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Vox Solid Body Electric Guitars news

  • [NAMM] [VIDEO] Vox Starstream Type-1
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    [NAMM] [VIDEO] Vox Starstream Type-1

    01/26/16 in Vox Starstream Type-1

    A demonstration of Vox's newly introduced Starstream Type-1 modeling guitar.

  • [NAMM] Vox Starstream modeling guitar
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    [NAMM] Vox Starstream modeling guitar

    01/23/16 in Vox Starstream Type-1

    Vox presents the Starstream Type-1 modeling electric guitar.

  • Vox Mark III and Mark V reissues
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    Vox Mark III and Mark V reissues

    09/24/13 in Vox Mark V

    The Vox Mark III and Mark V electric guitar reissues will hit Europe in november.

  • VOX Series 22 Now Shipping

    VOX Series 22 Now Shipping

    06/29/11 in Vox SDC-22

    VOX Amplification has expanded its guitar lineup with the Series 22 double cutaway models, which are now shipping.

  • [Musikmesse] New Vox Series 55 Models

    [Musikmesse] New Vox Series 55 Models

    04/07/11 in Vox SDC-55

    Vox has announced eight new finishes for its Series 55 guitars. The SDC55 will be available in Black Burst, Flame Maple and Trans Amber, while the SSC55-TR-FM in Trans Red, Flame Maple and Trans Amber.

  • [Musikmesse] VOX USA Custom Guitars

    [Musikmesse] VOX USA Custom Guitars

    04/06/11 in Vox USA Custom Guitars

    Starting in April of 2011, VOX Guitars' G-Rok R&D facility in Novato, California, USA, will begin handcrafted electric guitars on a limited production basis.

  • [NAMM] Vox Series 22 Guitars

    [NAMM] Vox Series 22 Guitars

    01/14/11 in Vox SDC-22

    The Vox Series 22 are double-cutaway models which borrow production techniques, styling cues, and use the same components found in the Vox Virage, Series 77, Series 55, and Series 33 guitars.

  • [NAMM] New VOX Electric Guitars

    [NAMM] New VOX Electric Guitars

    01/18/10 in Vox SSC-33

    VOX Amplification has announced an expansion of its range of electric guitars: in addition to its acclaimed Virage models, VOX now debuts a selection of new Solid-Body and Semi-Hollow Body guitars