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Other Machines (Snow,Foam,Bubble,Confetti) user reviews

  • Mac Mah MAC SNOW 1200D

    Mac Mah MAC SNOW 1200D - " very well"


    I use it for 3 months I have tried a snow cannon universal effect I chose this type of device and I use dmx mode I have 4 and freestyler we can set the speed at 110 dmx on the snow flakes expelled for about ten meters tank 5 liter can hold an eveni…

  • Involight SM 2000

    Involight SM 2000 - " to the top!!!"


    I tested today. and it works very well good power. delivered fly for good design. announced the weight is wrong fortunately it weighs only 33 kg without the fly. good manufacturing unbeatable value for money. …

  • ADJ (American DJ) Bubble Blast

    ADJ (American DJ) Bubble Blast - " Very nice"


    I use it for 3 years and it appeals to young and old alike. Contrary to what some say, it drags if you use the wrong products, and this is exactly the same for the quality of bubbles. The flow is correct for 200 people. She rust easily, I also pai…

  • StageTech SPF2

    StageTech SPF2 - " Product top"


    contact me for a video of this product The crazy thing …

  • Antari B-100X

    Antari B-100X - " A true machine Bulllllles"


    I just received unpacking the machine inspires confidence. The first test is concluded outside a very slight wind noise which is normal and quite bearable. From the production side of the bubble I would not say "bubble machine" but "gun bubble" f…

  • StageTech SPF2

    StageTech SPF2 - " Workhorse"


    I came across a machine HS at low cost on an ad, already knowing in advance that in case I get a fix, I can not work "fine" with. The advantage is that parts are available at Stagetech matéclair, the repair was easy. In functioning well, it's t…

  • Chauvet B 250

    Chauvet B 250 - " Expectations met"


    Good as I receive it, I can not talk yet but its reliability in any case the performance for a machine of this size is very satisfying hundreds of bubbles spring from this machine in a few seconds here is what else has one bubble machine! value fo…

  • SX Lighting BU 200

    SX Lighting BU 200 - " Great product, lots of bubbles, and that's what!"


    I for 2 years. No I did not acquire other model, there are few! What I like is: - The ability to bubble - Their attachment system to set structure - Their simple on / off switch with double - Their high ventilation! Negative: not ver…

  • Eurolite N-10

    Eurolite N-10 - " Small flow, but very low price!"


    I have been at least 5 years, it still works fine! I had 700, 1000, 1200w hands. I love the size, price The flow is not great, but at first I was very happy, and she already help several times! Unbeatable value for money, 29euros is NOTHING! Mac…

  • Expelec MF 100

    Expelec MF 100 - pierregui54's review


    A smoke machine clearly avoid! Pros: - Made all the same smoke Cons: - The heating time is too long (4 minutes) plus a bit of smoke s'chappant machine during it ... - The nozzle with a hole too small, so DBiT too low relative to capacity …