Akai MPC5000
Akai MPC5000

MPC5000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai in the MPC series.

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All user reviews for the Akai MPC5000

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 16 reviews )
 10 reviews63 %
 5 reviews31 %
 1 user review6 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent

angelie's review"all round equipment "

Akai MPC5000
Bought this unit after a testdrive for weeks. It may have the name and purpose as a drum machine / sampler but it is much much more.

This unit replaces my apple when i'm on the road. It will be my recorder, sequencer,sampler and editor.

At home i use it in combination with standard studio gear and will be my background vocals, second voice, backup recorder and non destructive dubber.

I also took a good look at the " music production Controller" but you still in need of a computer which for me is a big Downside.

The positive side is that it is not only a drum machine like everybody is saying. It is much more. It is everything you need if you don't have a studio with equipment. it can handle everything from idea till the cd release which this machine can do too.

Downside for me personally are the buildin effects. They are acceptable but not excellent and i realy miss some effects in the audio editor but i can work arround those limitations.
Another downside is the fact that the harddrive recorder option is stereo only and not a direct 8 track. But hey, you can't expect everything in a machine that has so much to offer already.

cececece93's review"It's great, but AKAI could do much better in terms of the OS"

Akai MPC5000
Everything has been already said about this product

The left part with all the faders and knobs is perfect.

It simplifies things in relation to the 1000 I had before!

The 8 separate outputs are perfect, too, to be able to export a project in 1 or 2 turns...it's very practical.

However, you'll need a soundcard with plenty of audio inputs, otherwise you'll have to do it again track by track manually!


It's not bad in terms of use.

I hate a bug that ends up making you crazy in the long run, especially when slicing a sample, a part that is very poorly achieved.

I run JJ OS on my mp1000, they could've done a better job at this!

A new OS or OS JJ is needed!

Otherwise, it has all the basics of an mpc, and I love it for that!! I LOVE IT!!


It doesn't add any coloration. Forget about all the sounds with lots of lows like the ASR 10, the mpc 3000, etc ...

But, at the same time, you have enough tools to give sound your personal touch...

So this aspect is not that annoying.

I use very little the analog synth inside, so I can't tell you much about it.


2 or 3 years.

Perfect hardware, but AKAI seems to be mocking us with this shitty OS!!

Especially when you see its current street price! And this guys can't even make a software worthy of the name...

It's like having windows!

logikone13's review"A must-have"

Akai MPC5000
Sampler/sequencer/synthesizer, it's a comprehensive machine that can handle a complete production by itself.
Comprehensive and reliable connection options, I plug all my synths into it to sequence them.

I recommend it to people looking for a compact and all-purpose machine!


It couldn't be easier to use!
The mpc feeling and workflow par excellence!
The big, readable screen is a + in relation to other mpcs!


It's a sampler, so.................
You input blue and it comes out blue...the converters are very (too?) transparent, it's really faithful to the audio signal all the way to the end.

It has plenty of effects, some of them are good and some others are bad, there's something for everyone.


I've been using it for 1.5 years and I have never had the slightest problem with it.
It is really sturdy and reliable, no bugs, no problems in terms of connections.

I've had an mpc 3000, an sp 12 turbo and an s950, but I only kept this one!
The workflow of an mpc but with all modern advantages (no diskettes, comfortable screen, internal hard drive, usb, faster loading...... ).

If you are hesitating between a 3000 or a 2000xl, the 5000 doesn't have a particular character, granted, but its modernity will make you quickly forget the pleasure of sampling with its older siblings.

AlanForPresident's review"used for my drum patterns"

Akai MPC5000
The MPC 5000 is a premier machine for anyone looking to lay down some drums! Or you can use it as a sampler as well. The Mpc 5000 has everything you need to sequence your tracks and you can even lay them out in “song” mode. Which is basically like doing them in your play list in a program like fl studio. Though I have never completed a full song in my mpc 5000, just because I think its easy to track out your song and mix it in pro tools, but you can still complete a whole song if you want.


I use the MPC by its self, I don’t have any other instruments going into it, so I didn’t have to worry about setting anything like that up. I just record using the outs and take them into my audio interface to record the sequences then start the mixing from there. I hate manuals so I never read it. I looks like a thick book!


It sounds great, MPC’s have been around for years and this one is probably one of the best ones because it has just what you need and the sound of the original MPC 2000. One good thing about the sound of the 5000 is that it keeps that old school sound that I love!


The MPC 5000 is great, you can even purchase different color pads. I purchased the red pads online and customized my MPC 5000 to how I like it. Also, the mpc 5000 has a lot more effects than the other models. The price tag on the 5000 is pretty is really up there. But its well worth the money you will spend. If you cant afford the 5000 check into the 1000 or try to get a 2000 if you can find someone that is selling them because MPC doesn’t make them anymore. But I say save up for this one!

yoTrakkz's review"This is a monster..."

