Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush
Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush

CR6S Stereo Micro Crush, Portable Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

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ebrian 04/26/2013

Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush : ebrian's user review

«  Above average in its class. »

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Extensive connectivity options for this type of amp. Good construction but small details to finish again. Made in China.
Entry to: good idea! Headphone Output: no breath!
Built a little slow to react tuner.
Supply: 2 9v battery (8 hours duration according to the manufacturer) or 18v ​​sector.


English manual. Very easy to use. Made to nomadism, type beef without removing the large range. Ideal with ME.
Good power when you push ...


Made for rock POINT.Bonnes opportunities. Its clear base quite correct to connect to the ME and other pedals. Saturations above average in this category. Sounds steep: normal transistor and small HP. Sounds a little "boxy" if pushed. Anyway it's a nice amp and aesthetic. Attention to the headphone output is to render sound before ... but think down the volume because it was designed for the deaf ...


I have 2 other amps in this category. Vox and Fender. They are not too bad but are less "real amp" for smaller and less powerful.

The +

Full connectivity
Sounds correct

The -

Headphone too strong