LTD Viper-50
LTD Viper-50

Viper-50, SG-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard Viper series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Anonymous's review"ESP Viper 50"

LTD Viper-50
I bought this guitar for £280 new, a small price to pay for a ESP, a viper at that.

The Viper is solid and feels solid, and can deliver the sound that I crave.
The Vipers look is also a very metal look.

Nothing really, its perfect

The construction is solid and feels lasting.

ESP's are great quality, and the Viper is no different, it really is nicely made, but is really a metal guitar.

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D.Donkey's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

LTD Viper-50

Made in Indonesia
Channel C
24 jumbo fret (with registered VIPER 50 to the 12th box)
2 humbuckers
1 volume, 1 tonalié and a 3 position selector.
Black lacquered (ouch ouch traces and other fart!)


The handle is quite nice it explodes easily, access to acute ... well it's a SG so it's easy. After a few small defects such as unbalanced handle that as soon as the loose dips live upside down or the weight is a little heavy but I find I quibble good: P.

After its level:
Clean: Well it's not his best point, it's good but a little crunch gets worse
Crunch: And this is a good bah pti rock sound as I love AC / DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and so on.
Distortion: Bon bah like it's pretty good, metalheads will enjoy

After little personal record: Too sharp for my taste but hey it down a bit and the tone is set.
Grossomodo is built for ROCK / METAL


I ROCK / METAL ... Of course it suits me!

Bah I'm good on that VOX DA5 is my little travel or my VT40 +, my whole repertoire spends Aerosmith to ZZtop through Black Sabbath or Metallica. I have enough to make me happy.

It starts on the neck pickup sound is very fat (quite nice for solo style Sweet Child O Mine)
The bridge pickup and bah went for solo hell and frenzied rhythm
Then we put the selector in the middle for the clean sound bah .... lowering the tone for not too much that it crunch.


This guitar a huge sentimental value because it's my first electric guitar (see my first guitar for short because it is about this one that I really learned). She accompanies me for 8 years, it is with her that I did my first scenes, she never betrayed me. I do not regret my purchase, I recently rediscovered by the set (after 8 years had to anyway).
This is a great first guitar and even if others are now added to the family, I continue to use it.

The price / quality ratio is really good, I bought € 244 new and I do not regret.

It certainly is not perfect (the same 244 € new) some minor flaws but basically it allowed me to get better, the sound is good, the violin is correct everything you need to start well progress.

So for beginner guitarists who play ROCK / METAL feel free to test it!

With experience if I would do this choice? Well when I bought it, I had not tested else that I trusted to look (rookie mistake) but I was lucky because I found a good guitar. With the experience now I think I will test other before but I certainly would do this choice.

Ritonkeupon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD Viper-50
Guitar made in Indonesia, wood Agathis, Bolt 4 points - 24 frets, 2 ESP LH100 Humbuckers type microphones, Tune O Matic Bridge type, two potentiometers Volume / tone, 3-position switch.
The handle is in C, thin but wide enough, the nut is slightly thicker at the Mi Re, which facilitates the tuning down. The mechanical bath oils are Gotoh style and do not move.
The violin is finished for a guitar in this price range, I liked the handle painted the tune O matic rather clumsy, logos ESP reproduced everywhere, lacquer mirror finish, the stainless steel knobs. Plastics are against poor quality of even at the jack is plastic, therefore provide a replacement in a while. The price / quality ratio is good.


The handle: the frets are jumbos very thick. I had a hard time getting used to a good grip is needed if we play speed (24 hurdles to cross lol) by the thickness of the frets against calls for tapping solos, pulling off ... Access to acute is correct, a slight cut at the base of the handle and an asymmetrical plate facilitates access to the latest boxes.

SG asymmetrical shape makes the game, the game is nice sitting it does not fit in the ratings, by standing it in play against slumps and arm fatigue, if you move the strap lock on the tip of the dorsal horn the problem is set. This guitar is light but the weight is unevenly distributed: while on the handle.

Sound: played unplugged it sounds, it has good sustain, it's usually a good sign. Connected, we feel that the scratches are underfoot and is tailored for the heavy.