Akai MPC5000
The Mpc 5000 is the hands down best sequencer and drum application yet. If you are new to the MPC this piece of equipment will look like a spaceship to you at first. You will definitely need to pull out that manual and start reading. The manual is very clear and easy to navigate, but it will still take you some time to get to know the flow of the MPC.


If you aren’t new to the MPC models you will dive right in and start going to work. A lot of similarities with this MPC and previous models. This one just stands out a little more than the 4000. Mainly because of the upgraded operating system. The MPC 5000 has enough midi ins and outs along with audio ins and outs to power and be the main center point of your studio. I have used the MPC 5000 as the brain of my whole setup. You can edit midi notes with a breeze, and the sequencing on the MPC 5000 is as good as it gets. The sequencing is basically automated, you can do it in all time including swing.


The MPC5000 has a synth creator similar to what the 4000 has, so if you don’t have any synths in your setup the MPC 5000 will help you with that too. The MPC 5000 has a great sample rate and that nice good clean sound. You can mix your whole song right on the MPC screen if you wish. It will be a tough task though, especially if you are use to doing it on software. You can control the pad sensitivy as well.


Overall the MPC 5000 is the way to go, it’s a bit pricey but its worth it. Sounds great and it is a powerhouse. It’s a must have if you are a hip hop sampler/ producer.

johnfaustus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" OUi, but ..."

Akai MPC5000
characteristics? you have them in 'News' this product
Very attractive on paper, complete MPC +
4 FX buses 2, a synth VA, record direct to disk, sampling / sample edition of a sequencer to concrete fact of the renowned MPC etc ....
no editor on computer, just a USB connection to transfer data on the HDD


Simple config?
for a user to MPC relatively yes (some notable changes compared to the 2000 I had before but familiar ground)
for anyone who discovers it is the gas plant is clear! RTFM seems like the other! ;)
The manual is clear enough I think yeah
the architecture of the Bécanne logical and relatively easy access, shift + PAD X to access the various menus
the backlit display and top qd we know those other mpc
however, its use is hampered by small bugs couraging enough in the long
I'll come back in conclusion


by sampling the sound is played as it is, he can be accused of lacking character but I do not complain
pads meet the finger and the eye! to see in the long run but for now no testicle for almost 3 years on this
VA synth wrong, I'm not a synth expert but you can make good ground and the other lead, with qq fx ass it gets interesting! we may regret the absence of automation parameters

Weak point for racing pots which are staggered by integers have the impression of hearing each level
for patch sentence, the tunes of samples, and the filter sucks ...

Filters are passable, quite garish and digital, with dosing fingering (z'auraient able to do less but to integrate a kind of MFC42, we can always dream ....)

FX, there's drinking and eating ....
I like the delays and distos, good enough for me
reverb, compressor blah ....
those modulation (chorus, phaser, flanger, trmolo ...) are very muffled, no way to go in extreme settings and tweak sound like a pig,,, little deception so ...
filter sweep of interesting, as well as other or the decimator freq. shifter

Unfortunately these FX are subject to qq bugs, I'll come back at the end ...


I almost 3 years
I've tasted a lot of groove machine / BAR / synth + of 10 years since

what I like +?
MPC workflow, which I find really hell
complete machine in the studio or live it enough (almost) to itself (I use cubase for premastering)

the -:
for a machine to 2000 balls at its output, there's a lot of stuff that bothers me ...:
hard part:
it's not top reliability,,, there's a bunch of DD who dropped apparently mine pedal in the semolina very often and I feel he will let go at any time! (My obsession ...)
I had to change the motherboard and I am not alone in this .... (the machine was barely 3 years + without leaving the studio ...)
soft part:
I knew that os2 and I imagine how it would not even be the one with the toils! XD
a lot of small bugs long enough couraging to the case c ° + * ille: knobs that déassignent (force off / on again)
backups eat up half if we do not 'save Entire memory' (rather super sucks if you bump a prod that puts a heavy leaden to save)
note lengths which, if they impinge on each other, are reduced to 0 during save / load
impossible to seal a midi file
the machine randomly freeze when too many FX
no automation on the keyboard (except cutoff / reso)
there are many others ... peel the forums ...
damage, without it it would be killing
So despite all this mpc is a good machine, in the studio, because if bugs live, hello anguish!
it really gives me a sense of unfinished work and bungled from akai who have made an update to the bone and went whip other cats ...

with the experience I do not think I would do this choice ...
I would opt instead for a bone JJ + 2500 rack synth
I keep it anyway, hoping one day JJ OS!
Dj furtif05/25/2012

Dj furtif's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the bomb the mpc 5000"

