Orange Micro Crush
Orange Micro Crush

Micro Crush, Portable Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

Splotch 08/16/2012

Orange Micro Crush : Splotch's user review

«  Not bad at all »

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Small amp battery that can run on 9 volt adapter.

Small built-in tuner, a tone, one volume. A button clean / drive a headphone. Off button.

3 watts.

Battery cover easy access in the amp.


Easier to use would be difficult. You plug the guitar is pressing the power button it makes the level and adjusting the volume and the tone and is ready to play.
Pressing the button activates the tuner tuner that indicates the note by LED and accuracy by three other LED.


The clean crunch and drive very quickly sounds very aggressive with a distal muscular.

The size of the device obviously limits its ability to lower that are non-existent, however the sound is very decent for the size, impossible to have a real clean clean but this is rarely the case with orange.


I've had one month, and I have other amps battery. This one with its wood and metal shell is heavier than average.
The tuner is a real plus to take him on a trip. It will not fit in a guitar case.

For the price this is a proper amp given its size unlike the marshall and Fender I own, it's true that plastic does not sound despite the lack of bass.