Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

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DT-2 Dist Station, Solid-State Guitar Preamp from Amt Electronics in the Classic series.

5 user reviews
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Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Amt Electronics
  • Model: DT-2 Dist Station
  • Series: Classic
  • Category: Solid-State Guitar Preamps
  • Added in our database on: 04/30/2007

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Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station user reviews

Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %

MountAnDewMe's review"Smoking hot versitale distortion"

Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station
The Distortion station from AMT electronics is perhaps my favorite and most versitle transistor based distortions around. The unit can be powerd fron a nine volt battery or from an AC adapter.The unit has one quarter inch input and one quarter inch output. There are rotary knobs for controlling level, low, high, and gain. There are also three independent three way switches that select amp type, modification, and mic simulated placements. American, British, and Tweed are the three amp types available. The modifications available include Clean, High gain, and Hot wired. The three mic placements are Classic, Center, and Off-axis. These switches combined with the highly interactive tone controls create a tone tweakers dream come true. The pedal is fully analog so you are working with real sounds and not struggling to make fake sounds behave as real ones like with some digital models.


As with my other early AMT purchase there was no documentation provided in the box however the AMT site does contain great detail about their product line. A manual would have been nice with this pedal though because of all the variations available. As far as tone creation is conserned there are almost too many ways to shape the output. Take time and learn how each of the switches interact with each other and then how the basic four knobs vary those options. Rest easy though because in general it is easy to create totally awesome sounds. The pedal ranges for subtle to outrageous and everywhere in between. Do not let the lack of a mid control imply this pedal can not do metal. By using the switches properly and boosting the low and mid you can get an insane amount of metal distortion suitable for the heaviest or fastest riffage needed.


I have had a pleasent experience using this pedal with my entire guitar collection ranging from Gilmour to Yngwie to some of my death machines. While I do own a vast collection of pedals this one covers the most ground by far. It can be fairly warm considering it is transistor based and scream with out being overly harsh, unless harsh is what you are shooting for. My favorite use for this pedal though is for Metal, all types and varieties. To me it is my go to distortion box for placing in front of an amps clean channel. No matter what you are going for though be assured that the pedal is clear and capable of loads of saturation without some unpleasant results I have heardin other pedals. Also unlike most Metal based pedals this can do hard rock to acid rock to blues to sqweak and sqwuak regae tones.


There is nothing about this pedal I do not like and the only thing I could find to improve on it would be a fourth switch to engage a tube, but I have tube based units and more things could ruin what I consider to be one of the most valuable pedals in my collection. Definitaly a desert island unit if you get my drift. This pedal may seem a touch higher in price than comparable units but its versitility more than justifies its cost. I ordered this pedal site unseen after hearing many sound clips, yes I know they can be deceiving at times but this time the chance paid off. At the time of purchace AMT units were very hard to obtain and I am forever thankful that I did not stop the pursuit of this pedal. I am always previewing pedals but this purchace raised the bar on what I accept as a good unit. I would definitaly do what I had to do to replace it if it were gone but it is well built and hopefully it will always be there for me.

iamqman's review"Cool pedal"

Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station
The thing that I like most of AMT is how easy it is to get a solid natural sounding gain and tone from their pedals. They really have found a great niche in the market for well built full sounding guitar distortion pedals. This unit is one of my favorites. There are so many tones available in this pedal that makes it usable for basically any style of music you can think of. The sound from this unit is so efficient and warm that is is as close to a natural sounding amp as you can get.

- Size: 112mm (4.4"), 72mm (2.8"), 90mm (3.5")
- Weight: 420g (14.8 oz)
- Control: Level, Low, High, Dist, MIC, MOD, AMP
- Jacks: IN, OUT
- Power: DC 9V, 9V battery, 6mA


This pedal is unique to the AMT family. It has few extra controls switchers that go along with the standard EQing that we are used to with AMT. The top control knobs are the standard Level, high and Low EQing, and Distortion. Next, right under those controls are three sliding switchers that go even further into tonal varieties. Choose between California, British, and Tweed amps either Hot Wired, Hi Gain, or Clean. Also adjust your tone for direct recording even further with mic placement setting options of classic, center cone, or off-axis.


The possibilities are really endless with this pedal. If you can think of an all encompassing distortion box that can do anything for any style of music then this is the pedal. You can play country to pop all the way up to drop tuning nu-metal tones. It stays tight in the lower tuning s and sparkles when run in a cleaner overdrive setting fitting for pop or country chicken picking.

