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Orange Guitar Combo Amplifiers user reviews

  • Orange CR20LDX

    Orange CR20LDX - "Nice little practice amp!"


    Controls: 3-band EQ, switchable overdrive, master volume Digital Effects, including reverb, delay, chorus and tremelo Aux input for MP3 player Headphone out Output: 20W RMS UTILIZATION Orange! The original loud guitar huge amp company from the …

  • Orange AD30TC

    Orange AD30TC - "Fly the union.... orange?"


    The Orange AD30 is a combo built by the British company to capture a different share of their market. The AD30 is a 30 watt dual channel combo with two identical looking channels. Each channel is equipped with gain, volume, bass, middle and treble co…

  • Orange AD30TC

    Orange AD30TC - "Solid tone"


    One of my favorite British voice amplifiers in the world has to be Orange amplifiers. They have such a great tone certainly more leanings vintage type tones. They are pretty aggressive in their sound and heavy gain and a stick behind the motto of Mar…

  • Orange Rocker 30

    Orange Rocker 30 - "Fireball!"


    The Orange Rocker 30 combo is one of the more stripped down amps that they've built recently. It features two channels, natural and dirty. The natural channel has just a volume control, whereas the drive channel features gain and volume controls. The…

  • Orange Rocker 30

    Orange Rocker 30 - "pretty solid"


    I have played guitar for several years, and haven't been impressed with digital effects and modeling until now. I decided to try the Orange Amp Rocker 30 out at guitar center one day and was amazed at the wide tonal spectrum available. I think it's i…

  • Orange CR20LDX

    Orange CR20LDX - "Nice amp for the price!"


    These are full of tone and simple features. Orange in my opinion has really done an exceptional job at producing some of the best if not the best small solid state amps on the market. This has has a natural tone that is very close to the tones yo…

  • Orange Tiny Terror Combo

    Orange Tiny Terror Combo - "Simple and sweet!"


    This is another interesting amp from Orange. It looks like there is an amp head on top of this speaker box which is the control panel. To there seems to be a lot of wasted space with this control panel but oh well. I am wondering if they kept more wo…

  • Orange TH30 Combo

    Orange TH30 Combo - "Interesting little amp"


    This is an unusual looking amp from Orange. Usually they have just the front of their combos with the speaker grille cloth and then the control panel on top. This has the control panel on the front as well as the speaker grille cloth. I had to take a…

  • Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush

    Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush - "Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush"


    Hey this is a review for the new CR6S Stereo Micro Crush Pix by Orange amplifiers. It is a lean, mean, not green, but orange rather, fighting machine. I write a guitar blog and was offered the amp by Orange to check out. Have someone mail you an a…

  • Orange Micro Crush

    Orange Micro Crush - "Nice pocket amp!"


    If you are bored at work and need to get some cooling down time with a guitar and amp in hand but limited in space and noise, then this is a nice amp for you. This is a great little practice pocket amp for those who are in need of some jam time and n…