Orange Crush 15R
Orange Crush 15R

Crush 15R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Orange Crush 15R
The Orange Amps Crush 15R is a small and simple guitar amplifier that packs a mean tone for only having having 15 watts. The amp is solid state based and has a single, 8" speaker inside of it. The only connections that it has come in the form of 1/4" jacks for instrument input and a headphone output. The amp also has a real built in spring reverb, which is pretty rare for an amp of this stature...


Using the Orange Amps Crush 15R isn't difficult in the least. It's a great beginner's amp because of this, as it has just the basics. The amp has both a clean and overdrive channel, with overall parameters for high, mid, and low EQ, as well as a reverb konb and master and level parameters for the overdrive. There is also an overall volume knob and a button for engaging the overdrive. I haven't had a look at the manual for this amp...


The Orange Amps Crush 15R really has a big sound for such a small amp. I've mostly used this amp for practicing, but also a little bit for recording as well. It's definitely got the Orange sound, just in a compact casing. I mostly used the clean sound on here, but the built in overdrive is great for getting a bit of gain and especially good for recording close mic'd. I also love the reverb in here, as it's a real spring reverb and it definitely sounds it. I don't think that this is loud enough for shows, however.


The Orange Amps Crush 15R is really the perfect practice amp. It's got more options than you would expect at this size and price. I don't own the amp anymore, but when I did I used it mostly as a portable amp to bring around whenever needed. The price is more than reasonable, as it's definitely one of the cheapest ways to get the Orange sound. If you're thinking about getting this as a practice or extra amp, I'd definitely encourage you to do so as I loved having this amp when I had it!

soccerplayer25's review

Orange Crush 15R
This Orange Amp Crush 15 R is a solid state amp with 15 watts. It has an input for your instrument and an output for headphones. It has two channels - a clean one and a distortion one. It has adjustable equalization, a gain knob, a reverb knob, and an overall volume knob.


The set up is pretty basic, just plug your guitar in and let it rip. Its really easy to get both a nice clean and distorted sound, although I do wish that the reverb on it didn't color the sound as much as it does. I bought this amp used so I never had a manual, but really can't envision anyone needing one except for maybe some detailed technical issues.


I play mostly rhythm rock guitar and this definitely suits that. However, I use it strictly as a practice amp because it really isn't loud enough to play a show with. I use it with my Fender Stratocaster and it gets both a thick, heavy distortion for rhythm and a pretty nice lead sound as well. It also has a good sounding clean tone, it comes in crystal clear. I'm not a big fan of the reverb on the amp as for me it kind colors the sound in a negative way.


I've had this amp for 2 years and it is great as a practice amp. Orange makes really reliable, great sounding amps. While I don't love the reverb on it, the clean and distorted sounds make up for it. Even though its probably not loud enough to play a show, for a 15 watt amp it certainly can crank. In my opinion, this tramples over any other small amps in its class and the price is reasonable for all budgets. Even though I have a larger amp I use more often, its really convenient to have a great sounding amp that I can travel easily with.

raffaello's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Crush 15R
Orange Crush 15R bought HP chang (by Jensen Mod 8) Never test with Original HP. Transistors 15 Watt amp. Between guitar, headphones output. 1 volume and a master of; rglage with overdrive gain; qualisation bass, mid, treble; rverb. I would apprci out a line output and the like in the series Pix.


The manual serves nothing. Setup is simple. In clean with a little rverb is parfait.On clicks the button on the Overd for its very typ orange, boost pedal with overdrive is really better. The qualisation is effective, but it causes grsillements home. The rverb is very nice, within 3-4 coats is subtle but the sound just right.


It is well suited my style of music, namely pop / rock / blues. In a clean complies with the sound of my guitar (Lg Jet 100), it is quite clear but warm. Once Overdrive Switch-on the typical sound Orange is the playing the master volume can enjoy low volume, but it's better with a good pedal, it's great for a good bluesy crunch .dropoff window 3/4 sends a well in the rock, nice when same has still vintage I think. Every fund has become very strong, it is largely dimensioned to play flat, but the HP change to play too. In the rglant well it is very versatile, hand perhaps for Mtal. Coupled to a pedal Overd to brighten the sound as clear as Switch-on overdrive. 10 for the warm sound and the typical grain overdrive.


I use it for 6 months. I hesitated with the Pathfinder 15R that has a trmolo more but I found the sound too cavernous. I love above all the sound that both clean overdrive and her look is top, it really made an impression. Bought 80 euros Cygnus HP chang c'tait a very good deal. I would do this choice without problem, and my future amp will blow sr a Orange (maybe next time a lamp)!

onehmouninehl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Crush 15R
Amp transistors 15 W. An outlet, a headphone jack (no line out), of volume, gain, overdrive switch + rglage, SETTING THE rverb the 'qualiseur 3 bands, a ON / OFF switch. The fuse on the power plug.


 Using the amp was easy as soon as you understand that the Volume is the gain. You plug the guitar (or my mandocaster in my case), turn the gain and volume, and sounds right away. 
The manual (page one) is almost supperflu.