My favorite style is hardcore punk, she should quite the Satus are very good regardless of the pickup, the tone knob plays his role very well unlike other guitars even high end. Plugged directly into the Peavey Bandit 112 is at once the big sound, coupled with my pedal Marshall Shred Master, it's dementia, the sound is flawless and really do not run out of steam, it is sharp and accurate, the followers of down tuning will be satisfied because the microphones do not go on rough when we increase the bass, the bridge pickup is a real treat for solos. While it is not the EMG, but the ESP microphones are very good, which is extremely good surprise for a guitar in this range.

The clean sounds are not its strong point would be very low, but what good is his destiny? The microphone provides serious sounds correct in the clear as long we play on the tone knob is sufficient for a break or an intro from a few seconds ;-)
Splitter microphones allow a lower cost to expand the sonic palette.
The Viper is perfect, the big rock n roll to the metal. Lovers of jazz, blues, pop rock .... pass their way. This is not a versatile guitar, only lovers will rave Satus furious! So ...


I needed a guitar study and was looking for a very big sound, this guitar has crossed my path and I am very satisfied. I tried other guitars including a bit more expensive but did not have all the qualities of the viper for ~ € 250.
In addition the level of his very correct violin provides a cell for a project excelente personal to upgrade (ps locker big enough to add knobs).
She looks from hell, which does not leave indifferent and that changes the simple copy of SG. It's a choice I would do without hesitation. However it is a guitar that I would not advise anyone as it is typed and is cut to a single objective: the heavy artillery.

Guitar sold, so after almost two years of very intensive use, if one has been careful and has very neat shock. the varnish has held a few scratches but not too much, I was surprised, either the back or the blows of picks, a little bit of polish and completely disappeared. on the other hand, it has tended to disrupt most of the end (the mechanical tension lose) but hey do not forget it's a shovel € 250. However it easily cashed the strong ties: 11/52 in standard tuning, the handle did not move. I am still amazed by these capabilities. The only changes from the original were: the shielding of the cavities (cages and micro electronics) with magnetic paint and changing the wiring (cables better, thermo and a new polypropylene capacitor type), and finally the switch and jack. So with a few euros and a little elbow grease, its capabilities have really been reaffirmed. The pickups were so clearly a better response. As against the hardware seemed to be in an unknown alloy (a copper-colored ... um) may be someone knows more? Some details embarrassed me in time, a key aspect is really tired and wrinkled in a relatively short time, the shield of the electronic curled serious, I had to resize a thicker (but the investment was low). I feared for a moment the nut but it held up perfectly. So a small shovel, perfect for beginners or as in the heavy scratches study ...

darkloy13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD Viper-50
It was manufactured in China, there are 24 frets, micro is the passive type and configuration of the microphone is hh 2x humbucker. the type of tune o matic bridge is, it has a volume and a knob knob tone. the neck is maple and the body agathis. the keys are rosewood


Then the handle is super nice (I changed the ibanez I had) access to the treble of thunder (c sg shape so it's normal) it is super light but stings a little nose but hey the sound is good but I will change the microphone and put emg metal because I am so veiled


It suits me really well and as I play on an ibanez amp (I had to pack) I had the chance to test it on a marshal amp and it turns bine the viper, the sound is at all aps Crystal clear, but it suits me perfectly


I've had three days and I really like the scratches, what I like most is the handle but I like least is the mechanics, I try an eclipse of the same category, and frankly I prefer the viper for the price it is a good buy, and frankly I rachétéré no problem
Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang01/07/2007

Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD Viper-50
NB: The advice note will be based on value for money and the musical direction of this guitar.

Guitar heavy saturation so directs, to 220 euros.

Manufacturing Core

2x Humbucker gnrique

1 tone
1 volume

A mono jack (honestly?)

No tremolo

SG form in addition to dark ^ ^ (mouai j'prfre like a good old SG piphone)


Leaning forward (very boring)

Medium heavy weight (bah roo go you the girl of the big guys eh mtal ca you bitch)

SG form less well, with the sleeves so it's kind between ESP and Ibanez ... good!

CHAC to correct acute and fret are Balze, i say comes out well. ca likes it or not.

The tone and volume knobs are a bit boring by the precision of rglages c pa top because of their neutrality indicated.


Then the potato have humbucker it going.

Holds up the saturation
The clean sound is acceptable. But should not ssay to the folk with his tro ca spits and finally saturates ca ...


