Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush
Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush

CR6S Stereo Micro Crush, Portable Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

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kharon 11/15/2012

Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush : kharon's user review


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6w transistor amplifier stereo tuner. Simplissimes of settings in orange: GAIN / TONE / VOLUME / VOLUME AUX IN (if you want to boost your mp3 player).
Note that this amp has a LINE OUT (mini jack)


- The configuration is it simple?
- Gets it easy to sound good?
yes, but attention is 6W transistor, so nothing to do with any amp lamp € 1500. But for its class, it is.
- The manual is clear and sufficient?
The manual?


Bought to scrape home without getting back to the whole building and to save a few ideas without having to plug anything (except the line out). So I needed something that would send unpretentious of saturation. And what I have.
Note that this amp is still very powerful for its size and when I play at night, I have to be careful to stay on the scale of one volume.


I use it for 3 weeks and I was quite happy BUT it p * cking amp comes WITHOUT POWER! And on this, I really feel that Orange has taken me for a fool: Indeed, this amp works with two 9V battery and comes with ... two 9V batteries. It is for you to buy a power supply (because it is well known that all guitarists who buy Orange have the habit of playing in the metro and food, well, it is necessarily an Option ... ). This 18V power do not run the streets compared to a 9V power and minimum price in a famous German mail order trading is 20 € + 10 € Delivery. I'll let you do the calculation with respect to the advertised price ...
As I refuse to buy batteries unnecessarily (by first eco-responsibility and secondly because I do not like you to take me for a fool), my amp does not work anymore due to lack of food ... so I am disappointed. Thank you Orange