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Orange AD5
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pussyriots 11/11/2013

Orange AD5 : pussyriots's user review

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Features can be more simple, a lamp, 5w, plug and play


Configuring Feneant is what I wanted. I have an old AC30 voice so I do not want 10 settings but I stand to stay in his brit and ad5 fulfilled all these criteria.


For my part, I make garage rock (or es335 fender strat japan) but again it is too light with a drummer who hits like a lumberjack (I never tried transplanting). on the other hand Studio is a marvel. I use it with a firm 2 * 12 vox and it defends more than fine.
To double track or a solo by one by her, have a different tone in a tower volume is really terrible.


It is now three years since I used to supplement my AC30 in the studio and although I hesitate long ac4 with the opportunity to fact that I turned to this small (but powerful) orange.
I wanted to sell it there's little need for money, but to be honest, I pulled the ad because I think I really missed.
The price / quality ratio is very good on the market occas' and I would be up to € 250 but not more (remember that this is a 5w and you also pay the brand).
With the experience I would do this choice with a big YES because as I said, in the studio it's a bomb.
Why put a score of 8/10 then??? Well because they have added a 5W/7W switch that would not have been a luxury. Anyway, had to find a fault ;)