Gibson Angus Young SG
Gibson Angus Young SG

Angus Young SG, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Angus Young SG

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
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bluemoon02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent sg"

Gibson Angus Young SG
everything has been said, emphasize all the same type slim handle 68 fine and fast. bought new in March 2014, its aged cherry color dress is the most beautiful effect.


the grip is nice, the guitar is light and well balanced, standing or sitting it does not sting the nose.
the handle end and a little narrower (more than my fender) on the first boxes requires time adaptation even for my small hands. the nitro lacquer grip somewhat, it seems this is normal, it is necessary that the instrument aging and patina.
its microphones, classic 57 in the neck and angus young signature bridge, give it power, sustain and precision. the volume and tone knobs are effective and portend a rich and relatively varied sound palette. simply plug into an all-tube amp and magic immediately.


Contrary to popular belief this instrument is not confined solely directory guy who affixed his initials, I chose it for its quality of violin, ergonomics and micro classic 57 in the neck position. I play mostly blues and classic rock.

connected to a vox ac30cc1 a jtm60 marshall or even a fender blues junior, the sound is breathtaking, the micro bridge just waiting to do battle once one attack openly. its propensity to sustain and promote acute inflamed solos, she released the mix easily. lowering the tone you get a nice bluesy sound.

rhythm position selector in the middle, playing on the natural drive of the amp sounds found british guy led zeppelin, cream ... or U.S. such zztop and others ... just turn the knobs. combination of the two allows easy rhythmic-melodic playing, the agreement holds up well in the bass and lower midrange, notes played are slender and distinctly audible. all offer a nice balance and a rich sound image.

the neck pickup (my favorite) is fabulous! it is warm and round (unless a les paul though). with the tone he went to zero and fuzz sounds that remind you could hear gary moore in particular. it is susceptible to attacks and allows fine and subtle phrasing clear sound or big, fat drive.

the sound is never rough, it remains balanced and accurate in all circumstances. I use it with, besides the modulation effects, a TS808, a mxr distortion +, a little muff or a fuzz face ... I still get the blues rock sound sought.


I was the owner of a gibson les paul studio (sold quickly), gibson sg a special and various Epiphones (sheraton, les paul), I had come to despair humbuckers with which I was never really satisfied not. sg with this I made a 180 degree turn, it allows me to play in more péchus and fatter than my fender registers.

the only dark cloud on this idyllic picture such as "Luncheon on the Grass" (also known as the "square part") is ... the price! 1600 euros. must nevertheless perspective, it is certainly expensive but at this price there is a sg excellent compared with other proposed models. gibson has left many in 2014 at attractive prices but poor. the standard is slightly less expensive than angus young signed but better read the technical sheet to avoid disappointment (see microphones and materials used for the handle).

I would do this choice (to the extent possible because it is a limited edition), especially when I compare it with other models with humbuckers. her elegant gown aged cherry ending to convince me.

perfection is not of this world, I will end on a flat button on pins lightning bolt that I do not find very classes.

jiel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What happiness for 40 years!"

Gibson Angus Young SG
In fact, my SG is not the signature model Angus Young currently found, this is the REAL SG 60s with vibrato Vibrola uses such as Angus Young! Nuance!
From the serial number, and according to Gibson USA, I questioned on this point, it dates from 1967. But specialized sites will tell you that the numbering at Gibson in the late 60s was not super accurate. For my part, I believe it is 1969 already because I bought new late 69 or early 70 (I do not know precisely within a few months), and I doubt if it even happened 2 years in a warehouse. It also came with a small flyer in case celebrating the "Diamond Jubilee, 75 years of excellence Gibson." According to history, Gibson began to make Orvile its first instruments in Kalamazoo in 1894 (see Wikipedia): 1894 + 75 = 1969 ... QED?
Mine came to me at my dealer Province (he had obviously not stock) in natural finish mahogany (like Angus), while I was expecting the classic red cherry version. I do not regret, I find it even more beautiful in this version, and also a bit more rare, which is not displeasing to me afterwards.
After 40 years of loyal service, and despite a lack of maintenance guilty on my part, the guitar is still in excellent condition. Finally, when I say that, I do not account pets and other stigma attached to use little cautious.


The handle is ... how to say? ... extraordinary finesse and comfort. The action could not be lower and no frisette ... I have not measured because I do not need it for that, but it should be about 1mm or just on the treble! On any other guitar I did not find this level of action.
For game lovers super fast, it is obviously top.
Access to acute is maximal.
I chose this guitar at the time, while I hesitated between the SG or an LP Strato was particularly due to its light weight. I played ball and private parties at the time and it was not uncommon, for example weddings, having to take the stage ten hours (yes, like early 17H, 5H end of the morning, just a few breaks) and then we appreciate having a lightweight instrument.


Well, the issue, everyone knows. Of course the sound AC / DC is probably best known today, but it is also the sound of Clapton Cream era, Carlos Santana first time, etc ...
Its actually a pretty versatile which allowed me to use for variety, but gives its full potential in my opinion its crunch amp or under saturated and there's the serious fact.
To increase further this versatility, I make a mount that allows you to use each microphone is in normal humbucker or single coil or out of phase. So in total, if I'm not mistaken, 27 possible combinations!
I mostly played with a '60s Vox AC30 (sold long ago that I still regret). This is in my opinion, the ideal combination in a configuration average power, failing to have a big Marshall.


I said, I use it since 1969 or 1970!

+: The comfort of the handle
+: The action can not be lower
+: The sound, especially using saturated
+: The lightweight
+: The build quality of the time ... it does not move!

-: Uh ... I am looking for ... wait ... ah yes, the price judging by sites specializing in vintage instruments occasions (I said it is not for sale)! Clear today that I could not afford to buy it back!

lillka59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I recommend it for fans of Angus Young"

Gibson Angus Young SG
Guitar States, rather light, handle my end not a real highway speed limit for very fast, the young angus pure state, 24 frets, micro angus young easel and a microphone 57 in round ......


Handle very very pleasant end limate speed forbidden light guitar, access to acute is easy if you have my hands of masons go your way!!


It is perfect for my style of music because I play mostly acdc so it is for me and for any fans of Angus Young, a view first blues rock tone I could also agree metallers ......


I use it for one year, I try my model number it and it really suits me to play acdc, I play with a spider jam amp, so requires backing track for the solo work of Angus Young with the microphone 57 Angus Young is a marvel that I love most, what I like least is the price for 2000 euros is not cheap, my value for money is to go! ! I give 9 / 10 .......