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  • URS Vintage Cinema EQ

    URS Vintage Cinema EQ - moosers's review


    The URS Vintage Cinema EQ is an equalizer plug-in that is part of the M Series bundle from URS. This bundle is made up of just two plug-ins, this and the MotorCity EQ, which is a similar type of equalizer with a different set of fixed frequencies. …

  • URS MotorCity EQ

    URS MotorCity EQ - moosers's review


    The URS MotorCity EQ is a software equalizer in the form of a plug-in for Pro Tools and other DAW's. This plug-in is included in the M Series bundle that also has the Vintage Cinema EQ plug-in in, both of which are pretty similarly laid out. I didn…

  • URS A10 series

    URS A10 series - moosers's review


    The URS A10 Series equalizer is a graphic EQ plug-in that is basically a software version of the API 560B 10-band equalizer. The plug-in is available as an individual plug or within a few different URS bundles if you're looking to get more bang for …


    URS BLT - moosers's review


    The URS BLT Program Equalizer is a really simple, two band equalizer plug-in. I don't own the plug-in myself, but have used it extensively enough in the professional recording studio where I work. For this reason I wasn't involved at all with insta…

  • URS M series EQ Bundle

    URS M series EQ Bundle - moosers's review


    The URS M Series EQ Bundle is a two plug-in bundle modeled after the EQs used during the recording of classic Motown tracks.  Both of the plug-ins are similar in make up, but each offers up different set frequencies to work with.  I didn't have any t…

  • URS N12 series

    URS N12 series - moosers's review


    The URS N12 Series EQ was easy to install as I had no compatibility issues with my computer. The interface and overall use of the plug-in is really easy to follow. It has twelve sliders that control different fixed frequencies, and each can be cut or…

Translated user reviews
  • URS N12 series

    URS N12 series - defunes's review


    Installation trs simple ... like all the plugins now, I think ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE EQ of high quality I think It is extremely prcis the highs are not, like most numrique plugin, "acute decrees" the sound remains the same color. littl…

  • URS A10 series

    URS A10 series - SampleHunter's review


    Problem-free installation SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE On Athlon 1.2 Ghz, 512MB Ram XP Pro, no crash, does not consume much CPU OVERALL OPINION I use it for a few days. In use it is night and day compared to all the equalizers I could try here and…