Orange Micro Crush
Orange Micro Crush

Micro Crush, Portable Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

-KNF- 11/24/2014

Orange Micro Crush : -KNF-'s user review

«  A great surprise »

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This is a 3W Amp
A volume
A tone
A switch to activate the overdrive
A built-in tuner


Everything is discovered alone with this amp. You get a clean sound but will quickly tend to cruncher (3Watts require). And it was also an overdrive.
Playing between Tone and Volume, it is easy to have good sound.


So, first of all, this is not the kind of amp is used to do the Stade de France, to repeat in a group or to sign his unique sound, it's still the gadget. Finally yes and no!
Yields very pleasant sounds, from clean to crunch a background, we can increase by increasing the volume of the box.
If AC is not enough, then engage the overdrive button and there you go. The amp delivers an overdrive / crunch that has character and a grain! We can play good dirty blues, and go up sounds kind ZZ TOP. Really it's the taff.

I repeat this is not an amp for THE sound. But to play on the couch or something or it's really fun and very correct!

The amp has a tuner integrated LED easy to use and very fair! What more.


I used other for almost a year, and it goes well in addition to my other amps. I will never resell! Its look is fabulous, and the sound too.
I tried the Marshall MS-2 as well. It is plastic ... Hollow and more. While the Orange MICRO CRUSH is wood! With Alu panel beautifully. Truly the best portable amp I've tried!

I repeat that choice a hundred times yes. If tomorrow it breaks, I will redeem one immediately,