Akai MPC5000
twelve o'clock perfect connectivity, possibiliter to use the mpc as control surface with reason5 is the perfect duo

for me the effect section is very good for my scratches and the songs.
the sequencer is very intuitive and very easy to use and is a formidable power


the configuration is complete, the function sontres available after having read the manual which is in English, with very big bone possibiliter 2


sampling is very good and very powerful for me I use it with 64 mb of memory and power is that despite formidable


I use it for a three months, what I like most is the sequencer and the part samplingle value for money is very good firm against the power of the machine.

mpcstef's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "I love it" must have it in his studio :)"

Akai MPC5000
all inputs and outputs is needed .....
nothing is missing.
my virus is connected in spdif and I sample everything by them, even vsti coming out of my pc virus, no audio dropouts, the top .......

effects. are very good, in-house processing and more, so direct.et tempo sync

the sequencer. I use it for all my songs, I is not on pc, timing is great!!!


the grip is quite complex, but at the same time it is a machine in the studio, and it is very complete ... I love it :) :) !!!!
it is not ready to get tired, unlike other machines.
big screen readable, internal synth, effects, and highly efficient compressor ...........


sounds impeccable ......... normal sampling requires .... converters are excellent and the invoice is rendered simply impeccable.
Of course the cables used must beings of good qualities .....
the pads are the best of all mpc. reactivity, pressure and speed of return.
in addition I used midi control surface.
4 + 8 sliders knobs, MIDI tracks assigned to several different
I leave you the pleasure of calculating the number of live controllers that you can operate by simply changing the track ......


difficult to handle, but when we know all the mpc is direct and fluid.

attention anyway to those who have made all their previous projects on the mpc 1000 or 2500, because if you use the jjosxl, projects are not compatible with the mpc 5000.
So station!!
otherwise two years that I have, and I would not change it for anything ......
in two words: timeless and collector ...................

Webmusicprod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE mpc!"

Akai MPC5000
Full connectivity:

10 out, MIDI 2in/4out, optical output, etc..

Good effects section, I have not yet tested all.

For sound, this sampler is a neutral, it's clean. The synth is interesting for the low in my case, it is editable but I is not yet fully identified.

The sequencer is tops in the genre. I would say that the workflow is more intuitive than on computer music. It is very quick to take control even for a novice (Rec + Play and hop).


The configuration is done well asse. I do not notice the paper and pdf FR me drunk one can read while I'm doing without.

Everything is at hand, the hearts.


The sound may suit me, it's a sampler, the rendering is faithful nothing to say.

Reason dynamics paled and all I've done on computer, it's potato showman!

The effect section looks to me much more effective than on MPC 2000XL (which is more on the latter option). I have not exploited all but for me they may be useful (unlike those of the 2000XL to 400 balls option).


I have this beast now for 2 weeks. I used a previously 2000XL all option. Ba big difference here is not to procrastinate. I am of computer music for 13 years and I always had the galleys on PC, I switched to Apple's much less of a crash but a workflow that fills me with the mouse and all the sound card config etc.. One day I bought one that was using MPC2000XL for Reason sequencer and sampler incidentally. And now here I am in possession of 5000 and I think she does not leave any time soon. I'm waiting to see the rebirth MPC because I'm very skeptical.

For comparison the MPC2000XL know that its output was worth the price of 5000 today.

In the 2000XL home: no separate outputs, no effect, 4 MB of memory, no flash memory, floppy disk media and many others probably.

In 5000: Only the RAM and the combo CD / R are optional.

So to all the detractors of this bike I do not see what you reproach him! Ok it bug from time to time (very rarely and nothing nasty). For the groove I can not see impairments in comparison with the sound of 60/3000/2000/etc. For sound, it is not cold but true! If you find an S900 for 12bit put him in the stomach it becomes the most comprehensive tools to make the instrumental Rap / Hiphop. The synth is not a Nordlead but it's frankly cool to shape with a low fat well. Ok then it costs € 1500 New in the 90s but I was drooling on the 2000XL with no option then I say that the MPC5000 is the most successful. HDD, CF reader, 64 MB RAM, 10 out, optical out, etc. ........

10,000 francs it was not even the price of an Ensoniq EPS16 (15 000 Fr without oprtion). And for having the test, it looks ok but honestly grain level of tear fluid taf!! Like on Roland W30: great sound but sequencer for NASA engineer. And these gas 15/20kg weigh in! this is not the stuff with you to take joy in rehearsing and studio.

Last thing: I know that Akai does not rework the OS to make us a 3.0 then give the source code to JJ!! Please!!

madmike93's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A true beast of Prod"

Akai MPC5000
8 outputs for my export practices
2 mono inputs (mic and line)


Grip similar to the old


Fart sounds


Nothing is more effective! AKAI THANKS AGAIN