It is a good guitar mtal acceptable to all those who have long hair and little store fortune, (but also very talented ...?)

220 euros, that will appeal to design mtaleux ..
Buy instead of harley benton to start! ^ ^

darkaeons's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD Viper-50
Guitar-made in Indonesia
Wood-Agathis, Bolt 4 points - 24 cases, 2 ESP LH100 Humbuckers type microphones,
Bridge-type Tune O Matic 2 potentiometers Volume / tone, 3-position Switch


Channel pleasing, whatever is necessary to love the particular style of manufacture ltd / esp, mas in general this is perfect
- Access to acute lot thanks to its shape, so there is no problem for the solo
- Ergonomics standard, the guitar tends to fall on one side but with a good strap régagle no problem we should also note the weight heavy enough
- The level I was using a marshall dfx50 (low end) and a pedal metal zone boss and I got in a good and well anything too violent dug, playing mostly metal (black death) I was pretty happy its performance! It should be noted that I changed to a micro Zack Wyld emg set (one 81 and one 85) and she sent outright the block!


It should have several style of music I made with some blues! Jazz in the neck pickup clean but she spits it or the rest of the metal it is also ideal to punk Sunday!
With a marshall-down game and distortion pedal boss, a ridiculous price for a sound that goes carente!
- You can get a great distortion pedal with a good, and if possible a change in microphone! the clean is really good you get crystal-clear sound without forcing
- I love his sonoritée metal, it is really nice


I use it for a year now I have a high-end
I love especially for the price / quality ratio that is near perfection
Yes, and it overrides the lower ranges and other ibanez
I would do without this choice problem, it is ideal for beginners

.!.m.!.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD Viper-50
- I do not know where it is built
- 24 frets 2 double pickups ESP LH-100 (1 easel, 1 run)
- 2 rglages (volume, tone and a 3 position selector


The handle is quite enjoyable to meet the acute and especially super fast and super comfortable. Thanks in form C, Access in dernires freight is very easy, even for mtaleux that the guitar below the knee ^ ^. In sound, it comes out fairly easily. But the only problem on some Viper is that it is heavy and if the strap is attached to a branch of C, it slumps. There must be the height of the handle attaches. Mcanique problem with and are very easy drgles.


This guitar you pulvrise Dcibel of food when it is a distortion (for me, the Ibanez SM7), but it is not versatile. It DGIG heat worthy of ESP. The Viper 50 is used mainly for saturated riffs. I play with a Fender amp four lamps pr-amp: adgage niveua its power. APRS I test a transistor amplifier, the sound is too flat my taste. In clean mode, the sound is round, but not prcis trs trs and not crystalline. It's hard to find a guitar rglage ale clear sound. So I use this guitar to me sounds saturated.


I use it for a year. I find her physically attractive for someone who likes metal. on the other hand when I want to put myself in the good old rock, the Viper is pretty pathetic ... So I mtaleux advises. Before, I played on a Fender Stratocaster standard super expensive, with crystal clear sound, but I like the sounds heavy and nags. At quality prices, someone who loves metal and who wants to buy a good guitar not too expensive, I would recommend this Viper.
I cracked my top form thanks and APRS by its sound and APRS by its handle. inconvnient only is the clean sound.

Xander's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

LTD Viper-50
ESP LTD Viper 50
So it is manufactured in Thailand
possde it a box with a handle 24 in 12 th inlase box Maqu Viper-50
1 3 possitive switch, a volume a tone
its handle and the rythimique and for solo
it has a bridge and tailpiece gibson very useful
wood and agate


The neck is super size "c" it is painted and varnished the color of the guitar, access to the treble is good.
To have a weight that I can because the more surprised at dpart Loude my Start copy, but an APRS time we can feel it even more
I get a very good sound


it suits my type of music, it is surprisingly polivalente! thank you knob the tone
may well have a very high pitched InSIC, then its a very calm and his dark trs!
I use a 20 w Divrei PDAL a couple of home boss turbo distortion and it sounds really great!
I love the whole sounds palta what can and get out!


I use it now for 3 weeks
I like his form in dpart was not my first intr! (I would rather a copy of the gibson)
assymtrique but its shape makes it look original, I do not think it will be so much copy;)
with the exprience I will do rather than two times;) is a guitar for exelant Partre which for a down game