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All user reviews for the Oktava MK-012

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 19 reviews )
 11 reviews58 %
 7 reviews37 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

moosers's review

Oktava MK-012
The Oktava MK-102 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone with an interchangeable set of heads used for changing polar patterns. I have used it only in the recording studio, but I could see it being used for a recording a live show as well, as they work very well as overheads. The MK-102s come with a clip that is sturdy and will home up the microphone well. The only problem with these mics is that the newest Oktava models are worse than the microphones they made a few years ago.


I've been using the Oktava MK-102 small diaphragm condenser mics for about two or three years and have found them to be great mics that are useful in a number of different settings. The multiple polar pattern choices make it a versatile mic that can be used in a few different practical recording settings. I have used this microphone mostly on acoustic guitars, drum overheads and for getting just a general room sound. Since they are small diaphragm mics, they are great at picking up the high end of a sound and therefore are great for these instruments. It also works great on mandolin, banjo, and other acoustic stringed instruments. One of the best things about these microphones is how inexpensive they are. While they aren't the cheapest mics of this kind, they are cheap considering how great they sound and their overall versatility. I would compare these microphones to the Rode NT-5s as they are similar in price range. I believe that both mics are a good choice and I would recommend comparing them on your own if you are able to. While these can't match the brilliance of the Neumann KM184s, they are great sounding mics at the fraction of the cost. Oktava makes some great, inexpensive mics that are both useful to the home studio owner and professional studio owner. These are definitely worth a look!

webstersays's review

Oktava MK-012
These are small diaphragm condenser mics. They are quite commonly found in pairs, so you can do stereo recording with them. They are best suited for recording, but you could use them live if you needed maybe an overhead setup or something like that. They are cardioid pattern, so they have a good amount of off-axis rejection. Since they are condenser they are well suited to applications like drums where you need quick transient response, or violins where you need a lot of high frequency detail. Since they are small diaphragm, they are even better for these kinds of applications, because it takes less air to move the capsule. They require phantom power to operate.


I have had these for maybe 5 years in a stereo pair. I used them as drum overheads for a long time. Really, they are just kind of average microphones. They come with a pad connector, so if you are recording something very loud you can still get a usable signal. They do a pretty good job with transients, but I do wish they were a little brighter. Most things I recorded with them ended up needing some additional treble added to make them shimmer. Low frequencies were not well represented, but you wouldn't normally need them with the sources this is best suited for. They lasted a long time and were dropped many times, but sadly eventually one of them broke upon being dropped, so now I only have one. They served me pretty well for a long time though as a pretty cheap stereo pair of condensers. They were a good value for the price at the time, though now you may have better luck elsewhere. I probably would not get these again, because they were not as bright as I would have liked in a mic that is mostly suited for bright sources.
doc benway01/18/2013

doc benway's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oktava MK-012
Laminae small condenser microphone supplied with 3 heads for three interchangeable directional (omni, cardio, cardio super-), a-10db pad.
A pretty wooden box, clamp well thought, it is very pro and we love that!


I bought a pair a month ago, I compared directly to my pair of KM184. I immediately recognized the neumann, a tab qd even more fun, this slight compression and harmonics I do not know .. In any case have held up well oktava comparison, they are very clean, very good frequency response and transient. For the price, it really is correct.
Only bemol: omni capsule seemed very sharp, not jolijoli. I reessaierai.
And I discovered the site oktavamod the usa that sells heads "comparable" U67 has the pair for $ 600 ...
When Russia meets the states!
Menestrel de malheur05/04/2012

Menestrel de malheur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The heavy."

Oktava MK-012
Same lower


This micro amazed me when I got it hands the first time in 2003.
I did everything with this little gem, recorded ambiances, cymbal overheads Battery, Charleston, pianos (couple), saxophone, percussion atmosphere ... I recorded répets dees and has even been to take his bottom of the toilet.
For me his favorite is overheads, the Charleston and the sound ambiance.Une beautiful definition and a nice grain.
I agree with most previous opinions.
on the other hand I'm pretty bummed about not having that one at home, the results are more interesting couple.
That is, for me, a good quality mic through.

jacko_shi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oktava MK-012
See manufacturer website


How long you use it?
7 years of use, sound and scene model

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
few dozen static :) I also possesses some (akg c1000 and C391)
test on a trumpet in front of a mkh50 (which costs at least five times the price) he got away with the honors, despite still nursing his (big) bump in the upper midrange.

What is so special that you love the most, least?
I like the discretion of the microphone, and sound amazing ...
felted (I do not like the aggressive treble) but full of warmth.
I have 3 including a pair, I use them often live as OH and the hihat, and with a good investment, nobody complains.

I do not like having to play for varying mechanical characteristics.

How would you rate the quality / price?
These microphones were great for the price a few years ago, I think they are now a little more expensive, I hope the quality remains.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
without problems, these pickups are super endearing

cbien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's Russian ... but the good Russian."

Oktava MK-012
Condenser microphone, comes with 3 capsules (omni, cardio, hyper), a-10dB attenuator and a clamp.
Ok for voice and instruments.


Is excellent value for money, with a clear, straight.
The capsules are large enough, they cashing well.

vinsquad's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Oktava MK-012"

Oktava MK-012
Oktava MK-012


Very good mic, nothing to say! except that they are worth the KM187 for a much more reasonable budget.

manpile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" PERFECT"

Oktava MK-012
purchased (pair) taken for battery (Over Head)


I had Behringer B5, the SC450, SC140 and, EM700, and then finally Oktava!
his muffled for my taste, just enough, bought on the advice of AF not disappointed for a sub! I would do without this choice concerns

gunico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatile, very good value for money"

Oktava MK-012
It's a microphone that I use for shooting his battery: Hi-Hat, snare, toms, overheads. I'm also making his kick drum with it, but it is recommended that the microphone is not made for that and the pressure on it may damage it.
I also use it to catch surround sound indoors or outdoors.
A sound engineer of my acquaintance also uses the microphone to the sound of the saxophone.

For technology, I copied what I found on the internet on the page

"MK-012 condenser microphone is a compact, high quality, with interchangeable capsules which offer a choice of cardioid, hypercardioid or omni-directional."


I use it for over 2 years. I discovered when taking its battery, it was used on the Hi-Hat and rendering was impressive in terms of the price: I bought 2 Oktava MK-012 paired for 540 €.

I have not much experience of the sound, but in this price range, I did not find any equivalent. Previously, I used Shure mics, drum mics, 1st prize.

What I love about these pickups: versatility, great value for money. They do not provide a record of very high quality but render a warmth and grainy. We may not like.

I do it again this election without blinking, I do not think they have lost as 2 years.

piergynt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Best in its price range"

Oktava MK-012
primary use as a couple.


After several months of use and comparison with another couple SM81: This mic is quite accurate, I find it a bit bright, which brings a bit of overhead air battery. The test on an upright piano were very close to reality.
I could compare them directly with KM184, but I had a memory of this micro just bleuffant! With the Oktava, the result does not appear as daunting to me, but for the price, it's pretty incredible.

I like their size especially discreet in their rendering, stereo pair, especially on the drums (Jazz) or render it nicely cymbals, with a little reinforcement on the Kick and the CC is perfect.