It doesn't really matter what guitar or amp you use the tones you can pull off from this pedal are endless. If there was a pedal that can do anything this is that pedal. It does have a normal overdrive that will fit most music.


If I was looking for a pedal that I needed for a cover band or I needed something that could cover basically ever genre than this is the pedal I would buy. My personal preference is the Extreme lll pedal since I like the voicing of that pedal in particular. Otherwise, this is the pedal I would go for if those were my parameters.

At new these pedal come in at around $150 which is a stellar price for the functions and music covering this pedal can do. This pedal fits nicely on any pedal board and will accompany just about anything you throw at it.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station
Distortion and overdrive pedal.
Analog it seems (to verify)
knob Level, Low, High and Disto.
Selecting the amp: Tweed, British, California
choice of Modelista: Clean, Hi Gain, Hot wired
choice of microphone placement: classic, center, off axis

Input, Output, foot switch, powered by 9v battery or AC adapter (not included unfortunately).
Metal box, Russian-built.

In fact, it's the same pedal as the Sansamp GT-2 in the characteristics. after I do not know if it sounds like. It's still curious to "repeat" this pedal ... if someone just teach me, I am interested.

It is a very comprehensive product, nine missing as the power supply.


The config is simple. with swith, it was his 27 opportunities. For each, we solve the EQ and level of distortion. The knob is not super sensitive against, at least not over the entire race ...
Very easy to use.
No manual but not required. just the 3 year warranty card. cool!


The sound is really very good quality. can range from mild overdrive to the very big sound. Everything is covered. To be objective, I let the seller make me different settings, so I was concentrating on the sound and not the pedal itself (that day, I tried four pedals quite famous, so to not be influenced by a particular brand is the best thing to do!)
It is sensitive enough to the game and quite transparent, however, not entirely ....
I tried a Kustom Tube 12A (my purchase of the day!) With my Jackson Custom. I used to play at all on light quality. I was really impressed with the quality of distortion. We hear all the notes very clearly, is accurate (although it can get sounds that drool depending on the settings) ...
It's a pedal that sounds!


I tested it along:
Tonebone Classic, Rat 2, Metal Muff.
The best is undoubtedly the Tonebone (but the price ...).
The AMT is more versatile than the Rat and the Metal Muff, but less sensitive to the game and transparent as the RAT (but it should really look to hear ...).

In short, it is a matter of taste but people like me who love to have a good range of distortion of very good quality at hand will take the AMT (or Tonebone if you are rich).

If you need samples, send me a PM.

pelly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station
Analog Distortion (like all other pedals for AMT (Analog Music Technology)

The settings are optimal
4 knobs: Level - Bass - Tremble - gain
3 * 3 slcteurs (Previous Describes the opinion). In other words, 27 posibilities.

I put no hsiter 9 because there is no more complte pedals (btw, is it still a distortion pedals or amp modlisation?)

Nanmoins, I do not put 10 for some reason, the knobs seem a bit "cheap" (a little play ..) the case is well mtal and looks super solid, but ballast knobs seem a little weak .. them


Very simple configuration,

one quibble a bit and hop, here we go .. all the sounds are really diffrent (unlike some modlisation or sounds of a low trs diffrent another simulation).

I have not read the manual .... (No bed I guess?)

use is really excellent ... the best of the best is that the pedals has a big sound so it is almost useless to push the button to gain more than half for the sound. Failure to gain the button that to half that there is virtually no background noise! This is the very first time I meet one with such a large pedals sound and as little noise!!
for that, I put 10


Then the silence! plutt or anything bad ...

You can do everything! really everything!

Crunch blues to pop rock and metal (great for metal). a real treat for solos!
we recognize the warmth of analog sound is really the opposite synthetic!.

I tried lots of pedals (almost any of those bosses, Rocktron (quite good as it says), digitech, Berhinger (lol. ..), ibanez, tc.electronics, mxr ago .... no photos!! really out of the lot (may be a little more CHRE also some deficits prcdement ..)


I use it for 5 months and I bought a POD Xt rcement for recording.
I then sell it voualis but rflchi well, I keep it! I lost so much time to find a disto that suited me now that I have, I spare more.

EDIT 02/04: APRS buying my PODxt, I had finally sold. H Well, I now finally ratchet .. I keep my Premire the IDE to keep .. PODXT is far from the pedals dynamic point of view. (At same time, it's not comparable at all, it's really two things well ... diffrent)

I think it's really a shame that the brand is so little known!

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