Orange TH30 Combo
Orange TH30 Combo

TH30 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the TH series.

mikaka75 02/13/2014

Orange TH30 Combo : mikaka75's user review

«  Good but not my cam »

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All-tube amp, switchable 30 w 15 and 7 watts.
2 channels (clean and dirty)

On clean: Volume + 2 equa bands (bass and treble)
On Dirty: Volume + function "shape" + Gain

An effects loop
HP Input 16 ohms 8 ohms + 2 more

Lamps power section: 4 EL84 (note that the amp is cathode-biased, so no need to adjust bias)
Lamps preamp section: 4 + a 12AX7 12AT7 (effects loop)

A footswitch output (it is sold separately, which is a bit yucky anyway)

The cake: a G12H30 (12 ") The baffle is covered more than 50% and well protected lamps..

Finishes without being bad, are not magic either more. The buttons seem fragile.
You should know that this combo is assembled in China too.


Configuration = very simple.

We get a good sound easily.

The power of this combo is more than enough to use scene. 30 watt lamps, it is already very violent (except if you fill the Stade de France).
Being able to switch to 15 or 7 watts is convenient for home use, however, it's not worth a good master volume to me.
This "commutage" works well on the dirty channel but less on clean, which is more powerful.


The clean is good, in a rather fender mind.
The bass is very deep but I think this is also due to HP (the G12H30 is rather dark).
I regret that the equa is only 2 bands (although it works well)

For the dirty channel, we are still in a fairly modern mind. It is very oriented metal eventually, and it is in this style that is truly effective.
We regret that there is no reverb. For this price, it's a bit foutage of mouth.

To moderate its dirty, you can put a 5751 instead of December 1 AX7 in V1 and it works pretty good. Gain becomes more progressive and gains in precision and heat.

Regarding the Shape function dirty channel, I did not like. There is wholesale to dig mediums.
This system is too minimalist and not worth a good equa 3 bands.
I guess Orange wanted to please fans of plug 'but for others, it is quite appalling.

Whether on the clean channel or dirty, the sound is rather dynamic and slamming, which for me is a very good point.
It also complies with the instrument.


The price quality ratio is improved. Especially the power section contains 4 lamps (count about 60-80 Euros budget during the change).
In secondhand, it is already more interesting.
I do not think I would do this choice because the distortion is more intended for mettaleux, while I am rocker. That is why I sold it.

That said, this combo is rather light (well for all lamps, whatever ^ ^) and very compact. This is one of its strong points.

From what I have read on the net, many users have a problem with the clean channel, which starts crachouiller and lose all his bass.
I had the same concern, except that it was just me lamps preamp that came at the end of the race. Changing them, no more problem.

Except that I came across a guy on an English forum where the origin of this problem was not the lamps, but the welds.
Indeed, the amp really hot (!) And there may be an incident on welds during intensive use.
Forum user in question has consolidated its welds itself and the problem disappeared.