Orange AD30R
Orange AD30R

AD30R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the AD series.

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froggy54 10/31/2014

Orange AD30R : froggy54's user review

«  100% pure orange juice! »

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- 30 watt Class 'A' all-tube (4 x ECC83 / 12AX7 - 4 x EL84 - 1 x GZ34 / 5AR4)
- 2x12 "Celestion Vintage 30 maide in England
- 1 channel
- Settings: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
- Reverb tube (1 x ECC83 / 12AX7)
- Dimensions: 66 x 30 x 53.3 (cm)

Made in England.

I put 9 because there is no effects loop but frankly, it would not have served much.


Mono channel so simple.
The gain just where you need according to his taste and his guitar is adjusted, if necessary, are equalized and it's ready !!

There is no better for his English clear distortion.


Excellent with any good guitar, it controls all the fingers and knobs.
The amp is clear with a stat with a gain at noon and going until crunch / distortion Led Zeppelin with a Les Paul.
The sound is clear as a vintage crunch, typical of the Orange amps big time. The distortion does not look like modern heads at Orange (Tiny Terror, Dual Terror, Dark Terror).
The clean sound is superb, full of wealth and keeping a crystalline medium attack, the crunch is creamy and heavy like a chocolate eclair!

So perfect for rock, blues, funk and pop but why not jazz thanks to the clear sound quality.
on the other hand, for metal, foot binding and is ruthless with guitars microphones soulless.
The spring reverb is very good but does not go to the reverb of surf music.

No effects loop but cash all pedals with talent.

Very important headroom with very gradual adjustment of gain, which is not always the case with Orange.


Used for 1 year with pleasure after having the AD30HTC the Rocker30 and tested a OR15h and Dark Terror.

For me, this is the best Orange with AD30HTC head (channel 1 of AD30HTC is identical to AD30R). Although single channel, it is very versatile because it goes from Rock to Blues to Jazz to Funk to Pop simply by touching the microphone volume and attacking the strings more or less.

Since I have my pedals seem useless!

Note: Among the Orange amps, this is the one that makes the most of having clear sound at high volume even with a Les Paul.