Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
Sibelius Sibelius 3.x

Sibelius 3.x, Score writing software from Sibelius.

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All user reviews for the Sibelius Sibelius 3.x

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Value For Money : Poor
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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
We put the CD in the PC, and all done without problem.
The manual and trs pais, well explained with many examples available on the CD to learn how to manipulate the software, frankly, bravo!


I have a PIV 3.4 GHz with 2 GB of ram, so obviously it works ...


I use it for a few weeks and I like the ease of writing, layout possibilities for arrangements, etc.. Etc..
I have worked with trs long again, which I loved the ease of use, but even when silent rev limit. Then I pass a short time on the final, which I loved but which ignores the possibility difficult to use.
With Sibelius, you have the best of both worlds.
The report price is not exeptional quality, except when, like me, you are in collge music teacher and that is half the price!
Exprience with, of course I ever did this choice, there is another alternative, which is too complicated Finale.

john00's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
The installation was without problem. I had a little trouble with kontakt gold (we must respect what is said in the instructions and do not install kontakt silver. We install kontakt gold and then they ask us the cd that will install Sibelius him m I kontakt silver)

No incompatibility.

Configuration gnrale clear.

Notice: norm! It's a bit dcourageant, but fortunately, Sibelius is so intuitive that I use without using the manual mostly.


I have a pentium 4 2.4 Ghz with 1GB Ram rcemment, 80 GB hard drive. And yet, if I run a partition with 16 gates rverbration, a saccade. on the other hand, without rverbration, it must be 1GB of RAM and the software runs without any problem. With 80 GB, 45 GB used with dj, a paddle at times. It was enough that I empty some of my hard drive so that Sibelius no longer crashes. Be careful to pc with a drive smaller than today.

on the other hand, those who have 256 MB or 512 MB of RAM, 1GB go, otherwise, has not load all the sounds and plant.

The hardware configuration + software is stable, it is ttonner a bit to find the right lag, especially if you have a 3 year old pc like mine, but is fast enough.


I use it for about 2-3 weeks.

I think I like everything in Sibelius. Except that sometimes, for the polyphony is a bit broken up, if we start with the two voices and want to add the one we galre a little bit, but frankly, I am extreme extremely happy, really, for me is the software you have to go fast and sound quality (except the violin solo, Finale 2005 is better here, fortunately we can combine with Sibelius Garritan Orchestra for Personnal sounds great conductor)

Sibelius is convenient, fast and intuitive. Ideal.

Finale 2005, compared to him, is just as effective but much more technical. Galre to swap it over doorways to get the notes (for example, to transform a black tip white, just to set the black point and press the pav numrique corresponding with Sibelius. It deletes the following note. With the final, you have to first delete the following note and then we can transform the black tip white. It can not but stepfather Eventually, it breaks trs-foot), it is necessary to memorize all the shortcuts to the notes (whereas with Sibelius, the pav numrique as listed, no need to mmorisation).

With Finale 2005, I work a lot with the mouse, with Sibelius, many with the keyboard (since most intuitive keyboard shortcuts).

Both are software professionals, made it possible to obtain flawless and sounds good, but Sibelius can work faster and more intuitive Manir.

I could buy the software both in the field of Education, so a price infrieur that found around (700) and that I find outrageous. However, even if I had to pay 700, if one intends to make the composition, the software purchase.

In the end, if I had the choice again, I do it again because it does not go a day without whom I thank the developers of Sibelius that have not usurped their reputable when they say "we like to say that with Sibelius, it is 1% perspiration and 99% inspiration "

fifa2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
No problem, both Mac and PC


This version is stable trs. Rglage attention to "smoothing" which in fact makes the display blurry when it is high (rglage default) I thought for a moment a bug but no, just put zero-and everything is perfectly clear
The display is rafraichissemnt trs REALLY fast, it's a pleasure to work with and to walk around the score ...


This software is fantastic, unfortunately too little known face the juggernaut Final .... I bought it in 2004 version because, as I teach computer music I be aware of what is done but no 'There is no picture on the Sibelius is really friendly ... trs developed, full of keyboard shortcuts that save time normment ... The only weak point, the price, high .. ..
The suite of software for learning music is a true Russianness ...

Coquelicot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
The software installation is done without any problem.
The installation package also proposes to install the Kontakt Player Silver Native Instruments, Sibelius Scrotch for the online edition and a version of Neuronal Allgemeine Photoscore for automatic partition via scanner.

L o I had some difficulty is to spend at Kontack Kontkt Silver Gold. It must indeed first and then install the deuxime. Then go silbelius To unload the kontakt silver (otherwise it puts us incompatibility message and restart Sibelius Ractive kontack the player (gold this time).

Well, we will not quibble, Sibelius is installed spend more ...


On a PC PIV 2.8 with 1024 MB RAM you can imagine that I had no problem of slowing down.
At sound card, I'm just at the moment of my Sound Blaster Audigy 1.
Sibelius is used without problem in my soundfonts but the interest is through the kontakt player gold for Native Instruments sound more couraging.
No problem of stability either.


I use Sibelius 3 for about 8 months (I use Sibelius since version 2) and I must admit that editing software scores the most friendly I have ever given to t use. I tried Finale (all versions since 2000) but I soon realized I had no time to lose with this software inadequate formatting partitions.
In short, the strengths:

- User-friendly interface, it stays there for hours without losing time.
- Many examples of pre-created partiton, tablatures, big band, symphony orchestra, quartet ...
- Assistant of new partitions, layout, type of caratres, measurement, anachrouse, Tone Tempo ...
- Reading raliste (dynamics, slowed down, again, da capo coda ...)
- Edit faster with the same shortcuts in a text editor (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. ..)
- Quickly insert notes thanks to the keypad which takes the form known numrique pav on your keyboard.
- All basic actions available on a right mouse click, time signature tonality, chord grid, a symbol of edition, measure, bar line, text, triplet, changing the type of door. ..
- For the orchestral parts, Sibelius transposes transposing intruments automatically.
- Extraction of APRS parts spares the main driver.
- Wav file recording (using the kontakt player)
- A SERIES of plugins for complete analysis, using the composition, laconvertion Finale file, finger automatic instruments.
- The automatic layout of the doors along the page, a rgal!
- Processing and editing of tablatures for guitar, bass, lute, madoline ...
- Color Management for any element of the partition.
- ...

- The prices, dear!
- No official translation.
I must admit that this last point of me, so I spent a few weeks to translate this great software in French, if your interesss, contact me!

pilou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sibelius Sibelius 3.x
The installation is without problems. You can install the software separately in itself and other applications such as Kontact sampler of native or image score.
At config no problem to my knowledge.


Sibelius 3 is running on athlon 900 Mhz 128 MB without problem


Used since its release, already adept since version 1.1.
the inteface is much nicer, the sampler is a native of better, but all instruments are not represented.
some bugs in version 2 are corrected.
very very intuitive and easy to access.
writing, the layout is facilitated by a large number of shortcuts.
a brief attempt