 Playing the Irish rock group (Breeders, PJHarvey, Nirvana, Grinderman ...) alone, it is what I do. I play with a mandocaster Saga . It reproduces well the highs (the chord of the middle is often difficult chopper cleanly on electric mandolin). The band is so serious that some uses of the trs qualiseur (due to the ambit of the instrument). 
Pushing the volume of and without overdrive, you can get a warm overdrive sound trs. By adding the distortion (2) and a little rverb (5), it gives her an enjoyable and trs suited my two styles of music.


I have been using PRS and 15-day, every day at least a quarter of an hour (for me dtendre). The rverb is really trsrussie, the distortion a little less (but by pushing the volume of as dj said, you can have an enjoyable and well rock trs ).
The outlet of immedia lche seems a little, it does not sink properly and the part mtallique (good quality incidentally) on which it is fixed is not attached to the wood bottom of the box, which gives an impression of "not solid". Against the credit union, is. The color is gniale! The buttons are baklite enjoyable, and sufficiently firm. The gate of braided HP has the charm of the 1965 speakers of my parents <p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic <span>(who, with their hifi amp lamp of the same era, still works well trs)</span> .
It was worth the money priori. I do it again with this choice exprrience (but I will try out a Peavey Vypyr 15 first to be sr).
The French-British gutarist07/22/2007

The French-British gutarist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Crush 15R
A transistor amplifier, 15W, between a jack and a headphone output or headphones (well you need a adapter), rglages: Volume, Master Gain, Overdrive and clean, 3-band Equalizer Low Mid and High, Reverb 1


Configuration ultra-simple one connects, it is not the zero-volume and clean it for the party. Overdrive for there are feints ago cit above the equalizer gain and Master rgler need. Then the sound is good trs course but it is true that I do not want too much shade in my game manual is in English but does not pose a problem even if the language of Shakespeare 's is not your forte. As I said it is very simple to use so the manual can s'avrer useless.


It suits me well trs beginners I took it simply as an amplifier of troubleshooting (because I had my old dtruit) before a "real" Orange 30W lamps but after testing it become indispensable to me. I play the Brit-Rock with my Squier Tele Custom. A default can be reproached him that he must push even when half-power (5 / 10) to hear the excellent Crunch and Overdrive that offers apartment living m me a half-15W pussance was screaming my parents. Council if you have the same problem I lower the sound well but I put my Tubescreamer with and sounds good. It is rather small and weak (ma mre took it for a toy) but I can hear my RPET with a drummer who types like a deaf man and a bassist who plays with a 35W. It's not an amp for it's real mtal Rock (I test almost everything going on with Led Zeppelin Arctic Monkeys Franz Ferdinand Green Day) comes out of this box bizarre (I also Punk sometimes). on the other hand I use little reverb because it increases the feedback and the thrills of my bass drum beater.


I use it for three days I know I have not yet been explored but the little I have done for me. It is easy to carry and an orange amp is original. I tried not trs MODELS little before (I already m'tais East Orange), but when I jou cost the seller in the shop I realized that it ' silent amp that I had (this sentence is a bit prtentieux I know). It is clear that the basis 179euros the 15W is expensive but I Ngoc and I had a 159euros is clear that you really love her this award. Exprience with this choice I would do without hsiter.
If you have any questions send me a message through e cancels Audiofanzine.

Totolight's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Crush 15R
- 15 watts transistor amplifier really cute, small, cheap and not heavy.
- A headphone jack and an input, the bare minimum, a small entry for the footswitch would have been nice.
- A reverb bluffing, a clear channel / full.

For the price (111 euros Thomann), no problem even if the footswitch is missing.


The config is super simple, low, hight, mid, one knob for reverb, one knob for the distortion, and a master volume. Orange is the traditional but effective. The clear sound without equal the warmth of a tube amp, is very good. While the distal (rather a good crunch), ranging from blues to rock to black dice. The saturated sound has a good dynamic, there are very good notes, it does not forgive mistakes, but at least it does not sound rough. Regarding the manual, a single A4 sheet, all in English, rine very interesting.


I had some doubts with respect to musical style. I play rock and it suits me very well. For metalheads go your way this amp do not interessra. For others, it's all good for the price no complaints. Moreover despite its small 15 watt power is by appointment. It is perfect for the repeated ', work from home and remains an option for bars or studio work. A word about the reverb of high quality embellished really clear sound and gives depth to the distortion. At that price it's really fun.


Very happy with my purchase, I hesitated between this one and 15 from vox pathfinder. It is ultimately the "style" wins. I did not notice a big difference between the two amps sound level (the vox is perhaps a bit warmer). The price / quality ratio is excellent, in the range 15w I chose the orange without hesitation.

diss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Crush 15R
15 watt transistor AMPLIFIERS
1Between jack and 1 output jack (Line and Headphone)
Set volume, gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb, distortion (1 volume + 1 switch)
reverb + crunch (distortion)


Trs simple configuration
excellent sound (Orange!) fairly typical vintage (super reverb)
the sound is clear and precise trs powerful crunch
Manual useless!


Its pretty typical vintage
I use a telecaster
I abuse the reverb that sounds wonderful (and not numrique!)
full and precise in both acute than in the serious
sound to clear its dirty it is perfect


It's been two years since I used
be home to work
be included on scne and studio with a microphone
Contents of 15watts in it surpasses the vox, fender or Marshall
It does not sound toy is a real amp
it is certainly one of the most expensive in the range of 15 watt
but that sounds like an orange an "orange"
I do not regret this purchase