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jeremoule 05/04/2014

Orange Hustler 125 Reverb Twin : jeremoule's user review

«  Power and presence »

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This amp was launched in 1975 by Orange (mine is 77), under the name "custom twin reverb" (a combo version and a version of Head). There is a 50w version (the one I combo) and a 100w version.
For these versions, there are two channels, but good as usual was quick to turn to the only one who can adjust a little more finely the sound ... hammond reverb and tremolo (that one can order a double footswitch ... without LED, ie with just a inter open or closed for each footswitch).

It can also connect additional HP (in 8ohms). Well there will start to make strong (I tried with 50W ... I dare not imagine the 100W).

One last point it was launched to compete fender twin reverb.
A little history of someone orange:

- Mick Dines - Orange Factory Manager
"The Twin Reverb WAS Introduced to Compete with the Fender Twin Reverb. We were targeting That market, so we priced our release to be competitive with the Fender. The Orange Twin Reverb Custom aussi featured a Hammond spring reverb, tremolo and has a master volume. It was designed as a very versatile studio 50 watt amplifier - and, Indeed, it Proved to be. Later, 100 watt version of WAS made, both, cam models with a footswitch. "


Very easy to use, the sound just comes. I recommend putting the MAIN three-quarter then put some PREAMP, clear sound quickly becomes huge, ultra now sns necessarily have an unmanageable volume (eg on stage where we quickly asked for even the% # @ !% guitarist down his amp because it smashes the mix ;-)


Perfect for my style of music, rock, indie, tablecloths, electro ... I use a Telecaster with us ... it works great (a bit like when a VOX and a Telecaster one branch, it looks like they are made to live together).

I also play with a Jazzmaster, and then it becomes very, very far, I have to change some settings, and it starts again nikel.


I have 2 years, gross and this allows me to play a live or via pedals without any problem, whether in concert, recording (a little buzz anyway when it is very strong but best avoided ... ;-), or even on a theater stage.