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  • DIY Sound Effects
    Getting started

    DIY Sound Effects - Create Cool Sound Effects With Special Techniques


    If you produce podcasts or videos, adding sound effects can provide a whole new dimension to your production. While sound libraries and online EFX sites are convenient for finding effects, consider creating some of the effects yourself. If done well, it can add an original touch to the audio. Here’s a look at some basic ideas for creating your own…

  • How to Record an Electric Guitar
    Getting started

    How to Record an Electric Guitar - Recording Your Electric Guitar


    You have an electric guitar, you have learned how to play it, you have written a wonderful song, and now you just have to record it. But how?

  • Comparing Monitor Speakers
    Getting started

    Comparing Monitor Speakers - How to listen to monitor speakers and compare them


    So, you have made a first selection of several speaker models, you have found a shop (or a friend) who has them and now you only have to listen to them... But what should you listen to?

  • EDM: Where Producing and Mixing Collide

    EDM: Where Producing and Mixing Collide - Basic Concepts in Electronic Music Production


    If you’re reading this article you might already know that EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. The styles range over a wide gammet of musics, from House to Dubstep, Drum-n-Bass, and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). While the specifics of each style are extremely diverse (even within different styles there are dozens of sub-styles) – certain attri…