual is at the top, I just learned that, never one video tutorial on youtube. Step edit modes, but must be understood after it is powerful to add or reposition the drums etc ... Mode seq. edit as it is super convenient to copy several steps (no need of any type, just a hop and measurement, copiable infinity, transposition of midi notes, timing correction on the extent to swing, Velocity, time .. .)
Custom workflow in akai MPC, I am a fan, it&#39;s like: hop I take my sample, I load on a pad, I set the BPM and the pitch, I&#39;m running in a loop, I go to my folder drums, I look at what goes well with prefetching thanks, I hop the load a little layering, dépitchage, and I put my drums, "shit j&#39;me Gouré&#39;m in the swing," hop undo button just to the snare ... It&#39;s just a pleasure. To sampler is cool too! Although ergonomically, with automatic start has a programmable threshold. By Chopper cons for the sample does not even think about, no waveform that figures so trim, well to standardize and trim the beginning and the end and ESPECIALLY for Timestretch (Gem <3)
So for a sample chopper 2000XL way ----> MPC Maid! Utility (engineering)
For mobile use, j&#39;lai done once with batteries half empty, it&#39;s not required 10min then see if the block has 4h batteries are feasible.


For what I do is, frankly, well, what ideal. Velocity is good, really. After the pads, when I received j&#39;me myself, "Damn this is the concrete below, it is very soft or plastic?" And in fact you quickly understand that something is too soft, it&#39;s soft beats and then with the FULL LEVEL function, the sensibility that sensitive you can type with a pen. Have to think about turning the original sounds on the card and the internal memory after testing quickly, take it to the place. After that, hey, this is a recent akai, do not expect out of pure BOOM BAP BAP BOBOOM as a 2000XL or 60mkII, so the kick is pouet the entrance, he pouet the output ... No grain, if you want a potato, keep 700balles and take a 2000XL S950 with full options ...
If not for the "fake" grain, you can cheat, VST rested on the internet, low pass, detune, grunger: nice distortion effect but rather according to the random sample.
But it is only that, it will never really sound like the first, Pete Rock, Damu, Muggs and RZA ....
The preset EQ master basic is good! I always use it with my little mods


I want to clarify that I base my opinion on mine I got a 180 €, at this price it is a quality / price ratio of crazy! For 380dolls I would have been less enthusiastic ... If you find a price not cool, check the PDM, it is always that.

I use it for two months now and I thoroughly exploits, so to start at MPC is based, this is my first and I was already dreaming of 1000 or 2500se ...
It is perfect to start the beatmaking ALL STYLES TOTAL.
The possibilities are almost endless! I personally weigh the samples from the computer, I do my beat, mix. And then I do the mastering on a computer! Then you have the impression to have a machine to do everything under the fingers, a real instrument. Before I was on fruity loops and it is true that the possibilities are downright better, but it&#39;s boring s&#39;que click all the time! The machine then you take your what you play! For nothing in the world I go in FL (Except one or Akai MPD36 renaissance ^ ^)

The +:
Perfect for start-level MPC
Akai MPC-Usability made
Akai-Pads inflexible as bourrinage
-Do not let go soon
Memory Cards-reliable, robust and up to 2GB
-Cheap (had j&#39;lai 180 in Cygnus, nose all over the net, because for 300 €, go to maschine ...)
-Everything is possible with this

The -:
Ram-option (clips from Big akai)
Screen-small (but super well done, tough)
No-chop just because of the screen
-12 Pads rectangular, has a little cramped but adequate

If you want to start in beatmaking, painting the TOP is the ultimate weapon to start! But not above 250 € ...
on the other hand after a moment should not stagnate and move on to the next level!

Merluche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's good but it is long!"

Akai MPC500
Audio / Midi
Some built-in effects
This is a sampler while the number of sounds ... ben all you want!
MPC Maid handy utility!


Simple, I know not, be sure to read the manual which is pretty much done.

Many menus, submenus, small tips, tricks and lots of parameter to be set individually for each pad ... Too bad we can not make broader parameters ...

Although accessible on the other hand "mode" key number pad and screen printing with ptite above!

But hey, that's where we train ... Lil screen, and still be config config import ... I still advises Maid MPC in terms of the transfer with the PC ..


Yeah, I sound gets off the well.
It sounds cool, hip hop, to dub it does it well too.
After that of course depends on what he puts in, "a bass that is plop plop plop plop will exit", there is no magic!

Velocity is excellent (MPC pads) but I use it often in "12 levels" where everything is played back.

Average effects .... Galley and manage cursor to move ... I fouled a little on the effects of automation but it must be good for someone of patient ...


For 3 years she has been a year almost to the closet, the day I bought myself a good computer ...

But I the spring to play drums and send his little guts!
With this bike, be patient, choose the sample we want him back in, set everything up ... Geekage assured but once configured properly for live manages it!

I often pollutes the forums wanting to use it as a loopstation, ie in samplant on the fly ... I got the idea that the beast was unable ...
I plan to use in south soon with a Miniak of the same brand.
Here it should do so for synth lines sampled on the fly!

I do it again this choice or when the sisters of the top (1000, 2500) that look more ergonomic (screen, more pads ...)

Very good bike, good sound, is not. Then it's a pleasure to bourriner Akai these pads that really are not junk!

bayesikim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not to my taste"

Akai MPC500
See reviews for other specifications.


A real headache programming. Cest only through Youtube .... and RIOSBEATS (Big Up) have argued that jai -
Basically I was wrong in thinking that I could use it to use so-called 'live'.
The manual reads like a scientific journal! LOL!


The samples are entered by the user. The reproductions are accurate.
The effects it will unfortunately not easy to handle in real time.


For studio use cest perfect .... and possibly capture spontaneous rhythms thanks to its portability.

I'm sold after three months of use / headlock!
circus prod05/22/2011

circus prod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my son too expensive"

Akai MPC500
minimum connection 'output and stereo input) MIDI In and Out
section mean effect but complete (delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, distortion, auto-pan ...)
good sequencer, stable
128 mb of ram and plyPhon 32 votes enough to make the old boom bap


it is easy to use, suitable for a beginner in my opinion
the manual is well done and if we want to know more there is a book in English on mpc forum detailing all you can do with
lacks a built-in function chop chop (I use the slicer on wavesurgeon computer to compensate for that) although chopper to the ear is not impossible and there are 4 pads, which have functions to help them (play all, play loop , to play, play from)


the sound is fairly neutral, not its strong point but I find it not bad for a small sampler and a sampler mpc done to the vinyl for the grain!
the pads are velocity sensitive and quality even if there are only 12!


I use it for almost 4 years and it is sturdy, just the cursor that is a little less sensitive than at the beginning
I used the MPC 2000 (XL), the mpc 1000 and Ensoniq asr x pro is that it is less safe to use kiffa Because the surface is less impressive but has any of a high level feature!
j'la see € to 370 in some stores now J'lui not really see the competitors in this price range!