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guilhem001 08/20/2012

Orange Hustler 125 Reverb Twin : guilhem001's user review

«  Amp exception! »

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Orange amp lamps in the late 70s, advertised on some sites to 85 watts on others for 120 watts ... Is that still is super powerful!
2 channels
Channel 1: volume bass treble
Channel 2: volume (gain) medium bass treble reverb tremolo
1 master volume
A spring reverb 1
jacks: one for footswitch, 1 "slave", 1 HP internal 8 ohms, 1 HP external additional 8 ohms
2 HP 12-inch (8 ohms)
6 12AX7 preamp in tremolo + reverb +, 4 EL34 tubes for amplification
Note the plywood box and 2 huge transformers ... it's solid!
Config very similar to the Twin Reverb (hence the name!)


Very easy to use as any vintage tube amp


Extremely powerful amp
You can keep a clear sound at high volumes
The sound of channel 1 is very good, clear grain reminds me of the clear channel Rocker 30 I owned elsewhere. On this channel you can get the crunch, but not saturated.
Channel 2 is dedicated to vintage crunch tones and saturated typed hard rock of the 70s.
There is not enough gain for metal for example, but it is not the purpose of this amp.
Corrections are effective.
Reverb very quiet compared to Fender.


Amp rare in France, even in the world (very little literature on the internet)
I recovered very degraded to rehabilitate (the former owner had not really cared).
However, I use the pro for a revision and retubing.
I do not regret this investment: after restoration, the sound is excellent, the phenomenal power ... Amp exception!