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  • 7 Ways to Maximize Your Online Music Sales

    7 Ways to Maximize Your Online Music Sales - How to set yourself up to sell more music online


    If you want to earn money from your music online, you stand to make a lot more profit through sales at iTunes, Amazon or another digital retail outlet than through streaming at services like Spotify or Apple Music. Just ask Adele, who completely withheld her new album "25" from streaming services in order to focus the attention on sales, and has h…

  • Get the Most from Your Album Release

    Get the Most from Your Album Release - A step-by-step plan for maximizing exposure when you release your album


    Today, it's easy to get your music distributed. But if you want to maximize your promotion, it helps to put together a timeline and plan your release. Promotion is time-sensitive, but if you can coordinate the press, new media, and social media, you'll be able to time your coverage to hit all at once. This combined exposure can build buzz that may…

  • Tread Carefully on Craigslist

    Tread Carefully on Craigslist - A guide to selling your gear online — part 3


    Compared to eBay, Craigslist is like the Wild West. Whereas the former is governed by strict rules and regulations, Craigslist is basically a free for all. It offers you the opportunity to sell in your local area, with little or no expense. However, it also opens you up to a number of potential problems that you wouldn’t have on eBay.

  • eBay Selling Tips for Musicians

    eBay Selling Tips for Musicians - A guide to selling your gear online — part 2


    In the first installment of this series, we talked about the relative advantages and disadvantages of sites like eBay and Craigslist for selling your gear online. This time around, we’ll focus on eBay, and offer tips for how to sell more successfully on the massive online auction site.

  • Which Site is Best for Selling Gear?

    Which Site is Best for Selling Gear? - A guide to selling your gear online — part 1


    If you’re a home recordist or a performing musician, chances are you have gear you want to sell. Perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading to something better, or you have extra hardware or instruments that you’re not using. Thanks to the Internet, your chances of finding a buyer are very good. The two most prominent sites for selling are eBay and Crai…

  • The Art of the Deal

    The Art of the Deal - Negotiating tips for when you're offered freelance mixing or session work


    If you’re skilled on your instrument or have developed strong mixing or other engineering skills, you may find yourself offered freelance work at some point. When that happens, it’s important to know what to ask for, how to structure the job so you’re not overworked, and how to deal with the logistics of payment.

  • Carmen Rizzo on the Post-Apocalyptic Music Business, Film Scoring, iPad Music and More

    Carmen Rizzo on the Post-Apocalyptic Music Business, Fi… - L.A. Renaissance Man


    Talk about multi-talented: L.A.-based Carmen Rizzo is a two-time Grammy-nominated producer/artist/electronic musician and composer whose credits include Seal, Coldplay, Paul Oakenfold and Ryuichi Sakamato, among many others. He's released 6 solo albums; writes scores for films, video games and TV; has produced numerous artists; and is also the U.S…

  • How to Write a Biography

    How to Write a Biography - Writing a Biography for an Artist or a Band


    It certainly shouldn't be your intention to pen a book dedicated to a celebrity, but rather to write a document for your Press Kit that can help journalists get to know you better as an artist or band.

  • How to make a Press Book / Press Kit

    How to make a Press Book / Press Kit - Recommendations for promoting your music


    You’ve recorded your album; you’re ready to get it out to the public. The best way to do this is to contact the newspapers, magazines and blogs specializing in your type of music until one of them becomes interested enough to do an interview and/or a CD review. He/she will be much more inclined to do so if you facilitate the work for him/her. Ho…

  • Marketing 101 for Musicians

    Marketing 101 for Musicians - How to Sell Your Music


    You've recorded and produced your killer single. Now comes the really tough part: selling the drama. Here we will recap and add some steps in order to implement your marketing plan- putting it all together, and managing your time and resources for optimal efficiency.