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All user reviews for the Fender Stage 112 SE

Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
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stan.woodman's review"how much should i sell it for?"

Fender Stage 112 SE
its a solid state. very loud compact, great jammin amp.I have never turned it up passed 2. even at practise. dont see to many for sale. So curious to how much i should ask for it.


only typing something here cuz site is making me lol


mim strat,boss chorus, boss distortion


i love how big the sound is from the size of amp very clean.

ricou8312's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good investment."

Fender Stage 112 SE
US-amp transistor as we did so in time.
-2 Jack inputs, an effects loop, footswitch outlet, and an output jack and an output for a firm.
For power-130w, it dislocated severe.
-Like all fender amps, perfect clear sound, the second channel saturated not appeal to me but I metalheads look great for playing U2, Coldplay, Muse .........


I originally taken as a supplement to my Vox VT40 + I quickly shelved after.
Config ultra simple two switchable channels with footswitch, reverb not so bad the way ..
You can still have the manual, on the site in English fender ...


As mentioned above perfect for what I play, and there's more power ..
No need to take the lead with simulated amp and all touim!!


In summary I would do a thousand times the same choice.
Compared to Marshall transistors there's no picture and how safe!!
Very good opportunity in € 100.

Anthony.282's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Stage 112 SE
It was the amp of a friend, which I plugged my guitar in general, my microphone when singing (or both together if galley but hey, to avoid ..)
Transistor, 130W I believe? in any case very strong, two separate channels (eq) and contour, reverb, 2 inputs jack, etc..
No effects except reverb, no modeling course. An amplifier as in time, what!


Simple Config

One branch, turn the pots sooooo slowly (if it hurts the ears after) and go.
Manual: not seen, not taken.


Its clear: the Fender ... so it's very good. Even though the voice came. The reverb was very good too.

Distortion: it is the Fender ... so it's not as good. Joking aside, the distortion is quite unusual, a lot of gain (hard to tame, crunch not easy to get, too many potatoes!), Not very flexible, but the tone is quite nice and aggressive.
Should not take this amp to have a modern sound, neo-metal genre. It's more a drive to vitamins, with good midrange and presence. For a Fender, it still has a lot of grain, saturation, I find in the belly.
Like most Fender, it is useless to her room, we put it at 0.2 in volume and it is already 80 dB ......
The outline moves a little color, by means against the eq are .. Very difficult to modulate the sound.
It's a little drool in the grave ...
So we get easily the following .. sound good? Must connect a good guitar on it, using it well, the sound comes out very loyal, so with a rotten Stagg and microphones that unforgiving ... Otherwise it's still not bad at all.

To the big rock type 80 '90' it can do. For all that is clean and elctro-acoustic, with the clean channel, it also does.
The power reserve is quite significant, it smells too much that overheat the transistor you want along with a battery side ..
Now we should not have tried the amp modeling and versatility ..


I played it for 2 years, the two entries I have sometimes helped out, and power was helpful .. Its distortion is atypical, however a little boring, but hey, with pedals on the clean (see previous opinion) it can solve the problem.
This power for a reduced price, is significant.

pablous's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Stage 112 SE
Transistor combo 160 watts RMS into 4 ohms
dimensions: 57.2 high 26.5 wide 45 deep
Weight: 20.7 kg

fender hp: 12 / 8 ohms
hp external output: 8 ohms minimum
2 inputs, 2 channels 1 a normal drive.
foot switch, preamp out, power amp in, line out.


I use it sometimes with an additional baffle celestion 12 is something else ...
resortent best harmonies and the bass is warmer and less "fit in"
Very suitable for multi digital effects.
In this connection, I noticed while playing with my GT3 on tube amps excellent
as Fender, Vox AC30, Soldano, the digital effects pedals
were not really made for tube amps.
the sound is picked up and it pukes too serious even dimin the output gain
worth more in this case use good old traditional analog pedals.

COUNCIL, with digital effects pedals bass treble cut and put
midle-bottom (10) the sound becomes more manageable!


An amp that deserves another HP (release) which gives much more scope
and the least used.
(Like when you listen to an mp3 and post title track cd audio)
the reverb of this amp is really very good.
for clean sounds it is nonetheless excellent
However, the acute care, they can be "chiseling"


One of the few amps to keep the shock when playing with friends equipped
of tube amps, it also plans! and clearly.
as they say he has potatoes "

very versatile in use (blues, jazz, rock, hard rock)
the configuration (guitar and effects used)

is on the market in OCASI 400 euros.