URS A10 series
URS A10 series

A10 series, Software graphic EQ from URS.

moosers 10/14/2010

URS A10 series : moosers's user review


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The URS A10 Series equalizer is a graphic EQ plug-in that is basically a software version of the API 560B 10-band equalizer. The plug-in is available as an individual plug or within a few different URS bundles if you're looking to get more bang for your buck, although it's a pretty good deal anyway. I don't own this myself, so I wasn't involved in the installation of the plug-in. The configuration of the actual plug-in itself is really simple, as it's just as you'd expect a 10-band equalizer to look. It has 10 bands that range in frequencies from 31 Hz to 16 kHz. In addition to the ten bands, it also contains sliders for input and output, and buttons for in/out and phase. The decibel range on each of the sliders can go to 12 db either way. I haven't had a look at the manual for this plug-in...


I've used the URS A10 Series EQ on a few different systems at the studio where I'm currently working. We have a number of different rooms with different studio configurations, but all of them are Pro Tools HD rigs and run with Mac Pro computers. We very rarely have performance issues within plug-ins or otherwise, so this set up isn't a great judge for how well this plug-in will run. Having said this, I'd be surprised if there were many users out there having trouble running it since it's a basic EQ plug.


Overall, the URS A10 Series is a more than adequate graphic equalizer. It's straight and to the point and there should definitely be no debate on how to use the features in here. The frequency range and the chosen frequencies are adequate for equalization for a number of applications. In my time using the plug-in I've found it most useful for use on snare drum and other drums where I'm looking to bring out a certain color. It definitely works well across the board however, as it's a general EQ with a clean sound - it's really just what you do with it. If you're looking to expand your plug-in palette with a graphic EQ, the URS A10 Series is a nice choice that can be had for a pretty reasonable price...